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Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me.
Lying on the floor. Surrounded, surrounded.
Why'd ya have to wait? Where were you, where were you?
Just a little late. You found me. You found me.
You Found Me – The Fray


I couldn't have been awake for long, I was almost certain of it. The sun that had been low in the sky when I'd first opened my eyes to the new world around me had only just reached its peak. I didn't know much about time, but it could only have been a couple of hours at most.

I was already drained of energy.

I'd stopped several times along the way, sure that among all the tree's the chance of being found by Aro, Caius, Marcus, or anyone else for that matter, would be slim. Among the canopies of green, and beds of brown bark I was pretty sure that if anyone was going to find me they'd have to have super hearing to hear my shallow breaths, and super sight to see me in the constant maze of the woods.

As much as a good thing this first came across as, I didn't fail to notice how bad this really was. Would I find anyone to help? Surely not. Would anyone find me to help? Again, surely not.

My thoughts were nothing but true, if I didn't come across anyone, wouldn't I be alone for the rest of my time? I would I even live to see another person? It was possible I wouldn't. I hadn't eaten in some time and I felt the constant edge between me and consciousness slipping and bringing itself back up again. I needed proper rest and something to eat, but I wouldn't let myself stop fighting to find someone, something, anything at all that would help me.

My muscles were hurting again, all over, I could feel my cuts and bruises stinging and throbbing painfully as they tried to repair their selves, only to be rejected when I took a step or knocked my arm on a tree as I began to lose my balance, time after time, after time.

I stopped and took a deep breath, bringing as much oxygen into my lungs as I possibly could before carrying on in my 'quest' as such. Bringing myself back up to my full height I scanned my surroundings- nothing new, just the trees, as usual. With a sigh I moved forwards, hoping that maybe there would be some source of water or food ahead.

I remember Heidi telling me about the rivers and lakes that sometimes surrounded the area where she lived, which, I guessed couldn't have been too far from where I'd been kept all these years. I could only hope this I guess, because I could feel that I needed something to drink soon, it was starting to become more and more painful to stay upright with every step that I took.

I stopped and stilled after what felt like hours more of walking. I could feel my body aching, calling for water, but nothing was coming to me whatsoever. I sat down on the ground and took time to give my body some oxygen.

A couple of gashes on my arm had been re opened, as had one on my leg. It was something that was bearable, but as my muscles relaxed a little as I tried to recuperate the stinging sensation coming from them became more and more uncomfortable, eventually, to the point of tears.

Tears had never been something in the past I could have gotten away with. They would cause the constant jeers of my masters- the men- in the house to go from taunting to verbal abuse at what a coward I was, how they'd need to toughen me up...

10 years ago
The tears that ran down Bella's cheeks were fast and furious and only cause more as the saltiness of them hit the cuts and bruises on her cheeks, causing her to whimper.

"Shut up you silly little bitch." Aro's head turned to face Bella, "Why are you even crying? You're not a baby anymore!" He laughed with the venom practically being spit from his lips as his sadistic laughter echoed around the small room.

Despite Bella's attempts to put an end to the tears, they seemed to carry on running without giving a thought for what kind of punishment might be put to them.

"I'm so sorry we have to do this to you Isabella." Aro's head fell a little to the side, as if he were a young child taking in someone he'd never seen before. "But, you know what happens to children who can't hold their tears back, don't you." It wasn't a question, Bella knew very well.

"Caius!" He called, his loud voice booming.

Bella cowered back into the corner of the room- she'd already made herself a coward yet again in Aro's eyes, she may as well keep it up now as the blond haired debaucher entered the room stealthily and laughed at the scared girl in the corner.

"Come on Isabella," His sickly sweet voice affronted as Bella shielded her face in her hands, only to let herself hear the careful yet drunken footsteps approaching her and the loud band of the door as it slammed behind Aro as he left Caius to 'toughen Bella up'.

x x x x

Nothing had ever made sense in my life though. Sometimes crying brought them pleasure, sometimes it was a sign of weakness. I'd never know which.

With a large, quiet sob at the memory of the life I once had I carried on in my journey, keeping my eyes peeled for any sign of life other than the small animals that skittered here and there as I approached them. I was slowing with every step though, with every blink of my eyes my vision became more tunnelled, my body felt heavier and my muscles tensed up.

I turned towards the source of the sound behind me, "W-Who's there?" I tried my very best to call out. Despite trying so hard to think that it could finally be help, my mind couldn't waver from the fact that maybe someone was after me...

I slowly started backing away from the approaching sounds of cracking, my breathing erratic and laboured as I tried my very best to avoid anything that'd make an sort of sound to alert anyone of my presence, despite my instincts telling me to shout for help.

"Who's there?" Someone called out and, already, I could tell from the curiosity of the voice that it was most definitely not someone that was after me. At least, not to take me back to that place.

Excitement suddenly filled my body as I held onto the nearest tree in time to just save myself from falling onto my back with surprise and excitement from the steady voice I could hear from only meters away. I opened my mouth to say something, anything, but my throat was so dry from my lack of water that nothing beyond a hoarse breath.

"H-Heellpp," I finally stuttered out in a voice barely louder than a whisper as my legs collapsed beneath me as my grip on the tree loosened and I felt my body falling to the floor. My eyes closed as the footsteps quickened and approached me before I fell into a peaceful, dark nothing.

This selfish blood runs through my veins,
I gave up everything for fame.
I am the lie that you adore,
I feed the rich and fuck the poor.

Don't Stop - Innerpartysystem


"Please Edward! Just for 10 minutes." My worrisome 'mother' spoke almost mutely through my large wooden door.

"Esme, please just leave me alone!" I shouted. Even though Esme had done nothing wrong, I just wanted to be alone, seul, allein, da solo, whatever goddamn language you speak. I never like the serenity being interrupted by needless, worried, goddamn whining.

"Edward, please. I'm your mother!" I could hear that she was crying- when I called her by her name it was obvious that I wasn't in the mood for talking to her. Unfortunately, even after 17 years of this she hadn't quite got the message. Idiot. Without knowing, my eyes rolled and the word 'pathetic' escaped from my lips in a whisper.

"I heard that Edward!" She sighed, annoyed, from behind me door and heard her footsteps disappear from the door and down the stairs. Probably to get father dearest to use his fucking compassion to get me out of my god damn room. Likely.

I love my mother but sometimes I wish she wasn't so damn sensitive! I mean, I'm seventeen! It's my job to sit in my room, completely isolated, and listen to music. It's normal! At least, that's what I told the many school psychiatrists that Esme has made me see. All of which – might I add – quit soon after being faced with me. I refuse to go anymore, much to the distaste of my parents.

I picked up my iPod and shoved the earphones deep into my ears. Time to block out the outside world. I sunk further back into the sofa that was placed against the wall of my bedroom as the relaxing tones of Debussy flooded my ears and my brain as the steady notes of the piano in Claire De Lune wiped away any bad thoughts that had been flooding my mind.

Such a thing had become a common occurrence within our family of abnormalities. If it weren't for the fact we were all paler that the average family, there'd be nothing that could connect us all together as family.

My dark, curly haired brother who would easily be compared to a bear other than an average guy and my small, pixie style sister who you would expect to see flying through the tree's of an enchanted wood and not the designer shops that she practically lives in.

I, on the other hand, am the epitome of bland, brown hair, tall, slim. I don't stand out at all. Maybe that's for the best, even if it didn't stop the endless girls throwing themselves at me and my 'amazing looks.'

I let out a small chuckle from under my breath, yes, I had the girls under my wings. Especially Tanya, she spent a lot of time under my wing, and that wing, unlike the one most girls have attempted to find themselves under; I have no complaints to when it comes to the pathetically fake girls of Forks, Washington.

The greenest fucking town just about... say... I don't know, fucking ever?

"Edward?" Another voice burst through the happy music that came from the iPod headphones. I pulled them out and, along with the nano that they were attached to, threw them to the other side of the room.

I suppose I should give those things more credit sometimes, the abuse that poor iPod had endured whilst in my hands, I should be arrested. But I'm not going to be, so that's sorted.

"Yes, father dearest?" The sarcasm flooded my voice like a damn tsunami, but I didn't give a shit. He knew I didn't respect him like I should- him being the 'movie star gorgeous' world famous surgeon that he is. I practically heard his long, drawn out sigh that followed the sharp intake of breath that he took.

"Edward, your mother's in hysterics. Come out here for a minute and just apologize to her, at least?"

"What for?" Anger began to drip from my voice and I knew at this point Carlisle would be ready to turn and get a goddamn sedative from his 'little black bag' of all things medical to stop me from getting up and hitting him.

It wouldn't be the first time.

"She thinks' she's done something wrong Edward because you just upped and left through the middle of dinner not even Emmett's pathetic jokes can cheer her up." Of course, Emmett being the perfect oldest son- good grades, baseball team captain, a long lasting relationship and a happy go lucky soul, all in one.

I bet Dr and Mrs Cullen have the ideal son.

"I wasn't hungry," I shouted through the door, "Now, if you care to, please fucking leave me alone?" I all but growled the last few words as he sighed with resignation.

"Just say sorry to your mother at some point, son. Oh, and sort that language out of yours." And with that, I heard his footsteps disappear just as Esme's did down the staircase and back to the happy land of their family, minus the depressive brooding one... Yay, me.

I don't know how long after that I spent doing nothing better than tapping my foot aimlessly as I retrieved my iPod once again and placed the comforting buds of the headphones into my ears and felt myself float back to my calm place until I finally became aware that it was becoming dark.

I smiled, it was finally reaching twilight. I stood from my bed and dropped the iPod onto the floor with another silent apology to it as I left the room.

I passed Esme and Carlisle, they tried to say something to me, but I had no idea what they did say. Emmett gave me some kinda dirty look, probably trying to warn me not to mess with his parents again- like I gave a shit what he thought, he looked prepared to leave the goddamn house to go and play some sick game with his girlfriend anyway. But then there was my little sister Alice, little miss fucking pixie.

She was the only one in the family I could talk to without wanting to hit. A lot. And hard.

She skipped up to my side, her head only just reaching the top of my shoulder. As I said, little miss fucking pixie.

She knew I was heading out into the little wooded area behind the house, most nights she followed me there and kept me company, even when I was in my solitary silence mood she'd follow and sit just a bit away from me. I couldn't say no to her, she had the most adorable little pout when people said no, plus, she could always tell when we had to get back in to avoid the wrath of the angry parents.

We headed through the back yard without a single word between us until we reached the middle of the woodland area that sat at the back of our house just like all the other houses in Forks. Far too many tree's, far too much green.

I took my seat on the old tree stub, and she done the same to the one that was only two metres or so ahead of me.

I sighed, this meant she actually wanted to talk.

"Edward-" She started, her voice tinkling around the little space.

"No, Alice, leave it please. I don't want to talk tonight." And with that I turned my back, knowing it'd make no difference anyway but every night was worth a try anyway.

"Please Edward," As I guessed, she wasn't going to stop just because she couldn't see my face, "Mom and Dad are worried about you. They think you're gonna start on the drugs again and start drinking and going back down that road. They already think you're fucking half the girls in the town again." She sighed and I chuckled darkly as I turned round to face the small pouting face of my sister.

She bowed her head down, her black spikes that framed her face falling down with her- that shit she pulled actually made me feel bad sometimes, but I wasn't about to show it.

"Hey, they finally got something right." I chuckled again.

"Edward!" She chided and she stood up and walked over to me and with her hand, hit my arm hard. She might have been only five foot and as small as a goddamn anorexic twig but she sure had some strength behind that slap.

"Ow, Alice. Been working out again have we?" That comment received another slap and a death glare from her as she stormed back over to her stump, breaking a whole bunch of sticks on her way.

Suddenly she stopped and turned to me,
"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what darling sister?" I asked.

"Sounded like footsteps coming from deeper in the woods..." She drifted off as she turned and called out into the darkness, "Who's there?"

I stood up and joined her at the side, she was right, there was definitely something inside the woods and it wasn't the usual deer that stalked around the tree's.

There was a stutter of quiet words from not far, "H-Heellpp," the little voice carried over to us barely. I looked at Alice and took no second thoughts on going to find the source of whoever was calling to us.

I may be a dick sometimes, I thought, but I'm not going to let someone get hurt because of it.

I stepped forward, followed by Alice, until I saw a small figure on the floor, collapsed by a large tree. I turned to Alice quickly,

"Go get dad," I said to her urgently, as I leaned down to the small bundle on the floor. In front of me I saw the most beautiful yet most fucking broken thing that I'd ever seen in my life.

"It'll be okay..." I whispered, not even thinking about what I was actually saying.

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