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don't you believe?
in love?
in m a g i c?
in happily | ever | after?


don't you have
e v e r y t h i n g?


you're teddy lupin
rainbow hair, sunshine eyes
e v e r y t h i n g

you have your own fairytale
a princess made of dreams
lightcurls & blueeyes & sweetsmiles

(maybe you never noticed
hazel eyes that lingered
just a second too l o n g
or a hug with a redhead that lasted
just a minute too l o n g)

(but that's your own fault)


a date to Hogsmeade,
g r a d u a t e (wait for her)
moving in, diamond ring
happyhappy smiles abound

"Teddy's marrying Victoire!"

and a lily smile f a d e s

wake up

realize it's not just
brotherly affection
noticing how pretty she is
(pay attention to your bride
ven if she's the w r o n g one)

because she's lily,
and she loves you

(hindsight is twenty-twenty
and the
age difference is eleven)


you're a coward, teddy
but she's lily, and she's not
"I love you."

there go your walls

her kiss is a symphony
in her eyes, revolution shines
in her smile are your dreams

"I'm sorry."

but you've made your choice
and she's not it

because you're a coward
and you can't choose her
rebellion over perfection?
you're getting married soon

(get yourself together, boy
teddy&lily never had a chance)


chandeliers gleam & candles glow
it's perfect

everywhere is perfection
roses in the air, in her hands
smiling guests (except one)
it's a wedding to remember

(so why aren't you happy?)

victoire (notlilynotlilynotlily)
g l i d e s down the aisle
radiant in ivory-white
she's perfect (perfect)

and lily, pretty little lily
fire-curls loose, hazel eyes bright
dazzling in sunshine-yellow
she sparkleshimmershines

a ring of gold around your finger
bright diamonds on hers
"I do."

(what's the matter?)

fingers fist in yellow satin
curls of blood on a fair cheek
a smile; hazel eyes slide away
it's over

"I do."


she's laughing, sweet and sure
he's smiling, happy and bright
and it's killing you, isn't it?

victoire's warm in your arms
but she can't see what you see
where your golden eyes stare
how you feel when you see them

her fair fingers twine in his golden hair
her smile lights up her hazel eyes
he twirls a fire curl, then her
and they're h a p p y

(was it so easy to get over you?)

he kisses her, and you see red
are almost as
sickeningly p e r f e c t
as teddy&victoire, aren't they?

you have your fairytale bride
a queen in white chiffon
(not a fairy in yellow satin)
you chose her, r e m e m b e r?

and she has her prince charming
a rogue with mischievous grins
(not a knight with broken promises)
she chose him, and she's happy

let her be

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