Title: Keys
Author: Killaurey
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Pairing: KakaSaku
Summary: Kakashi keeps losing the keys to his apartment.
Disclaimer: Naruto isn't mine. Kishi owns it.

Sakura was eighteen the first time Kakashi came knocking, claiming he'd misplaced his keys and could he sleep on her couch?

A month later, that Shiranui had stolen them.

He'd lost them in a bet. Naruto had dropped them down a toilet and flushed.

The wind had whisked them out of his hands and he was too old to chase them down.

(Sakura'd laughed and firmly shut the door in his face.)

His next excuse was better. A lingering kiss, a murmur about how he was sure his keys were in her couch-

Could he come in to find them?

Notes: Just a drabble, but it wanted to be written.