I did some reading before I started writing this. There was very little I could find about the Norns in the norse myths I could find, and in marvel comics there was not much at all

You could say that with the Norns in this story it is kind of AU and ooc, but since it's the Thor movie verse not much have been established with them yet.

I only changed them the way I needed for this story, I did dent change their names or who represent what. The way they look is described differently here then from what I found on the net, to fit the story.

All myths, legends and characters are owned by their respective owners. I just borrow them to play with.

In Norse mythology the stories tell of female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men, of beings that arrive whenever someone is born to determine their destiny. Their name in the old myths were said to be the Norns.

The stories also tell of three sisters living by the great tree Yggdrasil, in which they care for the tree so it will not whiter and rot.

The three sisters where by far the most powerful of the Norns, ruling over past, present and future they spun the threads of life to see the destiny of any race.

In reality there had once been a war. A bloody battle to gain the powers of the threads of life that was spun by these three sisters. The other Norns did in reality not posses the same powers, but were the guardians of the three. And their deaths was brought upon them in their task to protect the three.

It had not been a single race, but instead it was an a mix of the many different races of the eight realms. The majority of the army wanted the threads so they could lead their life the way they wanted, so they could get the people they loved, and to gain great wealth and riches.

The Norns had fought bravely, the battle being fought for many moons, but in the end they had all been killed.

The rest of the army had marched upon the great fortress in which the sisters resided, their goal in reach at last.

But before they could do so a blast came from the battlefield, a giant vortex spawning but a single man and his army.

It was Borr, the man who would later be known as the great Odin's father.

He had heard of the battle and had gathered his army to help the Norns, but had been to late to help.

But he felt only sadness for the great race a mere moment, and he and his army slaughtered the rest of the invaders, striking them down for their greed.

When the battle was over he alone walked into the fortress to see the three sisters. To apologies for being late.

But when he walked into the great hall they were ready to meet him. Before he could even talk they did. They assured him that while they felt great sadness for the death of their kin, it was as it should be, and the three of them were now able to seek shelter another place.

Borr offered them a place out of reach of any other realm, to place their fortress in another dimension unable to reached by any other then the three.

They accepted his offer and offered him a chance to see his thread if he so desired.

Borr refused.

As he left the fortress to walk back to his men his magic took effect. The fortress was ripped from the world of the Norns, to be placed where no other realm could ever reach.

And that is the story of the Norns and the three sisters of faith.

"And then, in the great battle of the pirates ninja war, I, the great Skuld and Norn of the future decided that they were both to…"

The clink of her sisters cup against the table stopped her story, and the youngest of the Norns looked at her sister Urd, the Norn of the past and the oldest of the three sisters.

"We have talked about this little one, you cant just tell one story, and then start another. Especially one that haven't even happened yet"

The norn of the future was a young girl, looking like a teenager since the day she came into existence with her sisters.

The norn of the past was a old women, looking well into her sixties by her looks, but still having the beauty and grace that came with age.

"But sis, that's so boring. I get to see all the cool stuff, and I am not even allowed to talk about it" she whined. Not that it helped much, her sisters were used to it by now.

"You would think that after all this time you would have learned some manners" Urd lectured, lifting her cup, missing the eye roll her sister gave her.

Their argument was interrupted by the presence of their sister, the Norn of the present, Verdandi. Not in person, but in their minds, and she seemed upset, which could only mean one thing.

"We better hurry, come little one"

"Sweet, maybe its Ragnarök. I have been waiting to see how everything would end… maybe it robots"

Her sister decided not to comment on that.

When the two of them walked into the great hall that contained all the threads of the many realms they to felt it, something had happened, was already going on and would later come to be.

It was unusual that past present and future needed to be overseen all at once. The three sisters could almost always leave the treads to their own path, only rarely could they step in and interfere.

They found Verdandi standing in the middle of hallway, to one side was the human threads, the other hallway containing the threads of Asgard.

They saw what had troubled their sister immediately.

Five threads were tangled, a sure sign that their owners would somehow affect eachother, but there were two that caught their attention the most. Only one of the five was human, and it had twisted it way onto another thread of a Asgard thread, making the two one.

"Sister, what is this" Urd demanded. "How did we not notice this"

"It happened recently my sisters. But do not worry, together we will figure this out" Verdandi soothed.

Verdandi looked like a women in her prime, still young and yet also old and wise. If she were to be seen by any race she would appear as they saw beauty, and they would be in awe.

"Urd, who does the human thread belong to"

"A human women named… Jane Foster. I see great things in her past"

"I see great Joy in her future" Skuld murmured as she held gently onto the tread. "But only in bits"

"I see many paths that lead from present to future. Who have her thread chosen"

As they all three touched the parts that had merged they saw it all, Thors banishment to earth, the reason why, his time one earth, him and Jane together. They saw Lokis plans, his betrayal, they saw Thor smash the Bifrost.

"Oh no" Skuld whispered. "why did I not see this"

"It is not you're fault sister. There are thing that must happen, and these events had to happen" Urd soothed the young girl.

"Yes, they were necessary. But you can see it too, can you not sisters" Verdandi hurried between the two threads, touching them gently. "they are chosen for each other, fated even"

"OHHH, that is so romantic" the young Norn squealed.

"But what of the other threads, why are they interfering with their destiny. Why can we not see it" Urd questioned.

They all three stood and pondered this, and they saw it together why.

"These five paths are all linked, maybe not right now, but soon. Their choices, unless we get them to decide otherwise could very well mean the end of the two, if not all of them"

"Thor will come to do great things, both in asgard as well as in Midgard. Jane will be at his side, his friend and companion, his mate forever when she is ready to chose, she too will do great things"

"We cannot see the choices yet made by the other three, they have not come to that thought and choice. But when they do we will know"

Their trance broke just as it had occurred, suddenly and with a major headache as a reward.

To Skuld, the other two felt great.

"Until then we will keen and eye on them, we will know when it is time to act" Verdandi demanded, her sisters agreed.

"Wait, but what of Thor and Jane" Urd questioned.

The answer did not need to be answered by any of them, the threads did that. A soft glow came from both at the same time.

"Oh my… is that"

"Yes. The dreamscape"

"This is the first time I have seen how it affects a thread, its beautiful"

"And by the looks of it, it is not the first time they share a dream"

"A true sign that they belong with each other, their souls were already intertwined, but their hearts and minds needed to meet as well"

They stayed and watched the gentle light, swaying up and down the threads.

"It seems that they are the ones we do not need to worry about, they will figure it out together" they all three agreed. "Now we will go and await, when the time comes we will be back.

As they left the two threads glowed a gentle blue, then green and red. All was well within their shared dream.

One thing about sharing a dream with someone, it comes as a surprise to both that share it.

The first time Thor awoke in their shared dream he became worried, but when he did not find his hammer by his side and he gave a good look at his surroundings he understood it. The old tales of sharing dreams becoming clear in his mind as if by magic.

It was a big and grassy field, a single bed with him and Jane in it. He decided to let her sleep until she to was ready to see it.

When Jane finally came into the dream she started screaming and kicking until everything faded into nothingness.

The second time was a few days later, with a blushing Jane apologizing to the grinning Thor.

That dream they spent talking, catching up on everything that had happened during the one year of their separation. He told her of his many duties as Odin's son. She in turn told him of moving to New York and about working for SHEILD.

She also told him of the machine that, in theory, would bring him back.

When she mentioned Tony Stark his grip became tighter around her and much teasing was had. The mentioning of the Avengers project calmed him down as she explained it.

When they woke up they were both far more happy then they had been for the past year.

When he awoke this time their dream had taken shape as his room in Asgard. When he looked to his side there was no Jane, but the cowers was thrown aside, the door to his balcony wide open.

As he walked out into the night his breath was taken away. She wore noting but tiny, tiny shorts and a tight top.

He noticed that she was not wearing a bra.

Neither spoke as he took his place next to her. Her looking across the vast universe before her, while he was more interested in looking at her, taking in the beauty he could never seem to get enough of.

"It is beautiful" she finally said in awe, eyes exited as she looked up at him. "I could look at it forever and always find something new"

"Yes, but I find I prefer the skies of you're world, less to find, but no less beautiful"

She giggled, a sound he had found to like.

He left her side for a mere moment, bringing back a couch from inside they could sit in.

After what felt like hours, but had only been a few minutes she broke the silence.

"I don't see any of the constellations I know from earth, do you have different ones here?"

"I asked Heimdall a few days after my return. What we see are a mixture of stars from all the realms, finding only stars from one realm is impossible"

He did not except her to be silent. When he looked down at her he saw the look on her face, she was thinking. After a while she got up and walked to the railing.

"But if this is our shared dream, doesn't that mean we can change it if wanted to?"

"Changing a dreamscape… never considered if it could be done. I guess it can be done by someone with and exceptional strong will and mind. Heimdall once told me…"

He stopped and took a look back into the sky, while he had been talking she had turned to the stars once more. But now the stars changed and it their place the stars of earth took their place upon the great cosmos.

She turned to face him, wearing a smug smile. While he stood mouth open and stared at her.

"Someone with a strong mind huh" she teased. "guess this means I am smarten then you are pretty boy"

"There was never any doubt about that" he teased back. "But Jane… this is amazing, I remember this from when we fell asleep under the stars back on earth"

"Yea, that was a good time" she agreed while he tucked her into his chest. As her hair touched his skin he felt alive, her smell was the most delicious thing he had ever smelled.

He decided to keep that for himself for now, not knowing she decided the same thing as he did.

After a while he decided to ask.

"Tell me about them. What are their names?"

She smiled up at him, happy to learn him something.

She did dent say anything for a while, but when she did it was soft.

"Can you see those two bright stars up there" she pointed up, his eyes following and seeing as they shined brighter.

"Clever" he chuckled.

"I know"

A gentle pinch to her arm got them back on track.

"Anyway, those two represent Canis Minor, little dog"

Her finger danced a little farther away, a new cluster of stars shining as she stopped.

"And that is Canis Major, the big dog"

She continued on, stars shining brighter as she told him their names. There was the crow, the Celestial Lion, the fox and last but not least the unicorn. All of the stars shining brighter and brighter as she told him how and when they were named.

"It is beautiful, it saddens me that we did not do this while I was banished"

"Me too" she agreed.

They became silent again, both of them feeling more tired as time went on. A sign that they would wake soon.

"If we are to wake soon" he finally said, shaking her out of her thoughts. "We will part this dream with something to remember"

"I am pretty sure I am going to remember this"

He stood up, looking at the shining stars. Finally finding the ones he needed he blew a sharp whistle.

She was about to ask what he was doing when a bark from above was heard. And as she looked up the two bright stars came flying towards them, landing before her as a little white puppy Labrador.

It flopped down on its behind, tongue lolling out of its mouth, big puppy eyes looking up at her. She did not resist, she cuddled it to her chest, the little star dog licking her face.

He watched her play with it as their waking grew nearer. Watched her toss a branch she had twisted of a bush.

"When I return, I will get you a dog" he said out of the blue. Her eyes leaving the dog as it gave a last lick and returned to its place upon the sky. "That is a promise"

And then he was gone, waking up in his own world.

She closed her eyes, smile on her lips, and when she opened them she was in her bed. A branch with the bites of a star dog clutched in her hands.

I hope the first chapter was a ok start. Cant promise when the next will be here, but now that I started I am going to finish the story.

And I don't know anything about stars or the constellations, they were just picked at random. Except for the dog.

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