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There was a crowd gathered outside the hospital, divided into two groups by the police. One side was filled with cheering fans, the other was filled with reporters and TV cameras, all of them trying to get inside the doors and get the perfect picture.

But so far no one had been able to get in, the two guards by the door not just someone you could bribe. One of the TV guys had tried, ending up with a broken hand. Luckily they were by a hospital, that was something at least.

"Remember when they were unable to get here because the bridge was broken, those were the good days. I could get a good picture of the two and actually get paid" one of the reporters complained, immediately trying to hide when the sharp eyes of Sif went over the crowd once more, smiling at the cheering fans and scowling at the media gathered.

There was a podium in front of the stairs, but so far the only one up there was a little girl, playing with her stuffed white bunny. She tripped on her feet, falling to the ground with a plop.

The crowd went silent, fear that she might start crying and cause the city to lose power like she did last time. She did not cry, just laughed and got on her feet, running up to her mother. Sif picker her up and hugged her, smiling as her daughter giggled once more.

"You are such a silly little girl Tyra, I told you to be careful" she gently told her daughter, Tyra giggling at her mother. Sif's stern face vanished, her daughter always able to make her smile. Sif hugged her, one part of the crowd going aww, while the other part started taking pictures.

They stopped when the sliding doors to the entrance opened, Fandral stepping out and going down to the podium. No one said anything while he tried to get the microphone to work.

"it's a girl" he finally told them, smile wide on his face. He turned around, grabbing his wife and daughter and taking them back inside to celebrate with the rest of their friends. There was silence amongst the media crowd while the crowd of fans cheered.

"So… can we go inside now" one reporter asked

"I would like to see you try, I am not going in there now. Would you really like to know what happens when you disturb Thor the day his daughter is born"

None of them wanted to know the answer to that question.




The waiting room was an odd mix of humans, superheroes and immortal beings. Frigga was talking with Steve while a pregnant Darcy slept in his lap. She snorted in her sleep, cuddling into Steve some more.

Maria stark was sitting in her mothers lap, playing with a tiny arc reactor that Tony had built for her. The soft glow the only thing able to make sleep at night. Tony and Pepper was smiling down at her.

Natasha was sitting next to Happy, softly stroking her engagement ring, smiling like crazy at the man in question.

Odin was sitting in a chair, building something out of a piece of clay he had brought. He stopped for a moment, then squashed it flat again, not satisfied with the outcome of this one either. He began from the start again. This time it became perfect.

Bruce and Betty were not there, stuck in traffic somewhere on the way. But they had promised to pick up Clint on the way there.

Everyone looked up as Sif, Fandral and Tyra came out of the elevator, Hogun and Volstagg right behind them.

"Can we go inside yet" Sif asked.

"Not yet, they are still cleaning her up" Pepper told the room in general, bouncing her bored little girl on her knee.

"You humans and your need to be clean at all time. When Tyra was born I had her in my arms the moment after, disgusting fluids and everything" Sif picked her daughter up, smiling as Tyra snuggled into her neck and tried to sleep, also bored.

Darcy woke up, looking around confused.

"Wha… did I miss it, am I cool aunt Darcy"

"You are, we just cant see her yet" Steve tried to soothe his wife.

"Wake me when we can then" and she went back to sleep.

A door in front of them opened, and everyone looked up at the nurse as she came out.

"She is ready for visitors now, but only a few at first. Why don't we take the grandparents first" the nurse smiled at Odin and Frigga, the two hurrying into the room to finally meet their granddaughter.




The sight that greeted them in the room was a tired Jane, smiling sleepily at them after twenty-four hours where one stubborn little girl did not want to come out and meet her family, not out the womb yet and already acting like her father.

Thor was sitting by her bedside, gently humming to a bunch of pink blankets containing his daughter. He smiled up at his parents.

"Who want's to hold her first" he asked quietly.

"Why don't you go first" Frigga told Odin with a smile. Odin smiled at her and went over to their son, gently picking up his granddaughter.

She was still asleep in Odin's arms as he held her, gently rocking the little girl from side to side. Her hair was the same as his son, facial features of Jane. A perfect mix of the two.

"What is her name" Odin gently whispered.

"Sarah Foster" Thor whispered.

"Nothing to tell of her heritage?" Odin questioned, used to names that at least told what your title was.

"It means princess in Hebrew. It was the only name that fit her" Jane told them all, yawning.

"Such a nice name" Frigga whispered, gently taking her granddaughter from her husband, sitting down in a chair. She smiled as the little girl opened her eyes for a moment, blinked up at her grandmother, then she was asleep again.

"Your parents are sorry they could not be here, they were at your sister when we called. But they wanted you to know that they are on their way" Odon told Jane.

"Cant blame them for not being here, she was not supposed to be here for another two weeks" Jane yawned.

They all laughed quietly, Frigga looking over at Odin.

"There is something we want to give her, to always ensure her safety"

"Dad, you guys didn't have to-" Thor tried to object.

"It is nothing mystical or anything like that, this is… a fitting gift in a way" Odin smiled at his son.

He took out a feather from his pocket, the clay from the other. He placed the feather into the clay and gently formed it a little more before he blew on it, blue mist sweeping around the two items, transforming it onto a tiny baby crow.

The little bird looked around, spotting the baby and jumping over on the pink blanket. It looked down at her, as if trying to see if she was ok. It decided that she was ok and jumped up above her head, going to sleep in Frigga's arms.

"It will follow her true life, a life long companion is our gift" he smiled at the two new parents, smiling when Jane groaned when she remembered someone back home.

"Great, now the dog will get jealous over a baby and a bird, thanks a lot" she teased. She yawned again, eyes dropping.

"We will let the others come in for a visit. It looks like you need to sleep" Frigga walked over to Thor, giving him back his daughter.

Jane and Thor smiled, the new father looking down at the little girl with more love then he thought it was possible to feel. The little crow did not want to be left out and jumped down on Jane's shoulder, chirping gently as it started to sleep on her shoulder. Jane smiled and gently stroked its feathers.

They were on big happy family, full of superheroes and immortals from other dimensions. One very weird little family.




The three sisters smiled, Verdandi turning of the vision she had allowed the three of them to see together.

"She is so cute" Skuld squealed.

"She is indeed" Urd agreed.

"Come, it should be done with it now"

They walked into the spinner chamber, watching as the great spinner finished the newest thread. With great care Verdandi picked it, taking it to be placed between the threads of her parents.

The three sisters watched as the three threads gently glowed, happy to be next to each other.

Urd and verdandi walked out, not noticing that Skuld stayed behind. She gently touched the thread, seeing the future that would be Sarah's. She watched it for a few moments before she let go, a smile on her face.

"Are you coming sister" Urd called after her.


The door to the hall of threads closed Behind Skuld, leaving the three threads alone.

Gently Sarah's thread started to tangle itself around the threads of her parents, a soft glow as they became a tangled mess.




Sarah does mean princess, but I had I picked before I even knew what it meant. And In the night ties into this story, being the future of this little family.

Thank you for reading and commenting.