Stick To English

by Bagting Hangin

Shout-out: Thanks to my beta RealityBitesBack!

Disclaimer: Glee isn't mine.

Blaine rolled his eyes from where he was sitting right across Kurt at the Lima Bean.

Kurt looked up from where he was studying a book on Filipino. "I'm a polyglot, Blaine. I can do this. Don't you believe in me?"

"Of course, I do! But my mom has been here for, I don't know... twenty-something years? We can stick to English and be just fine."

Kurt pouted. "I just want to impress your family. I can't have them thinking you're dating some foreigner -"

The lead Warbler tried to bite back his laughter and failed. "Kurt, I was born here. I'm as American as you are!"

The McKinley returnee sighed and said, "Well, I have this friend Mike in Glee Club and he's really big on Asian Pride. What if your family doesn't approve of me because I'm not Asian?"

Blaine raised one bushy, triangular brow at that. "Kurt, my dad's a total WASP. Do you think my family gives a fig about race?"

Kurt closed the book. "I suppose..."

Blaine rounded the small table to sit beside Kurt in the booth and put an arm around his boyfriend's shoulders. "Believe me, Kurt. They will love you because I love you. We'll just stick to English, okay?"

Kurt smiled, nodded, and said "Okay."

At the family reunion, a large number of both the Anderson and Marasigan clans were in attendance. Blaine was glowing with pride as he introduced Kurt as his boyfriend to all his relatives. Everything went really well and once introductions were done, the two boys found a small table near the center of the festivities and took various hors d'oeuvres and a glass of cola each from the passing waiters.

After a moment, Blaine stood up and lifted his chair to place the seat next to Kurt's. He then leaned conspiratorially toward his boyfriend, pointing out various members of his Marasigan relatives.

"You remember Uncle Tonyboy?" Blaine said, pointing to a big guy who looked a lot like the big Samoan on the movie FIFTY FIRST DATES.

"Your mom's brother, yeah."

"He and mom are from the island of Cebu, so they speak Cebuano." Blaine stated.

Kurt nodded and said, "Okay."

Blaine then pointed to a younger Filipina of about twenty-seven standing next to and chatting with one of the young Andersons. "That's my cousin Anna. Her husband's also Filipino but from one of the northern Philippine provinces, so she's learned to speak Kapampangan on top of Cebuano, plus the requisite standard Filipino."

Kurt nodded a little slowly this time.

Blaine then gestured to his mother, Lea. "My mom, of course, speaks English for me, my brother and my dad; Cebuano because of her parents and immediate kin, Filipino for when she sometimes visits some of our family members in Manila, plus a little Spanish because when she first moved to America, she first lived in California."


"So now do you see, Kurt, why you will just wanna stick to English?"

But Kurt was already counting with his fingers. "Cebuano, Filipino, Kapampangan and Spanish. Check." Then he smiled brightly at Blaine.

Blaine sighed, rolled his eyes fondly at Kurt and said, "I love you."


A/N: I keep imagining Lea Salonga, a Filipina Broadway star, as Blaine's mother. Her voice - whenever I hear her sing, it's like a religious experience. Now I'm an agnostic, so that's saying something.