Title: My Kitsune

Author: TenTenDestiny101

Summary: Kakashi Hatake has a secret. He is lusting after his student and he can't help it. Naruto also has a role to play in this. Naruto just can't stop loving everything his Sensei does. With Tsunadae and Jiraiya being Naruto's godparents how do they come into this story to help

Main Pairing: Kaka/Naru

Side Pairings: …..I haven't figured that out yet, but I will!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and its characters.

A/N: This is my first Kaka/Naru story so please be nice. Please review and tell me how you like it.

Chapter 1:

Sunlight shined through and onto the young blonde's face causing him to groan and groggily open his eyes. He looked over to his bedside clock on his nightstand.

"Holy Shit!" exclaimed Naruto as he jumped out of bed and sprinted to his bathroom to take 5 minute shower, brush his teeth, wash his face, and put on deodorant. He then raced to his closet to change into his lovely orange jumpsuit.

He checked the clock and had only 3 minutes to get to the bridge for their team meeting. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed an apple to eat on the way. He was just about to leave the house when he remembered something.

"I forget to out on my weights!" Naruto ran to his room and quickly slipped on weights on his legs and arms. He gently added chakra to activate them. He has been training with Lee and Gai-sensei to practice his speed, strength, and endurance. So far no one on Team 7 knew or didn't pay attention.

Naruto ran out the door and ran to the bridge as quickly as he could. He knew he was late, but he didn't want to be super late. He was ecstatic today though, so nothing could put a damper on things for him. Not Sakura's belittling, or Sasuke's indifference, or even Kakashi's ignorance to him.

"You really are excited huh Kit."

"You bet I am Kyuu!" Naruto heard a soft chuckle that sounded like a purr. It warmed his heart to know that he still had Kyuu even if he had no one else.

As Naruto approached the bridge he knew what was coming.

"Naruto-baka your late!" screamed Sakura as she bashed Naruto upside the head.

"Sakura stop bothering Naruto he's not late, he is actually on time your watch is ahead." Sasuke said as he walked over to them.

Naruto walked over to him and whispered "Thanks teme I owe you one"

"It's all good. You know I totally just lied for you right. But I would do anything to stop that banshee from screeching." Both Sasuke and Naruto were snickering quietly in the background.

"Yo!" came a reply from behind them all. Naruto and Sakura shrieked while jumping in the air, while Sasuke just looked with indifference.

"H-Hi Kakashi-s-senei." Naruto Greeted him while blushing a very vivid red.

Kakashi smirked and answered with a "Good morning Naruto."

Sasuke looked like he wanted to laugh at Naruto right then and there. He knew about Naruto's crush on Kakashi-sensei and always tries to get them alone together.

"Now the Third wants us in his office so lets go." Kakashi lead them to the Hokage Tower with Naruto walking next to him and Sasuke and Sakura walking behind them.

While walking Kakashi and Naruto accidentally brushed finger tips and Naruto ended up walking the rest of the way with a full-on blush.

When they walked into the office Naruto was glomped by a person that screamed "NARUTO!"

The person straddled his waist while looking down at him with a grin that only an Uzumaki could pull off.

Everyone in the office was surprised and had their jaws dropped except the Third that had a warm smile on his face and Sasuke that sported a grin at the person.

"Oh my gosh I can't believe you are really here." Sasuke said as the person got off of Naruto, but not without helping him up and hugging Sasuke too.

"I'm really glad you're here."

"It's good to be here" responded the person.

A/N: Do you love it, hate it? Find Out who the mystery guest is in the next chapter.