Title: My Kitsune

Summary: Kakashi Hatake has a secret. He is lusting after his student and he can't help it. Naruto also has a role to play in this. Naruto just can't stop loving everything his Sensei does. Just another of those Kaka/Naru stories.

Main Couple: Kaka/Naru

Side Pairings: ….I figured out one and it's…..Lee/Sasu

Warning: Yaoi which means Boy Love. Don't like them don't read.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters. Unfortunately, Kishimoto has that privilege.

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Chapter 4

"Naruto….you need to wake up…." Naruto groaned as he rolled over.

"Tsunade I don't think he wants to get up."


"OKAY OKAY I'm up. Dammit Tsunade that was my EAR!" Naruto shouting as he got out of bed. "What happened anyway?"

"You fainted are you okay Naru?" Kara questioned as she moved over to sit next to Naru.

"Yeah I'm fine. Teme what time is it?"

"It's 6:00 am if we are going to be on time for training then we need to leave in 5 minutes." Responded Sasuke as he walked to the front door. "I'll be waiting outside. If you aren't here in five minutes then I'm leaving you."

"WAAH ONLY FIVE MINUTES?" Naruto rushed into the shower, brushed his teeth, tried to fix his hair, put on his clothes, ran into the kitchen and grabbed a waffle that popped out of the toaster, and ran to the front door to meet Sasuke all in 4 minutes and 59 seconds.

"Wow Dobe that's a new record."

"Oh shut up Teme."

As Naruto and Sasuke walked to the training grounds a thought occurred to Naruto, 'How am I going to face Kakashi-sensei today?' As if Sasuke read Naruto's mind he told Naruto, "Don't worry Naruto. Now since you know that Kakashi likes you, you can try and flirt with him."

"F-flirt with K-Kakashi?" Naruto blushed a violent shade of red as he stuttered.

"You heard correct Dobe." Sasuke answered with a curt nod and continued to walk ahead of Naruto as Naruto began to slow down. "It won't be that bad Dobe. I'll even help you."

"How will you of all people help me Teme?" questioned Naruto with a small tilt of his head.

"Well know one knows this but I'm dating someone." Sasuke blushed just thinking about his lover.

"WHO?" Naruto didn't believe what he was hearing. 'I'm so happy that Sasuke found happiness. He sure does deserve it.' Naruto thought with a small smile adorning his face.



Sasuke nearly jumped out of his skin at the noise the blonde was able to produce out of his mouth. Sasuke covered his ears and glared death at his best friend. "Dammit Dobe! Can you be any louder?"

"Why yes I can actually."

"It was a rhetorical question Dobe."

"Oh ….well anyway is Lee making you happy?" Naruto was glad for his friend, but if Lee ever made Sasuke upset then he would have to deal with an angry Uzumaki. And trust me when I say no one wants to see that. Sasuke turned a shy shade of pink and muttered a soft "Hai…"

"Well then I am super happy for you Suke!" Naruto conjured up the largest grin he had and shined it at Sasuke. Sasuke smiled softly at Naruto. When they reached the training field Naruto and Sasuke saw something that gravely shocked them to the core.

There was Kakashi pushed up against a tree with Sakura sucking his face. It looked as though see was trying to devour him whole.

Naruto couldn't help but gasp loudly, drawing the attention of the two shinobi by the tree. Naruto wasn't able to contain the tears that were threatening to overflow from his eyes. He turned and did what he did best. He ran as fast as he could all the way back to his apartment leaving two shocked ninjas and a very smug pink haired wench.

"Ha! Take that Naruto-baka!"

Naruto finally reached his apartment and walked inside and slammed the door. His legs felt like burning lead. Then his legs gave out from under him. He slowly slid down while leaning on the door.

"I knew it! He could never like a monster like me! No one can! I should have never let myself be deluded into thinking he could ever reciprocate the same feelings!"

Naruto continued to berate himself that he didn't even hear Kyuubi sigh sadly.

"Oh Kit…."

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