Title: She's My Best Friend
Author: youngerdrgrey
Pairing: Mark/Callie friendship
Summary: Mark's thoughts during "Song Beneath the Song"
Rating: T
Warnings/Spoilers: Takes place during "Song Beneath the Song"
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All rights for the characters and the world go to their owners (like Shonda Rhimes and ABC). I, in no way, believe – or would lead others to believe – that I own Grey's Anatomy. I am merely a fan of the television show who has ideas for things that Shonda could do/could've done.

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It's funny.

All of those cheesy romance movies always have the main character saying, "I get to marry my best friend." Watching Derek and Addison, or Sam and Naomi, Mark used to want that. He used to dream of falling for his best friend. He dreamed of being in love with that one person who understands him for everything and would never, ever leave him.

He didn't fall in love with her though. Maybe a small part of him did. But most of him just loves her.

He loves Callie more than anyone else, even more than Derek. He loves her because she was the first person in Seattle who didn't care about what happened in New York. He loves her because she tells him everything, even the non-hot mushy romance stuff he doesn't want to know. He loves her because he has been there as she has rebuilt her dismantled life so many times and because she is the strongest person he knows. He loves her because she stood by him during Little Sloane and everything with Little Grey. He doesn't love her because she's carrying his child. He loves her for everything that they have ever had together, and everything that they will. She is carrying his child, and it only makes him wish he didn't love her so damn much. Losing Mighty Oak would devastate him. It would take his dreams of having a family and set them on fire, leaving him standing there to choke and suffocate on the smoke that surrounds him. But, losing her - losing Callie - would be like grabbing an ice pick, shoving it through his eye, and scrambling his frontal lobes. Then, pulling it out and jabbing him high up in the spine, paralyzing every single inch of his body, disconnecting the thoughts that don't even feel like him from the only grounding feature he will have left. And he will have no one to hold him. No one to talk to about Derek or Lexie. No one to proposition for sex who won't consider it a real offer. No one to be his best friend.

So, yeah, it's funny that she's his best friend and she's carrying his kid. It's funny that he has to deal with the infuriating person stealing his Callie away from him all of the time now. It's funny that the day after he's decorating onesies, he's almost hoping that same kid is gone.

It's funny in that way that makes a person laugh for just a second, while they're bawling their fricking eyes out.