A/N: I know this show has been cancelled for over a year but I rewatched the episodes online and wanted to write a story afterwards. This is what I came up with. Takes place right after episode 1.13. Enjoy!

Chapter 1- Worst Day Ever

Dawn Vaughn stood with the six other members of the Miami-Dade Police Department Bank Robbery Task Force examining a set of blueprints. The captain of the SWAT team looked over their shoulders.

"These things up to date?" said the captain.

"Yeah," said Dawn. "My guys and I will head in the back and lead out hostages until it's just you and the Smurf Bandits. This needs to be done. They've shot at least five of the hostages in there."

"Why the heck are you guys calling them that?" said a SWAT member.

"Each case we do, the robber or robbers in this case have a name that we give them, it helps those of us in the task force track repeat offenders. In this case this trio of guys here decided to wear Smurf masks as a disguise. Doesn't mean they're any less dangerous, they're all armed," said Dawn.

The guys on the task force couldn't help but gawk when she put the SWAT captain in his place. With her fiery red hair and dark blue eyes, she was a far cry from the women they usually hung out with. Then again, most of the women they hung out with had grown up in Florida.

"Wow," said Ryan, one of the task force guys. "You left Homicide and moved from another state for this?"

"Wanted a change," said Dawn.

"You're awesome," said Ryan.


Dawn's plan worked and the hostages that had been shot were still alive so they were on their way to the hospital. SWAT then charged the bank. Unfortunately, one of the robbers had gotten away and decided to run. The hostages watched everything unfold from behind a barrier.

"Stop! Miami-Dade PD!" Dawn yelled.

The robber found the getaway car with the keys in it and started it. Dawn had found herself against the truck SWAT was using and began firing at the speeding robber. He then turned around and sped straight for Dawn.

He had her pinned between the getaway car and the truck before she could get out of the way. Anyone standing nearby heard a loud crack when the back of her head hit the truck.


Dawn felt pain all over and heard a revving sound. She realized the robber was trying to finish her off.

As she began to black out something caught the light of the sun. It was her engagement ring. She knew then and there that she had to keep fighting to stay alive.

Dawn used whatever strength she had left to reach for her gun, which had fallen on the hood of the car. She then fired several shots through the windshield of the car, killing the bank robber.

She heard someone yelling for the paramedics. So many voices that sounded so far away.

Her last thoughts were of her fiancé before everything went black.


The doctors were treating all five of the gunshot victims when a call came saying there was one more incoming from the bank robbery via ambulance. Eva and Serena ran to get the newest patient. The woman's face was partially obscured by an oxygen mask and she moaned in pain.

"We got a detective here," said the paramedic. "40-year-old female, was run down by one of the bank robbers trying to escape and got pinned between the getaway car and a truck SWAT was using, been in and out of consciousness since we found her. BP is 70 over 40. Witnesses reported hearing a loud crack when the back of her head hit the truck. Also got multiple internal injuries and fractures, tender pelvis. GCS is 3-4-6."

They wheeled the severely injured woman into Trauma One, which was ready and waiting for them and gently transferred her to the new gurney. Serena could tell the woman was struggling to keep her eyes open. The woman moaned.

"Matt," the woman whispered.

"I'm Dr. Zambrano and this is my colleague Dr. Warren," said Eva. "Can you tell me your name?"

"Dawn… Vaughn," said the woman.

"What hurts?" said Serena.

"Everything," said Dawn. "Mostly my hips, leg, and head though."

The doctors saw that she most likely had a broken pelvis, obviously had two broken legs and from what the paramedics told them they were bracing themselves for a severe head injury and internal bleeding.

"Is there anyone we can call for you? Family?" said Eva.

"They… they're in Baltimore," said Dawn.

Serena spotted the engagement ring on Dawn's left ring finger and had a theory.

"I heard you whisper the name 'Matt' earlier," said Serena. "Is he your fiancé?"

"Yeah," said Dawn. "We were gonna elope but my mother… she hit the roof. Should've done it anyway. Don't get him. I don't want him to see me like this."

"If he lives here, he might have to make decisions until your family is able to get down here," said Eva.

"Okay," said Dawn.

After getting the information that was needed, Chris and Tuck both came over so Eva decided to make the call.


Eva dialed the number and while she only got voicemail, she was shocked.

"This is Matthew Proctor. I'm saving lives right now. You know what to do."

Shocked, Eva hung up the phone and ran to the O.R.s, knowing he was finishing up one of the gunshot victims.


Dawn felt as if she were in a fog. She had three doctors and a nurse hovering over her.


As they worked to stabilize Dawn's pelvis and vitals, they saw her eyes begin to close.

"Stay with us, Dawn," said Chris.

"Your fiancé is gonna be here soon," said Serena. "You've been fighting hard. Just keep hanging in there for him."


Matthew Proctor had just walked out of the O.R. when Eva ran up to him.

"We had another incoming," said Eva. "It's your fiancée. Dawn Vaughn. I found out because when I made the notification it went straight to voicemail on your cell phone. I'll take you to her."

"How bad?" said Matthew.

"Bad," said Eva.

They both took off.


Chris looked up to see Eva with Matthew right behind her.

"He looks upset, what's wrong with him?" said Chris.

"Oh my god," said Serena.

"What?" said Chris.

Serena didn't answer, instead she double-checked that the pelvic reduction was holding and re-checked Dawn's vitals. Her vitals weren't great, but right now it was good enough to do an ultrasound to find wherever the bleeding was coming from and bring her to CT to assess the severity of the rest of her injuries.

"Trying to figure out what to tell him," said Serena.

"It's just Proctor, Serena," said Chris. "What's the deal? C'mon, spit it out!"

"She's my fiancée," said Matthew.

He walked over and took her hand in his. Chris was at a loss for words, Tuck didn't seem surprised, Eva was shocked, and all Serena wanted was a happy ending.


"I'm sorry Matt," said Dawn. "It… it happened so fast."

"There's nothing to be sorry for," said Matthew. "Those hostages you got out that had been shot? They're all going to recover. You're a hero, Spitfire."

Dawn couldn't help but smile when she heard him call her that.

"Ultrasound's here," said Serena.

Dawn tried to say something but she was feeling weaker than she had a few minutes ago.

"Don't try to talk, just save your strength," said Matthew. "I'm not going anywhere."

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