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Chapter 4- The Drama Of Trauma

"Yes," said Serena.

Matthew released a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

"She's being moved to the ICU right now," said Serena. "She isn't out of the woods yet, but her vitals are holding steady."


Matthew went to the waiting room and saw several people that he knew. His mother ran up to him and he realized one of the triplets must have picked her up at the airport.

"Is she okay?" said Charlotte.

"Touch and go right now Mum," said Matthew.

"I can't believe this is happening again, this isn't right," said Charlotte.

"Well if my daughter hadn't decided to become a cop this never would've happened," a voice snarled.

Charlotte immediately pinpointed the source – Dawn's mother, Mary Vaughn – and glared.

"Mary Vaughn you take that back!" said Charlotte.

Both women began arguing until Bobby intervened.

"This job took my husband and my son! Damnit, Bobby! Joseph was your brother!" Mary yelled.

"You can't ever leave Dawn alone," said Bobby. "You've always been angry at her ever since she went to John Jay College and made something of herself."

Mary sat in her chair in a huff.


"Eva?" said Chris.

"Yeah?" said Eva.

"You ever dealt with a family this size? As in… broken up fistfights? Proctor's mom and Dawn's mom look like they're about to wrestle for some sort of title," said Chris.

"That's not funny!" said Serena.

"I'm not joking around," said Chris. "They look like they're about to kill each other over this… and not just those two. Everyone there."


Matthew was trying to discreetly edge out of the waiting room when a woman called his name.

"Hey! Matty!" the woman yelled.

Matthew groaned. He knew exactly who that voice belonged too.

It was Dawn's best friend from her college days, Ella Danvers. She was half-Italian, half-Puerto Rican, a New Yorker with a full-blown temper. He could still remember how he had met her.


New York, NY.

"Matt!" Dawn yelled. "Glad you could make it!"

"It's loud!" said Matthew.

"It's St. Paddy's! And you're not drunk enough yet!" said Dawn. "Bartender! Three pints of Guinness!"

"Three? Who else is here?" said Matthew.

"Ella Moreno, she's my best friend," said Dawn. "Ella! Come over here!"

Matthew heard a scuffle and saw a brunette kick a guy in the groin before running over and grabbing one of the pints, taking a huge gulp before turning to face Matthew and Dawn.

"That stupid fucker tried to grope me!" Ella yelled. "Asshole!"


He had thought it was the beer talking, but Dawn had told him Ella was always like that. She was now an FBI agent in DC but he couldn't remember for the life of him which division she worked in.

"Please don't call me that again," said Matthew.

"Okay," said Ella. "You want me to take care of that old fart that calls herself Dawn's mother? We both know she's gonna just raise hell indefinitely."

"I think allowing you to go at her would be mean," said Matthew.

Ella rolled her eyes.

"Will you tell me how Dawn is doing after you see her?" said Ella.

"Yeah," said Matthew.


Ella leaned against the wall near a vending machine that dispensed coffee. Vending machine coffee never tasted good, but there was no way she was going to the cafeteria when she only wanted to be alone with her thoughts. She wished her husband was there but he was back in DC with their kids.

"The coffee in the cafeteria is better than that sludge," said a voice.

Ella realized the source was an African-American male nurse who appeared to be a few years younger than her.

"Name's Tuck by the way. Tuck Brody," said Tuck.

"Ella Danvers," said Ella.


Matthew sat quietly in Dawn's hospital room and held her hand as he talked to her. She was still unconscious from the anesthesia. He hoped it was the anesthesia and that she hadn't slipped into a coma from her injuries.

Someone knocked on the door. He saw that it was Eva and walked over.

"Can we talk outside?" said Eva.

Matthew nodded and followed her into the hallway.

"I was talking with the others. When was the last time you ate something?" said Eva.

"I had breakfast with Dawn then we both went to work," said Matthew. "Dropped her off in the Austin-Healy because I wanted to talk to her about the wedding… she was so happy. I feel like such an idiot, Eva. I should've married her years ago. Life is too short."

"It is. So eat something," said Eva. "You won't do her any good if you need to be hospitalized yourself."

She led Matthew to the cafeteria, knowing if he went by himself he'd simply load up on coffee. She'd seen way too many people forego food when they had loved ones in the hospital, and she didn't want Matthew to fall into the same pattern. It wasn't healthy.


After having a sandwich and some water, Matthew went back to see Dawn. He hadn't thought he would feel better after eating something, but he did. Logically, he knew he was overwhelmed and he now knew exactly how she had felt when he had been in the ICU two years ago despite her attempts to hide it and put on a brave face.

Now she was the one lying unconscious in a hospital bed. An oxygen mask covered her nose and mouth, and her hair was shaved in some places because they had had to perform brain surgery, those areas were covered in bandages. It made Matthew recall a time when one of Dawn's nephews had shaved her eyebrows off. She'd been mad.


James Vaughn walked around the hallways with his older brother Michael and his younger brother Andrew. They spotted a blonde doctor and cornered her.

"Are you Sable?" said Michael.

"No, I'm Dr. Warren," said Serena. "I think Sable has returned to her office."

"Tell us where to go," said James.

"Please?" said Andrew.

"Sure," said Serena.


Sable had returned to her office after she had finished fuming over the fact that Matthew was taken.

When she got there she saw three redheaded men in their forties. They looked pissed.

"What do you want?" said Sable.

"You're under arrest," said Michael.

The three brothers cuffed Sable to her desk and left.

"Come back! I need to use the bathroom!" Sable yelled.

They were long gone.


Chris, Eva, and Serena were talking in the break room.

"The Vaughn brothers handcuffed Sable to her desk," said Chris. "Or at least, that's what they told me."

"Where would they have gotten handcuffs here?" said Serena.

"You don't wanna know," said Eva.

The three of them laughed, because none of them were planning to uncuff Sable from her desk. She deserved it.

Their laughter subsided as they began to talk about Matthew and Dawn. They couldn't help themselves.

"I kinda pictured him dating blondes, maybe brunettes, but not a redhead," said Chris. "Then again… redheads are very quirky, so maybe she's quirky enough for Proctor."

That was when Eva remembered something.


Eva leaned against Matthew, giggling as he brought her into his house.

"Matt?" said Dawn. "She okay?"

"She's very drunk and couldn't tell me where her apartment was," said Matthew.

"Yikes," said Dawn. "I'll open up the guestroom."

Eva was vaguely aware of Matthew and Dawn helping her into the guestroom before she fell asleep.


Eva sighed in relief. Ever since she had found out about Dawn she had been worried that she had possibly been a home wrecker of sorts, even though Matthew had said nothing had happened.

Now she knew nothing had happened,


Matthew was holding Dawn's hand and talking to her when he saw her eyes open.

"Dawn?" said Matthew.

She turned and looked straight at him. He could swear she was smiling, even though it was obscured by the oxygen mask.

"Matt. Hi," Dawn whispered. "I'm glad you're here."

"You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that, Spitfire," said Matthew.

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