"Big sister?"

I popped one eye open, and the images started to sharpen. Two light brown eyes, with twinkles of sparkles and with reflective orbs, I couldn't help but allow my face to break into a smile.

"Time to wakey, wakey?"

I nodded my head slowly, and allowed my hand to make contact with her head. Pushing her hair from her forehead to the crown of her head, where it slid back down to lump onto her forehead. I had to remind myself to place a clip or comb or have it trimmed for her. I sighed and pulled the fabric off of me, and sat up. Another night on the couch? I tried to make my mind race back to why I was on the couch to begin with. After five times of coming up blank, I simply gave up. "Later on in the day, it'll come to me." I had to assure myself, it was the only thing I had left.

"And as of the third of September..."

I slowly closed the door behind me. I already knew I was late, I didn't need Mr. Gramaham to give me the "look". I slid into my seat, which had to be in the back, for everyone to look at me while I walked to my seat. And then I "proceeded" to be doing work.

"On the third Wednesday, of the third week of September, there is a choir concert..."

Damn, now I had to practice for that. My day couldn't get anymore worse.

"OMG, did you hear about the new kid?"

Great, now I was getting my daily news about the school that I love (Sarcasm), is being disrupted by two girls who are clearly wearing too much make up, and the same ones that like to shoot me with sorrowful glances in the hallway.

"Vaguely, what about him?"

"Oh my god, vaguely? You haven't seen him?"

Like OMG, no!

"He's absolutely adorable, he's practically chocolate walking on a stick. He has the most beautiful brown eyes that even put Brock 's eyes to shame. I even heard that he looks something like Corbin Bleu."

I stopped listening, another typical, gossip spreading, Lexington girl. I sighed and placed my head in my hands, why did I have to go to a school that was filled with Barbie blondes? The bell rang and kids sprung up, running off to first period while I sat slumped over in my seat.

"Mrs. Johnson..?"

Uh ho..I looked up at Mr. Gramaham and made my way to the front of the class, Luckily no one was still in the room.

Feeling grumpy, I ran to the cafeteria. Lunch time, for the love that was still sane! When I set foot inside and eyed the line, I let a groan escape.

Gah! This is the fourth time this week!

I slumped my head, today just was NOT my day. I sighed again and made my way to my back table, there was a reason why is was my table. I set my stuff down on the table, and took a seat and glanced a little to the left, I had the perfect view of escaping, and seeing the outside world. My portal, my clean window. Well, it wasn't exactly THAT clean, but it was a window none the less. I couldn't understand why I always wanted to escape, things were perfect now. I had a nice new family, three of the five of my "siblings" actually loved me, two parents that sort of over worked, but were home most of the time and made promises that actually came true. And I was in the best private school, in the country. Well for the west coast anyway. This was my thirty-second family in the span of my seventeen years, and I actually stayed with the Johnson's for two years, well it would be in a month or so. Only a few more months after that, I would be finally legal and could go out on my own, no more foster care, and no more Amanda.

"Um, excuse me?" a voice called

Having a puzzled look on my face, my brain began to turn, I was at the right table right? I didn't hang out with Brock or Analina, nor did I have any classes with them. Well not with Brock, but with Analina and it was fifth period choir, but she was on one end of the room and I was on the other. I slowly looked up, still having a puzzled look on my face.

"Me?" I pointed.

The guy's face broke out into a smile and he bit down a laugh. "Yes, you."

"Oh," I began to blush. "Yes?"

"Do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is too crowded and I don't like the way people look at me."

I let my head hang, and I nodded my head. I think for a moment I kinda wanted the guy to say something else, but I didn't know what. The guy sat down and I scooted a little bit away from him, not that I was in his bubble, he was a good seat over, but if any onlookers were to walk by they would being the gossip. I began to study the guy, he did have a light textured skin, and he had nice high cheek bones, and his lips weren't too big, but were not too thin, and he had a little curly fro. All of his little curls stuck up in one direction, and others just drooped. And my eyes landed on his, they were the deepest pools of chocolate. Not too dark like really dark chocolate, but dark enough to get lost in. And his eyes didn't hold a twinkle, like everyone's did, or more importantly like Nadine's did. When I noticed that the guy stopped eating his lunch, and his face held a upsetting look, I knew I was caught.

"I am so sorry!" I cried out.

The guy chuckled, and waved a hand. And mumbled something like, 'it's been happening all day'. I really began to blush.

"So YOU'RE the new kid."

I looked up, as well as the new guy did. And my face twisted into a blank look, it was my sister, Analina and my brother, Brock. I sighed and began to gather my stuff up, as Analina sat down.


I continued to gather up my stuff, when a hand landed on my own. I could tell by the softness and the light complexion that it was the new guy's.

"You can't leave me, remember? The principal said that you have to finish showing me around."

For a moment my eyes flashed to uncertainty and then I saw the plea in the new guy's eyes. Why would he be begging me like that? Then my eyes landed on Analina's to see the lust building up and I knew then, why he wanted me to save him.

"I know, I didn't. I was just getting ready to leave...when you were ready of course."

Before the words flew out of my mouth, the new guy had his bag draped over his shoulder and was standing by the edge of the table, looking at me through his eyelashes. My heart stopped for a moment and I could feel my lips go weak and I could almost smell my drool, dropping down my face. I snapped out of it and gathered myself, dropping a few things and swiftly picking things up, I awkwardly stood next to the new guy.

"So um, I guess we'll see you later.."

The new guy brushed up against my arm and began walking towards the double doors. I glanced back at my sister, to see she had her eyes closed and biting her lower lip. She would have the new guy as her boyfriend within a week or so. I caught up with the new guy, and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me outside.

Okay! So, my Chaylor fans, I have decided that some parts of my story were in need of fix so, I took down Big Sister, but I'm putting it back up under the same name, I think. And I know it's been a year and a half since I've updated for this story and I apologize. I came back to it a few nights ago and read over it and realized, I have something the story Nazi's want gone. So it is no longer a Corbin and Taylor, but officially a Chad and Taylor. So, in short all that's really changing are some grammar fixes and Corbin being changed to Chad. So sit tight while I fix the second chapter and upload a brand new chapter.