Chapter 5- You Used to Date HIM!

It's Friday morning, and Dad decides that we were going to head into town. Kim is going to tag along, but she went to go ask her dad. She told me not to worry, because he usually says yes to her, so that is a relief.

"Yo man," mutters Andre. "I dunno bout you, but I'm sittin' beside those two…"

Andre starts staring lovingly at Amber and Jasmine. I feel like throwing up, just looking at him. He can't even look at them without drooling. Thank God I'm in love with Kim! Kim suddenly crashes through the door with her loyal German Sheppard at her side, but not literally.

"Greg, quick question!"


"You guys don't mind if Dad and Prussia tag along, right?"

"Your dad and Prussia?" I ask as Rita, who's beside me, gulps. "Sure…why?"

"He was just wondering…"

Kim's dad comes up behind Kim. He's a tall muscular dark-haired man with grey eyes, and is in his early fifties, so he's got a bald spot. He's like a gentle giant, always smiling. Kim told me his name is Dragan, which has to be the coolest name for a dad.

"Sorry to bother everybody!" says Mr. Vulic.

"No!" says Dad. "You're not bothering us at all!"

"Do any of you have room in your cars?" asks Dad. "I could just drive my truck, if that's necessary…"

"I think we might room in our van…"

"Honey," says Mom. "I don't think we have enough room for anyone to join us."

"Oh, then I'll just drive my truck with Kim."

"Dad," I say. "Can I go with them?"

"I don't know Greg…"

"Sure, he can come with us! I have enough room in my truck."

Kim, Prussia, and I run outside to get into the truck. I look at the pick-up. It seems to be pretty old. I examine it a bit more, and I recognize it. It's a green 1963 F-100 Ford. Back then, this sweet little ride wasn't such a big deal, but nowadays, it's like… WOW. It takes A LOT of money to take care of this baby. How do I know this? I've changed a lot, I guess. I got a thing for cars.

"Hey Greg, what's taking you so long?" teases Kim. Prussia barks in agreement. I laugh and hop in, right beside Kim. Prussia lies at my feet.

"Nice Ford your dad's got." I comment.

"Yeah," replies Kim. "I love this old truck. I have a thing for cars, so I'm gonna be a mechanical engineer when I grow up!"

"That sounds cool," I reply. "I dunno what I should be…yet."

Kim smiles. "I'm sure you'll find out soon!"

Just then, hops into the truck. He's got a good grin plastered on his face.

"Let's go!"

The man revs his engines and drives off, closely following my family van. A couple of minutes into the drive, and Kim's dad get us into an... interesting conversation.

"So Greg, how old are you?" he asks.

"Dad, did you even listen to me at all during the boring part of that movie last night?" questions Kim in a fake angry voice.

"I think so... you said something about a guy beating up your friend..."

"DAD THAT WAS THE MOVIE." she half-laughs.

"Oh! Then no, I wasn't listening at all." he grins.

"Gee, thanks Tata. That helps a lot."

I decide to just cut in.

"I'm the same age as Kim."

"Oh..." turns to his daughter. "How old are you again?"


Prussia barks in agreement.

"Just kidding! That's good, because I heard you like my little girl."

"So you WERE listening!" dramatically gasps Kim, who is slightly blushing.

Compared to Kim, I'm as red as my mom's lipstick.

"Y-yeah..." I slowly respond. "Am I in trouble?"

Kim's dad gives out a hearty laugh.

"You?" he laughs. "In trouble? No! What did you expect? Me holding a shotgun, threatening to kill you?"

"Well... umm... yeah."

laughs even harder.

"Boy, I think you watch too many movies. You're perfect for my little Kim!"

Kim whispers in my ear.

"Don't worry; he's not like any other dad. He supports me and my relationships."

"Good," I whisper back. "Now I don't have to worry so much."

"You two keeping secrets already?" asks .

"Dad! I thought I told yo-"

"Hey look, we're here already!" cuts in Kim's dad.

Kim rolls her beautiful brown eyes as her dad pulls over to park right next to my dad's van. We wait for my family to get out of their car first. Once everyone was out, Kim opens the door and lets Prussia hop out. Her dad gets out of the truck, and so do we. The two slam their doors shut real hard.

"Why don't you kids go play basketball at the court, huh?" asks my dad. "Here."

My dad opens the trunk and tosses me the basketball.

"We'll meet up with you guys shortly, kay?"

"Sure Dad." I turn to everyone. "Let's go guys!"

I run off, with Kim and Prussia at my side and everyone else at our heels. Kim slows down as we approach the basketball court. There are other people there.

"Hey Kim, what's wrong?" asks Keithie.

"N-nothing..." she quietly replies.

I look towards the court and see a bunch of guys and a girl, but there's one in particular...

"Let's go," she mutters.

The brunette casually walks towards the other net, but the group follows. A somewhat muscular Chinese is in the front of the gang, with a girl right beside him. I realise it is Kim's twin sister.

"What are you doing here?" scowls Ziem.

"I could ask the same," coolly replies Kim. She turns to the guy. "Hey, Yao."

Yao? That was him? Wow, he looks like a natural jerk!

"What are you doing with these Americans?" he growls with a Chinese accent.

"That's none of your goddamned concern. Besides, I thought you stopped caring about me after you cheated on me."

"Cheated?" asks Yao. "Don't use such a strong word! I prefer it as moved on."

"Yeah, with an identical twin genius," smirks Kim. "Besides, what's the damned difference between us?"

I then realise why Kim had such a wide smirk. She knew she'd get her sister angry, even if that comment pisses her off too.

"You KNOW there's a difference between us, you brat!" hisses Ziem.

"Oh really now?" questions Kim. "Let's use a mirror. Oh, I forgot! JUST LOOK AT ME AND YOU'LL SEE YOURSELF. No need for a mirror~"

"I'm. Going. To. KILL. You." threatens the twin.

"Really? Well, last time I heard, you couldn't hit the water when you fell off a goddamned boat."

Instantly, everyone, except Yao and Ziem, laughs. Kim raised her eyebrow, smirking. Ziem is FURIOUS. Yao quickly barks at his gang to shut up. It's all tense silence.

"Aww, what's wrong?" asks Kim in a babyish voice. "Does my twin have no good comebacks to fight that one?"


Ziem tackles Kim, causing the two to fall on the ground. The two screech and start rolling around in a heap. Kim manages to gain control and kick Ziem away. She rapidly gets up.

"I make the rules now, Yao," announces Kim. "We clear? Or do I have to make myself clear?"

". . . Yeah, I hear you." mutters the Asian.

"Good. You guys stay on your side of the court, we'll stay on ours. We'll only be able to cross the half-court IF one of our balls passes it. Deal?"

"Deal. But be made clear, next time, things won't be so civilized."

"Yeah, whatever. Come any day, any time. I'll whoop your ass."

With that, we separate. Our gang crowds around Kim, congratulating her.

"That was AMAZING!" yelps Andre.

"You go girl!" adds in his sister.

"Yeah, thanks guys..."

She seems a bit bummed out. I decide to take charge. I had Keithie the ball.

"You guys just start playing, okay? I gotta talk with Kim..."

Kim seems a bit shocked, but she follows me anyways. We sit down on the grass.

"Hey look," she starts. "I'm sorry about Yao, but-"

"Nonononono, it's not your fault, alright? That's HIS fault. HE decided to cheat on you. HE decided to date your sister. It's not your fault, okay?"

"He's just a...a bastard! He won't leave me alone, EVER. And now he's causing more trouble than before!"

"Hey, don't worry about it! Like you said, if they come back looking for a fight, we'll give them one, right?"

The brunette hesitates and slowly nods. She gives me a quick tight hug. I blush a bit.

"Thanks Greg. It's means a lot... Now come on, let's go play some basketball."

Author's Note: Hey guys, it's finally here! I'm SO SO SO SO SO sorry about the delay, but once again, I'm fighting writer's block here. Wish me luck! Oh, and feel free to give me suggestions for the next chapter!