Friends & Foes
a Fangs & Fins Sequel
Chapter 1: "Moments After"

"Dad!" Rose awkwardly stepped away from Ben and ran towards Mr. Collins.
Mr. Collins dropped his luggage and embraced his daughter in a welcoming hug. "I've missed you, Rosie!" Mr. Collins exclaimed.
Ben smirked at the sound of Mr. Collins calling Rose 'Rosie'. Looks like I'm not the only one that calls her that, Ben thought.
It was then that Mr. Collins noticed Ben standing in the living room. He took a step closer to Ben. "Who's this?"
"This is Ben, Dad." Rose replied.
Ben put on a happy cheerful smile. "Nice to meet you, sir."
"Ah, so you're Ben!" Mr. Collins said. "I want to thank you for taking care of Rosie over the past few months. It means a lot to me, especially how she's been acting. I haven't seen her smile in so long!"
"It was nothing, Mr. Collins." Ben responded.
"You can call me Robert," Mr. Collins stated to Ben.
Rose smiled. For some odd reason Rose just kept smiling and giggling. She wasn't quite sure why.
Her father noticed this. "Someone's obviously happy," he said to Rose.
"Yeah, I guess I am."
Mr. Collins placed his arms around his daughter. "Good. I'm glad."
Rose smiled back at her father. She then looked down at the multiple packages and bags that were scattered throughout the hallway floor. "How much did you bring back, Dad?"
Mr. Collins picked up two giant red duffel bags. "I've been gone for months, Rosie. What'd you expect?"
"Yeah, but all these boxes?" Rose noticed several cardboard boxes laying on the floor.
"Do you want the presents I got you or not?" Mr. Collins asked.
Rose dropped the subject afterwards.
Ben felt like the third wheel in their little reunion. "Well, I guess that's my queue."
"You're leaving?" Mr. Collins gasped.
"Yeah, I have things to do. And I don't want to intrude." Ben opened the Collins' front door. "So I'm just going to be on my way."
"Well, it was nice meeting you Ben. I'm looking forward to meeting your brother, James, as well." Mr. Collins said to Ben on his way out.
"Nice meeting you too, Mr. Collins." Ben said on his way out.
"It's Robert!" Mr. Collins yelled out. Mr. Collins grabbed hold of the door knob and gently closed it. "Nice guy."
"Yep, he is." Rose commented back.
"Ben isn't at all like you described him. I was expecting to meet a smart-ass teenager. Are you sure that wasn't James?"
"James?" Rose questioned.
"James; your boyfriend, or so you said in your multiple texts," Mr. Collins recalled.
"Oh, James. My boy…friend." Rose thought back to a couple minutes ago. Ben and Rose sitting on the living room couch. The conversation that was exchanged, as well as the kiss. Then it hit her. Rose and Ben kissed! "Oh my god!" Rose muttered under her breath.
Mr. Collins noticed this. "What is it honey? What's wrong?"
Rose put on a fake appearance (smile and all). "Oh, everything's fine. You need any help unpacking?"
"No, I think I can manage. You need your rest. Lily told me what happened."
"Lily texted me that you were in the hospital for a few days; that you got in an accident of some sort," Mr. Collins explained, his tone worrying.
It took Rose a minute to realize what her father was talking about. But then she remembered the horrible night that was the Vampire Ball. "Oh, right I did. Don't worry, I'm fine. Just a few scrapes and bruises."
Mr. Collins' expression clearly showed that he didn't believe her.
"Really! I'm fine!" Rose said, reassuring.
"If you say so." Mr. Collins bent down and snatched up one of the many boxes containing various gifts and souvenirs. "Ah, it's good to be home." He then walked away in hopes of finding a place to put his newly purchased item.
Rose just stood there in the hallway, utterly confused. I kissed Ben. But I'm dating his brother James. She always considered Ben a friend, a very close friend, but a friend none the less. But why was she smiling at just the thought of his name? She sighed and walked upstairs to sort out her problems.

James glanced around his home. It was so quiet and silent. Normally it's constantly loud and noisy (usually because of Ben). But James knew that something was different; something was off. He knew exactly what that something was. Constance. Constance was no longer with them. James kept thinking about that sad horrible night where Constance lost her life. And the worst part of it was, it was all a mistake. Thanks to Ben.
James walked into Constance's room. It was as if she was still among them. Her bed was perfectly made (with Hugsy right on top of it), her desk was neatly organized with various books, DVDs, and her other belongings. James peered into her closet. Every piece of clothing was organized by coloring and type. Wow, I never noticed how organized Constance was, James thought to himself. That's because you don't realize what you have until they're gone.
James walked over to her desk and noticed various picture frames. Most of the photos were of Arianna, Ben, Constance and himself from when they were younger, when Constance had first joined their family. But a few were from her old life; her human life. James couldn't help but tear up at the sight of Constance in the many photos. After all these days, it finally hit him. Constance is gone forever.

Ben unlocked the door to his home and headed inside. He let out a big sigh. By no means was he in the mood to talk to anybody. Ben walked inside to find James moping about on the couch, watching Friends reruns it seemed. They're probably the episodes Constance DVR'd, Ben thought. Ben suddenly got angry at just the sight of his older brother.
"Look at you." Ben said to James, his tone angry and annoyed.
James looked up from the TV and glanced at Ben. "What?"
"You're just sitting here!" Ben yelled, his tone getting angrier by the minute. "In fact you've been moping around for the past few days."
James shrugged and went back to watching the TV. "So, what do you care?"
Ben's eyes got wide eyed and his hands were now clenched fists. "Aren't you forgetting about someone?" Ben took a moment to see if James would respond.
He didn't.
"Hm, let's see. Rose Collins, also known as your girlfriend, curly blonde hair, blue eyes, the love of your life. Rose, the girl that was in the hospital for the past few days, whom you obviously never visited!" Ben yelled.
James turned off the TV and looked into Ben's eyes. James stood up to be face to face to Ben. "I visited her!"
"Really? Cause I didn't see you there, and I was with her morning and night."
James didn't say a word. From the looks of it, he looked a little guilty.
"Face it, you didn't visit her. Don't you care about her anymore? Or has this whole Constance scenario affected you more?" Ben asked.
"I care about her. I'm just saddened about Constance, that's all. Rose understands." James stated.
Ben responded. "Oh, I'm sure she understands. She understood perfectly when every ten minutes she was in the hospital, she glanced at the door. Every day she asked me where you were! I had to think of excuses to cover for your sorry ass!"
"It wasn't like that, I wanted to visit."
"Then what was stopping you?"
"BECAUSE OF YOU! Every night I've had nightmares of that horrible night. The night Constance was killed. I kept hearing you repeat the same phrase over and over again, 'It was me!' You were the one that killed all those people, not Constance." James explained, Ben noticed he was practically getting teary eyed.
"So what are you saying?" Ben yelled.
"IT'S YOUR FAULT CONSTANCE IS DEAD!" James yelled. And with that James pushed Ben hard against the wall. So hard in fact that there were various holes in the wall from where Ben was shoved.
"Calm down, James." Ben yelled at his older brother.
"I will NOT calm down! It is YOUR fault she's dead! YOU should be dead, not HER!" James was in full vampire mode now, fangs and all.
Ben pushed James hard enough to knock him on the ground. This fight continued for what seemed like hours but was merely minutes.
Ben then suddenly heard a voice. "Stop it you two!" Ben saw a blonde haired girl grab both James and Ben by the shirt. "Knock it off!" He saw fangs jutting out her mouth; he knew this had to be Arianna.
He was correct.
Arianna had somehow managed to stop the fight. "What is going on with you two! You guys were ready to kill each other!" Arianna said, looking directly in each of the Wood brothers eyes.
"He started it." James said grumpily.
Ben yelled back, "You're the one that pushed me!"
"But you got Constance killed!"
Ben and James stood up to face one another, another battle clearly about to ensue.
"STOP! You guys are acting like idiots!" Arianna pushed each brother away from each other and stood in between them. "James you're coming with me."
James looked confused. "Where to?"
"Out, you clearly need some fun in your life." And with that Arianna dragged James by the shirt collar and left the house.
Ben was now left alone in the house. It wasn't my fault. I didn't kill Constance, Ash did.
But still, Ben couldn't help feeling guilty.

Rose headed downstairs towards the kitchen. "Dad, what's for dinner?" It was then that she noticed various white containers sitting on top of the kitchen counter. "You ordered Chinese food? But weren't you just in China or something?"
"Yeah, but I figured since I'm not to handy in the kitchen and it is my first night with you guys I figured why not order out food?" Mr. Collins was opening the many containers and dumping its contents on the three red plates that were before him.
"Oh, did you get sweet n' sour pork?" Rose asked while opening each container, hoping to find her favorite dish.
"Of course! I also got tons of those fortune cookies that you guys love."
Rose was beaming.
Mr. Collins laughed. "Yeah I know, I'm awesome."
Rose headed for the table and figured it was best to start eating now.
"Hey, wait for Lily!" Mr. Collins stated.
And low and behold Lily appeared a few seconds later. "I'm home! I rushed right out of there the moment I heard Dad was home." Lily stopped when she noticed her father standing in the kitchen. "DADDY!"
Mr. Collins and Lily embraced one another in a sweet father daughter hug.
"Aw, it's so good to have you home." Lily glanced around at what was assumed to be dinner. "Chinese I see."
"Yep, you can thank me later. Let's eat."
Lily grabbed a plate and Rose started to eat.

Mr. Collins glanced around at all three empty plates. "So, does everyone approve of my dinner?"
"Dad, all you did was order the food!" Lily pointed out.
"Yeah, but it was hard! I had to remember what you guys liked, what I liked and…hey, cut me some slack I've only been home for one night!" Mr. Collins joked.
"Oh, we almost forgot about our fortune cookies!" Lily said. She handed out a fortune cookie to each family member.
The Collins family then began to rigorously rip apart their fortune cookies.
"Mine says, 'There are big changes ahead for you. They will be good ones!'" Mr. Collins stated while reading his fortune cookie. "Well, that's ironic."
"What is?" Lily and Rose asked in unison.
"There's something I've been meaning to say to you two." Mr. Collins stated.
Rose and Lily looked at one another.
"What is it, Dad?" Rose asked, fearing the absolute worst.
"Well, on my trip...I'm just gonna come right out and say it. I met someone." Mr. Collins shut his eyes, figuring there would be fighting ahead. But he reopened his eyes to find both of his daughter's expressions surprisingly calm.
"No fighting? No 'But Dad…WHY?' You two are ok with this?" Mr. Collins asked.
"It's been six years, Dad. You should be with someone. You have a right to be happy." Lily explained.
"Rose, you're okay with this?" Mr. Collins asked to his youngest daughter.
"Well, sure I'm a little shocked but I figured it had to happen eventually." Rose looked at Lily. "And if she makes you happy, then I'm happy."
"Wow, Rosie, you've really grown up. I'm proud of you." Mr. Collins smiled.
In reality Rose was screaming inside. She knew this day would come, but she wasn't quite ready for it. But she knew that she couldn't tell her Dad. This is the first time he's been this happy in a long time, Rose thought. Rose knew she just needed to suck it up and meet this mysterious woman that has her father so smitten.
"We need details, Dad. What's her name?" Lily asked.
"Her name is Elisabeth Burke, and well we met on vacation and instantly clicked. Not much to tell." Mr. Collins explained.
Rose and Lily smiled at each other. As much as she hated having a possible new stepmom (or worse, stepsiblings), Rose loved seeing her father happy.
"Oh and she has two kids about your guys age. I believe their names are William and Laurel. And I think they're both transferring this semester at your school. From what Liz has told me they seem like nice well-behaved kids." Mr. Collins stated.
Both Rose and Lily didn't really like the sound of having possible stepsiblings.
"Oh and we're arranging a little get together sometime this weekend. Is that alright with you guys?" Mr. Collins asked.
"I guess so." Rose shrugged.
"I think I might have to work, I'll have to check my schedule." Lily noted.
"Well, that's fine. I'm just glad you guys are taking this so well. You guys are really growing up." Mr. Collins grabbed his plate and headed towards the kitchen.
"Are you really okay with this?" Rose asked Lily once their father was out of earshot.
"Not really, but you saw how happy Dad was, we can't ruin this relationship for him." Lily stated.
"Yeah, I agree." Rose said.
Lily quickly looked down at her uneaten fortune cookie. "Wow, we never read our fortune cookies!" She lifted up the tiny white piece of paper. "Mine says, 'Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you.' Hm, wonder what that means."
"Do you actually believe in these?" Rose asked.
"Not really, but they're fun to think about." Lily responded. She grabbed her plate and headed into the kitchen.
Rose figured it was time for her too to look at her fortune cookie. "You will soon discover a major truth about the one you love most." Rose thought about the inscription. "Weird." She placed the tiny stripe of paper on her plate and also headed into the kitchen.
"Hey Dad?" Rose asked, when she reached the kitchen.
"Yes honey?" Mr. Collins responded.
"You mind if I head on over to the Woods' house. It'll only take a few minutes."
"Why do you need to go there?" Lily asked.
"Because I just do, ok?"
"Sure you can go. Say hi to that nice Ben fellow for me. I like him." Mr. Collins said to Rose on her way out.
Lily looked at her father. "Really? You like Ben?"
"He seems like a very nice young man."
Lily handed Mr. Collins a dry dish towel. "Whatever you say, Dad."

Ding Dong!
"Who would be at the door now!" Ben yelled from the living room couch. He headed towards the front door. "Who is it?" he yelled.
"Its Rose, can I come in?" Rose yelled back.
For a moment, Ben grew ecstatic. Ben opened the door. "Yeah, sure, come on in."
Rose walked inside. The moment Rose stepped into the living room she noticed the giant mess that James' and Ben's fight had occurred. "Woah, what happened in here?" Rose asked, noticing the giant hole in the wall, various broken objects and overall messy state of the living room.
"It's a long story. So, what's up?" Ben asked, rather monotone.
"Well, I think we should talk about, what happened; and where we stand." Rose explained.
"What are you talking about?" Ben asked.
"You know." Rose muttered. "The kiss."
"Oh, right. That." Ben noticed this entire conversation felt awkward.
"So…" Rose mumbled.
"So?" Ben said, quite confused as what to say.
"I think it was a mistake." Rose knew she had to say it.
"What?" Ben's heart was clearly breaking.
"I mean the kiss was nice and everything, but it was a mistake."
Ben couldn't believe what he was hearing. Ben immediately put on this tough guy act. "Well, if that's the way you feel."
"I think its best." Rose said.
"Well, there you go! Problem solved. You can go now." Ben replied, harshly.
"Why are you being like this?" Rose asked, rather confused.
"Like what? I'm exactly the same." Ben responded.
"No, something's wrong. What is it?" Rose asked.
"It's nothing Rose! Leave. NOW!" Ben yelled.
"Screw you Benjamin Wood! I come over here to talk to you and you're being a total ass!" Rose walked towards the front door, clearly realizing visiting Ben was a mistake.
Ben yelled to her, "You know you kissed me back. So you obviously feel something towards me."
Rose turned around and moved closer towards Ben. "I have no romantic feelings for you! We're just fr.."
Rose never got to finish her sentence because Ben had grabbed Rose and kissed her.
Rose pushed Ben off of her. She struck her hand hard against Ben's face. "You're unbelievable!"
She quickly turned away and exited Ben's home.
Ben had no idea why he just kissed Rose. But he knew that he blew it. Whatever relationship they had was now over. Ben quickly rummaged in the kitchen fridge to find whatever left over blood they had in the fridge and consumed every last drop.

Rose practically ran home. She just wanted to run upstairs to her room and never come out. I don't have feelings for Ben. We were friends, but that's clearly over, Rose thought. Rose opened the front door.
She noticed her father was fast asleep on the couch with the TV on.
"Rose is that you?" Lily called from upstairs.
"Rose?" Mr. Collins called out sleepily.
"Yeah, I'm home, Dad. Go back to sleep." Rose, said, trying her very hardest to put on a brave smile.
When Rose reached the second floor she knew she couldn't hold back her tears for much longer.
She reached Lily's room; Lily appeared to be doing homework.
"Hey Rose, how were the Wood brothers?" Lily looked up from her homework to see the current state Rose was in. "Rose what's wrong? You look like you're about to cry."
Rose smiled the best she could. "I'm fine."
Then that moment the tears came spilling out.
"Rose, what happened?" Lily embraced her sister in a hug, trying to comfort her the best she can.
"I've made a terrible mistake." Rose said in between sobs.

"Benjamin, are you home?" Mr. Wood called out the moment he arrived at his home.
"In here, Dad."
Ben was a wreck. There were various blood containers and bottles of various alcoholic beverages thrown throughout the floor, not to mention Ben's careless appearance.
"What on earth happened to you?" Mr. Wood yelled.
"I just don't really care anymore." Ben responded.
"Well, I do. Get your lazy ass up! You never told me about Rose. Did you kill her?"
"What?" Ben said, confused. It was then that Ben realized he was supposed to kill Rose, but eventually backed out…all because he loved her. He figured it was best to lie to his father. "Yes Dad, I did."
Mr. Wood smiled. "That's my boy. Where's the dagger?"
Ben sat up. "The what?"
"The dagger; the one I gave you to kill her with. The one that's been in our family for generations, very valuable and irreplaceable.
"Oh, that dagger… I sent it out to get…cleaned." Ben stated, thinking on the spot.
"Oh, well good." Mr. Wood paused and then continued. "Say listen I have an important meeting with the Council I have to attend to. I should be back in a few days. Think you and James can handle being on your own?"
"Yeah sure we're fine." Ben responded.
"Good. I'll see you later." Mr. Wood glanced around the house. "Ah, I'm so glad that Constance girl is out of our hair. She was such a waste of space." And with that Mr. Wood exited the house.
Ben sat up. Where did I leave the dagger? He thought.
He realized exactly where he left it.
At this very moment it was under Rose's couch.
"Oh, shit." Ben muttered under his breath.

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