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Chapter 1 the Trinity Goddess

Seven times, it's been seven times, this terrible fate was dealt to her beloved. Not by her own choices, but by the game that her sister played. Fate felt it was not quite the way she wanted it to be. Each time, she fell, each time her Beloved suffered.

Because of Fate, the corrupt Headmaster and his followers used and abused her Beloved. They drugged him with love potions forcing him to unknowingly keep away from his true soul mate.

As long as Fate had her way their lives would be like the fabled Star Crossed Lovers, who would always die tragically and loveless. So she waited patiently for her sister to slip up as she surely would, to introduce her hand…

The smell of decay diffused through light winds. Bodies scattered haphazardly across the ground as though they were toys someone had dropped as they became bored. A sad tale began to write itself as those still living would bear witness to these bodies of children.

The sky above bathed everything it touched in a golden light, offering a peace that had not been seen across the land over the past day. No clouds in sight. The land was vast and the most noticeable thing was a golden maple tree branching outward, reaching both sides of the clear blue river it rested within its branches.

Looming overhead, stood the crumbling remains of Castle Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry, the final battlefield of the forces of light and dark magic. Near to the Forbidden Forest two bodies significant to the battle that had just been fought lay opposite each other. Both having felt and sent the final blow.

From the tree's seasonal leaves, one individual leaf broke from the tree and unlike the rest, this one was gold yet it tainted, by one small marking shaped like a lightning bolt. This leaf did not hit the ground for the guardian of the valley caught it up, and it began to glow.

The leaf transformed into the very being the soul belonged to, the soul of Harrison James Potter a young man fated to kill a man twice his age a man who more powerful than himself. If not for a man's sinister manipulations and thirst for power he would not have died or grew up the way he did, living a happy life as the father of two daughters, a son and wife.

He opened his eyes they met the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. The woman was as pale as the illuminated moon, her hair pure silver, and a gold segment clasps were pinned to the comb of her hair. Her eyes were a pale blue. The silver gown she wore adorned with golden leaves, and vines; the shoulder strap wrapped around her right arm and a necklace of golden leaves rested upon her neck. What stood out the most was a pair of wings that rested on her shoulders.

"Welcome young one to the Life Stream," the woman said, "at the moment, you are neither dead nor alive, but resting in this haven until you make a decision to go where you are needed, to put it simple the Life Stream is a Crossroads of Souls."

"So, who are you and why am I here exactly," asked Harry "the last thing I remember was being hit by the killing curse, talking to Dumbledore at the train station but before I could give him my answer a golden light engulfed me and I woke up here."

"Allow me to introduce myself; I am Trinity the goddess of the three moons, a protector of the wayward souls, to be more specific I guard the lives of mortals who have died. It's my duty to make sure the souls that I guard go to the correct afterlife and sometimes back to the realm of the living."

He had looked at her embarrassed and a bit confused, "So um, why am, I here exactly? Is it my time to join my parent or go back to the realm of the living?"

"You're supposed to go back to the land of the living of course. But first I need to warn you of the evil doings of your headmaster;" Trinity said, "that man was not supposed to appear at your crossing; in fact you were not supposed to die at such an early age either. He's been controlling your every move since the day he heard that bothersome prophecy. If you do not believe me you may view your life and when you make your final decision and I'll grant it."

Harry though for a minute and then made his decision, "I'll view my life to see if you are telling the truth, once I'm finished I'll give you my answer."

Trinity smiled, and a large oriented mirror appeared before them, unknown to Harry the roots of the tree had crept up behind him and attached itself to his arms, legs and the back of his neck. It was not until he felt himself becoming lightheaded to notice what had happened.

Though his body was viewing the mirror images of the past, his mind was―connected to the counterpart he was watching. It felt strange at first until he remembered that he was just viewing his past, so he just laid back and relaxed. As time went on, he felt like he was watching some sort of strange play of his life. Dumbledore was the puppet master, setting his puppets in the places he wanted them to go. Harry was once such puppet, left on his relatives doorsteps at the age of one by the puppet master and forced to be a mere house elf to them.

Things were still playing in the man's hands when he first received his Hogwarts letter from Hagrid, who told him that every wizard that came out of the Slytherin house were rotten to the core. It did not make things better when he met Draco in Madam Malkin's, who acted a lot like Dudley his cousin. The fact that Dumbledore had given Hagrid his key, also puzzled him, made Harry wondered why Dumbledore had it in the first place. Hagrid had also forgotten to tell Harry how to get onto the platform and why was the Wesley's at the train station when they were a magical family, was it a set up plotted out by the puppet master or fluke.

Harry continued to view his life from the rescuing of Ginny Wesley, to the meeting of his godfather Sirius Black. He had discovered so many things that were wrong, the troll incident did Dumbledore not care if a fourth of the students were killed the Slytherin rooms were in the dungeons after all. It seemed as if every year at Hogwarts his life was in some form of danger: the sorcerer's stone fiasco, the dementors, the basilisk in the chambers, and Dobby's weird way of protecting him, the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and his utter most favorite was that Frog Bitch Deloris Umbridge.

That was only a few of the things that had happened to him. By the time of his sixth year, Harry found himself more and more getting annoyed with his other half, and how easily he was manipulated it was nauseating. So many mistakes cost him his godfather, sour gate uncle, brother and his best friend. He also found out about the love potions that Ginny and Molly had slipped in his food during fourth year, he felt betrayed yet relieved somehow by this, know he knew to avoid them like a plague this time around. Fred and George however, seemed to be the only two Weasley's he could trust, they told him the truth about everything; but their brother Ron, Harry's so called best friend, had gone a solid information about himself to Dumbledore each year and he was getting paid to be his friend. Hell, even Draco was more truthful about things, other than that braggart who sold him out, maybe next time he could ask him for his hand of friendship.

As for the British Wizarding Society, they did nothing to stop Death Eater attacks and when he tried to help, they dragged his good name through the mud as if he was the one who had caused them. The wizards, in his opinion, were no more than mere sheep who would believe anything that they read or told to do without any critical thought. The older generation were so caught up in their old ways that they refused to accept change or ask for help from the muggleborn, to better their community, who they had unknowing exiled from the British part wizarding world due to their racist beliefs.

He also viewed all the years of his suffering, taunts, and abuse was just a ploy planned by the Puppet Master to form him into the perfect weapon for a war that was―ironically―started by the man to begin with; the very play of these events cost him his life, and everything he held dear to him.

Harry had finally made a decision, 'He wanted to redo these events differently, make his own choices and friends. He wanted to be his own man, not Dumbledore's puppet. The first thing on his list was to change the views of the mundane population; he would dare not call them muggles for he was raised by them, as his Uncle would say―though he would hate to admit it to Vernon's face, 'that would be hypocritical'".

"I've made my decision Lady Trinity," Harry said. "I wish to change this outcome and remember what I've seen. I want to be my own man not somebody's puppet for the rest of my life." All he received was a smile from Trinity as she placed a hand on his scar, and everything went black.