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*Two Months Later*


"What the fuck do you want, Granger?"

Draco sat at the table in the back of the library all by himself.

"Did you love Harry?"

He glared up at the girl.

"Don't talk about him like he's gone."

She blinked and stared at him.

"There's no hope, Malfoy."

He sneered.

"Fuck You. There is hope. It's inside of me. I believe that he'll wake up. None of you may have any hope-Hell you don't even give a fuck-but I do. He had hope for me when I was at my lowest. Now fuck off, Granger."

Draco pushed himself out from the table and walked away. It had been two months since Harry had gone into his coma. When he'd been told Dumbledore wanted to pull the plug, he promised to do everything he could to keep that from happening. Thankfully, Harry had signed all his medical decisions over for Draco to make. And he'd never give up. Harry had too much to live for. And he was too strong not to pull through. Even after all this time.

"Hey Malfoy, you queer."

"What do you want, Zabini?"

The bys who had caused all of this had only gotten four months of detention and had been suspended from any activities for the rest of the year.

"Going to visit your fag buddy and talk about getting all gussied up? Wait…oh yeah. I put him in a coma. Guess our so called savior isn't so strong after all."

Draco's grey eyes flashed dangerously and he reached out and grabbed the other Slytherin's throat. Blaise's back hit the stone with such force it made him wince.

"He's not weak. You and those other fucking idiots beat his head in. You're all cowards. You can hurt an innocent and defenseless person. You tag teamed him. And if it were my choice you'd be worm food. Every. Single. One. And you know I'm capable of it, Blaise. Don't fucking tempt me. You may just end up disappearing so that no one-and I mean NO ONE-will find you. Back. The. Fuck. Off."

Malfoy had a sinister look in his eyes that scared Blaise to no end. He looked like…Lucius. That made him shiver. If Draco was capable of half the shit his father was then Blasie was in trouble. Big trouble.

"Did you fucking hear me? Or are you deaf?"

The Slytherin's hand tightened on Blaise's neck causing the boy's breathing to become more erratic.


Malfoy sneered.


Blaise gasped out with the little amount of oxygen he was able to obtain.

"Good. Now get the fuck out of my sight."

Blaise turned and ran as fast as he could as soon as Malfoy released his hold on his throat.

"Let. Me. Go."

Harry thrashed in the grips of Severus Snape and Remus Lupin.

"Calm down, Harry."

"NO. I wan tot see Draco."

He kicked his feet and caught Severus in the shin.

"Ow. You little brat. Stop kicking, Potter."

"LET. ME. GO."

"Calm down, Mr. Potter."

Pomfrey came closer to Harry with a needle filled with a clear liquid.


"Pomfrey, we have a problem."

Pomfrey eyed Dumbledore and then placed the needle on the bedside tray. She walked over to the spot where Dumbledore stood.

"Mr. Malfoy is here."

Dumbledore said it in a low voice so that Harry couldn't here him. Pomfrey's eyes narrowed.

"I'll handle it."

She went over to the Hospital Wing enterance.

"Hello, Mr. Malfoy."

The blonde Slytherin glared at her.

"I want to see Harry."

"I'm afraid that's not possible right now."

His eyes narrowed. Pomfrey was getting on his nerves, which was not good considering he was already pissed because of Granger.

"Why not? You can't keep me from him."

"There are some complications going on."

He straightened his posture.

"Then as his medical advisor, I have all the right to make all the decisions in his medical needs. You have to inform me of them."

"Mr. Malfoy_"

"DRACO. I want to see him. NOW."

There was a pause.

"FUCK OFF, Snape."

Draco's head shot up.

"You're a fucking liar. Now let me see him before it's you who's in the hospital bed."

"Is that a treat?"

"No shit. Now move or I'll move you."

Pomfrey glared at the Slytherin student.

"Guess that's my answer."

Draco pushed pass the medi-witch and stormed passed her. He headed towards the place where all the beds for injured students. Pomfrey's glare stayed on Draco even after he swept passed her and headed for Harry.

"You mother fucker, let me go."

"Potter, stop it."

"I said NO. I want to see him."

Draco froze as soon as he saw Harry. He was fighting against Severus and Remus' grasps.


Draco's voice was weak and fragile. Harry's head shot in the direction that the voice came from.


He fought harder against the professor's grips and got away after kicking Severus in the knee and elbowing Remus in the stomach. He ran as fast as his weakened body would allow him to until he reached Draco. His body collided with Draco's, sending the blonde stumbling back. His arms slowly came to wrap around the Gryffindor's waist. He could feel Harry's tears bleed through his shirt.

"Harry, Oh Merlin. Harry."

His arms tightened around the dark-haired boy's waist.

"I missed you so much, Seeker."

Harry laughed.

"I know. I heard you. You never gave up on me. Everyone told you I'd never wake up. But you believed in me. I heard you. You were here everyday. They wanted to take me away. But you wouldn't let them. And I…I had to fight. And I did because I needed to see you again. I needed to hear your voice when it wasn't all sad and I wanted you face to tears free because everything was okay. I felt them. Everyone that landed on me. I felt them. And I wanted to look into your beautiful grey eyes and see them flooding with happiness and I never ever wanted to see them glassy with tears unless they were happy ones. You gave me strength, Dragon. I woke up because of you. Hell, I woke upforyou."

Draco's eyes were flooded with tears and they slowly made their way down his cheeks. As soon as Harry saw the first tears, he reached up and wiped them away.

"Don't cry, Snitch."

Draco laughed and his lips rose into a small smile.

"I love you, Harry."

Harry gave Draco his favorite smile. Harry's smile could brighten a room. One quirk of his lips and it would brighten your entire day. That was just Harry. He was the kind of person who would smile through the pain. He'd be likely to brighten your day, even if he couldn't brighten his own. He was a true savior. Draco was living proof. Harry had saved him from life he didn't want to live and gave him a life worth living for. One where he actually wanted to be alive.

"I love you too, Dray. Always. But can we get out of here. They're trying to make me go back to sleep. They didn't want me to wake up. I heard them."

He whispered the last part into his ear and Draco glared over the top of Harry's head.

"Yeah, love, we're leaving. And we aren't coming back."

Harry nodded against Draco's chest and looked up at the angry face of his boyfriend.

"Okay, Dragon."

Draco wrapped his arm around Harry's waist and glared back at the four people standing there. Thye walked out of the Hospital Wing and Draco stopped him.

"I just have one thing to ask before we go."

Harry nodded, signaling Draco to continue.

"Will you marry me?"

Harry's mouth fell open and his jaw nearly hit the floor.

"But…gay marriage isn't legal in the wizarding world."

Draco smirked.

"But it is in the muggle world."

Harry's lips rose into a smile.

"I love you, Dray."

"I love you too. Are you going to give me an answer?"



"Yes, Draco. I'll marry you."

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