Beast Boy was in a bit of a bind. There he was, taking a shower and minding his own business, when it happened. Again. For the fifth time that week. For the twenty-eighth time that month. As it had happened almost every day for the last few months. Every time he started to relax underneath the hot water -POP- Beast Boy was now Beast Girl. He turned from a short, gangly teenage boy with green skin, green eyes, green hair, pointy ears, and fangs into an even shorter, rather curvy teenage girl with green skin, green eyes, green hair, pointy ears, and fangs. And it wasn't like he could ask any of his friends for help. Cyborg and Robin would tease and make fun of him constantly, Raven would end up blackmailing him into doing something horrible like reading one of her books that probably weight more than his cybernetic teammate, and Starfire would...probably squeal in joy and proceed to drag him -her- to the 'mall of shopping'.

None sounded like anything other than torture, plain and simple, and so he kept his secret to himself, trying desperately hard to figure out how to control when he changed into this new...form. "What am I gonna do?" he said loudly, focusing on changing back. Which wasn't working, just like it always failed to work until after about an hour or so. And so he, now she, kept washing herself, trying hard not to focus on certain feelings that were coursing through her body at her touches. She couldn't help but release a soft moan of pleasure as her hand reached lower on her body and touched a spot on her body that sent her heart racing. All thoughts of showering were immediately lost as she explored that spot again and again. A wetness formed between her legs as she pressed and rubbed harder, moans and gasps increasing in volume as she felt something within her belly clench in anticipation. She was close to something, what it was she didn't know, but she knew she had to find out.

Not completely paying attention to her actions, she slumped down onto the floor of the shower, her back pressed against the wall. Her movements allowed a wandering finger to slip between her folds, finding the entrance to her core. Her eyes widened in surprise at what she felt. Nothing, nothing she had ever experienced before prepared her for the feelings coursing through her body. Her muscles went into spasms, releasing a gush of fluids from her sex as she all but screamed in joy. It felt like it was going on for hours, and as she panted and slowly came to her senses, she realized she was no longer alone in the privacy of the bathroom.

There stood Raven, eyes wide in shock with her mouth open slightly, her arms limp against her side as she stared at Beast Boy. Good news was, he was back to his appropriate gender. Bad news, Raven had caught almost everything that had happened. 'My life is over' he thought to himself, his eyes wide with shock and terror. "R-R-Raven?" he asked quietly, quickly standing and covering his private area, even if it was a bit too late for modesty. "W-W-What are you d-doing in here?"

"I-I heard a commotion," she said, a strange tone in her voice that he couldn't place. A blush spread across her face as the full impact of what she saw hit her, quickly covered with her cloak's hood. "What was that? I didn't know you could change into a girl." She couldn't help a small laugh at the thought.

Beast Boy heard the laugh and his ears fell, along with his shoulders as he slumped. Embarrassment, shame, and anger tore through his heart as he reached for a towel. "Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, Raven," he said angrily, pushing his way pass her to the door. "Just make fun of me like you always do, not like I matter, right?" With that he left for his room before Raven could say anything, a confused expression on her face.

Beast Boy lay in his room, now dressed in his customary uniform, though without his customary grin on his face. 'Damn it! Why couldn't she just knock on the door or something?' his thoughts raced. 'No, she just had to be all Raven and come right in without so much as a by-your-leave. And now she knows one of my biggest secrets, and I'm gonna be mortified the next time I see her, and it's gonna be so awkward, and she's gonna give me hell for it, and I'll never be able to ask her out now-' That last thought caused him to sit up, a blank look on his face. "Did I really just think that?" he asked out loud, as if something in his room might answer back.

Nothing did, of course, but before he could think more about it, a soft knock brought him to his senses. A scent of lavender, old parchment, and magic filled his nose, and he knew it was Raven come to pick on him. "Go away," he said in an almost perfect imitation of the half-demon's usual monotone voice.

"Let me in, Beast Boy, I wanna talk," came her reply from the other side of the door. 'Yeah yeah, screw that crappy kiddy rhyme, names hurt,' he thought before laying back down on his bed.

"Well, maybe I don't wanna talk, you think about that?" he asked her, pulling a pillow over his face. "So if you wanna torment me, then I'm sorry if I'm being an inconvenience for you." 'That's right, BB, show her you know some big words,' he thought smugly. He may be an idiot, but he wasn't stupid. He had a brain, a rather good one, too. He just found it easier not to use it that often. After a while with no response, he figured she had left, probably to figure out more ways to break him, and lifted the pillow from his face.

'Of course,' he thought to himself, emerald eyes meeting amethyst ones. 'I just had to forget that she can phase through walls and doesn't take no as an answer, even if she always tells everybody else that.' "Damn it, Raven, I said I didn't wanna talk!" he yelled, getting up to head towards the door. "You think just because you can be all secretive, you're entitled to everybody else's secrets? Just leave, now." He opened the door and stood by it, arms crossed over his chest as he glared at her like never before.

Raven waited while he yelled at her, something she never let anyone get away with, before she sighed and sat down on his bed. When she saw him about to say something, she held up her hand and said, "Wait, Beast Boy, just listen to me first, alright? I promise not to say anything to tease you with." Beast Boy just shrugged and walked back to the bed, the angry tense in his shoulders never leaving, and laid down on the bed, eyes riveted to the ceiling. "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for walking in while you were in the shower."

Beast Boy looked at her briefly with an eyebrow raised before turning back to the ceiling. "Well, if that's all you wanted to say, then you did your job." Before he could say anything, the girl reached over and lightly slapped the side of his head. He jumped up and glared at her, almost quivering with rage. "Damn it, Raven, what the hell do you want? First you walk in on me, then you laugh at me, and now you hit me? What the fuck did I ever do to you, huh?"

"Will you just shut up and listen to me?" Raven snapped, eyes glowing white briefly. "I'm trying to do something I don't usually do here, and you're not making it any easier." Beast Boy just made a 'continue' gesture, not moving from his spot by the now closed door. "As I was saying, I'm sorry for walking into the restroom while you were in there. I heard something and thought that maybe Starfire was in trouble. I never thought to find you like that. I'm also sorry for laughing. I wasn't doing it at you, I swear, I just didn't know what else to do. As for hitting you, that was to make you be quiet and pay attention, so I'm not sorry I did that."

Beast Boy looked at her, thinking about what all happened. Sighing softly, he made his way over to the bed and sat down next to her. "I-I'm sorry I yelled at you," he said quietly, staring down at his floor. "I just...I didn't know what to think, ya know? I mean, it's like everything I do makes everybody laugh at me and make fun of me, and if people knew life would pretty much be over."

Raven nodded, feeling a bit guilty at all the times she's put him down when he didn't deserve it. 'Why am I always so mean to him?' she thought to herself. Before she could change her mind, she placed her hand in his and squeezed gently. "Don't worry, Beast Boy, it'll be our secret. To make things fair, do you want to know one of my secrets?"

Beast Boy looked at Raven, surprised at her actions. First she started holding his hand, which was more than she ever did before. Now she's willing to tell him a secret? Thoughts of an evil clone bent on ruining her life ran through his head, but he quickly pushed them aside, not wanting to ruin the moment they were having. At his silent nod, she blushed, took a deep breath and said, "I', I'm attracted to guys and girls."

Beast Boy just grinned and nodded. "Yeah, I know. I also know that you've made out with Argent and Jinx, and once kissed Starfire." Seeing her look of shock, curiosity, and embarrassment, and hoping to stop her from going all Rage on him, he quickly continued. "Before you say anything, I wasn't following you and spying. Everybody seems to forget how powerful my senses are. I could smell them on you a mile away. Well, you tend to have all of our scents on you anyway, same with the rest of us, so the only reason I knew about you and Star was because I accidentally caught you two."

Raven didn't know what to think. She thought she'd feel pissed that he knew all about that, but what he said was true, so she couldn't get mad at him for figuring out her secret. Plus, he wasn't freaking out like she thought he would, which was also a plus. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad, him knowing. "Does...Does anybody else know?" she asked timidly. Even with him knowing, she was a private person and didn't like everybody knowing her business. When he shook his head, she released a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"So, what now?" Beast Boy asked, his eyes gazing into her's. 'Her eyes are so beautiful' he thought to himself, trying to keep from getting lost in them. Without either realizing it, they both leaned in closer to each other, breaths coming slightly faster. Before he could even think about it, Beast Boy found her lips with his in a gentle kiss, his hands gripping the back of her neck. They both moaned, sending shivers down their spines. They were lost in the feelings, time passing by unnoticed, until the sound of a window cracking broke the spell. Their eyes flew open and they all but crawled to opposite sides of the bed, both panting from the feelings they felt and the knowledge of what they did.

'I'mdeadI'mdeadI'mdeadI'mdeadI'mdead' the green changeling thought to himself over and over again. 'She's gonna kill me and bring me back to life and kill me again and send my spirit to some terrible dimension that doesn't have tofu or video games and just keep tormenting me over and over and over and-and-and that kiss was AMAZING! Her lips were so soft and smooth, blessed Gaia I want more!'

Raven was having similar thoughts running through her head. 'Oh wow, that was unbelievable! I didn't know he could kiss like that! Screw killing him, I just want him to kiss me again!'

"Hey, Rae?" the boy asked quietly, trying to keep from looking up at the look of disgust he thought she had on her face. "Before you kill me, can I write out my will? And I promise not to tell anybody that it was you." He yelped in surprise as he found himself yanked over to her, sprawled out over the bed with his head in her lap. He watched and felt her lift his head up level with her own.

"Shut up and kiss me, Beast Boy," she whispered before doing what she just told him to do. Their lips met once more in a blaze of passion, electricity sending jolts through their bodies, the ground quaking beneath them. Neither had felt anything like this before, neither could quite comprehend what was happening. Raven jumped slightly as she felt his tongue tracing her lips before eagerly opening her mouth and allowing him entrance. He was quick to thrust his tongue into her mouth, moaning slightly at her taste. The slightly rough texture of his tongue scraped at her own tongue, sending shivers of delight racing through her body. Finally they broke for air, chests heaving for breath. "Oh, wow," was all the girl could say, her amethyst eyes riveted on his emerald ones.

"So, Rae, wanna go out sometime?"

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