Author: Artemis (
Disclaimer: Harry Potter, plot and all her characters belong to JKR and her publishing companies, which's names I don't know. No copyright infringement intended. Don't bother suing, my "fortune" isn't worth the trouble. I only own the idea to this story.
Timeline: In their fifth year, I placed it 1995/1996
Rating: G (all R)
Chapter: 1/15
Pairings: Here non (altogether Draco/Harry, Blaise Zabini/Neville, minor Pansy/Seamus, Hermione/Ron, Goyle/Crabbe)
Summary: At short notice is announced that students will be regularly resorted at the beginning of their fourth year. To get this system running, starting with the 4th years all are now sorted anew. Guess who ends up in Slytherin…?
Author's note: I'm suffering from writer's block at the actual instalment of my vampire novel series and I've read way too much HP/DM fanfics since I read the first around ten days. I'm kinda addicted to it now and still struggle with being over the age HP was intended for. Then I'm in a gloomy mood and have to get some story out of my system, although I don't have any particular story idea in mind. Because it gets a pain in the neck, I decided I'll now just write whatever comes into my mind and if it's not too bad post it. Pathetic, huh? ;-)
Author's note 2: I'm sorry for all grammar and spelling mistakes, English isn't my native language.
Warnings: Mild swearwords. Don't read if you dislike Slytherins and/or Harry, Neville, Seamus. After the first couple of pages House Gryffindor is only secondary star. I just can't help fancying the bad guys. Well, it's slash, some kissing and tame smooching between boys. Maybe a bit OOC, I couldn't find enough about Blaise and Pansy. What concerns the other characters my only excuse is that this is the first HP story I dare to publish and my second at all.

Silver Snake
By Artemis (

Chapter 1: Prologue

"What does it means to be a Slytherin?" "What makes a Slytherin a Slytherin?"

This questions were always in his mind, echoing like some rotten echo, to remind him of what he'd lost. But the worst weren't the words. When he closed his eyes, then he saw the faces of his best friends in front of his mental eyes. And whenever he thought about them, a scene that had burned itself into his memory was played like a movie in his mind. Just that he's a regular…

The worst about the questions he's forced to ask himself all the time weren't the words. He could handle harsh, mean words, he could handle reproaches. People always had used words year after year endless year to taunt him, to break him. What stung so deeply were the emotions in his friends faces, the hurt in faces that had become as familiar for him as the faces of the siblings he'd never had.

Ron had been furious at first, when they got the result of the resorting. Not at him. No, he'd been furious at everyone and everything and unfortunately he's part of the world. He's a hothead and he loved his best friend for it. While he's usually calmer - or tried to pretend it, at least - in this moment he'd been fully able to understand his fury and helplessness. For several days when they're informed about the resorting Ron had ranted, embraced the fury and made himself almost believe they could still do something about their fates.

Hermione was the total opposite. When they're informed, she'd been calm and apparently unmoved. Then she tried to make Ron calm down and encourage him at the same time, always the loving girlfriend and comforting, caring friend. She kept herself busy, using Ron's anger and his own need for consolation as distraction - although he hadn't understood it then, in the rush of events. Hermione was the bravest of them. While they're reeling from one emotional extreme into the next, she was strong for their sake.

In some odd way, he thought now, she's the one of them who's most of a Gryffindor. Hermione, the gentle, soft-hearted, clever girl who's most comfortable in the library and now lived in the Ravenclaw tower…

They'd reacted very different, him numb from shock and then panicking - because he knew he couldn't persuade the Sorting Hat a second time to make him despite better knowledge Gryffindor - Ron furious and Hermione being there for both of them. But for all of them the decision had still been something surreal. They new they would be resorted in a week and they soon found out that they couldn't do anything about it. But they never actually thought about it becoming the hard, painful reality, even daily life. The decision was made, but putting this into action was far away…

Then the day was there when all students and teachers met in the Great Hall for the sorting and "handing over". Exactly one week after the evening of the announcement, that would change his whole life, turn it upside down…