Rise and Fall with the Tide

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"What would you do if you woke up one day and found out you just lost 4 years of your life?"

I close my eyes to the light. Vincent/Chaos sending Omega back into it's dark little hole in the Planet and the deafening cheers of the WRO and my friends grows only louder as Vincent decends.

This is it, I think to myself as I stay back so not to get trampled on by the people eager to say a word or two to the man that saved their lives, this feels like the last battle. I'm done. Sephiroth is gone, hopefully, and Deep Ground is no longer an issue plus Hojo is now gone for good as well. Today seems to be a really good day.

Finally, the crowd parts and I walk to my ex-Turk friend. I shake his hand and offer him a small weak smile, knowing that he doesn't need me to apologise or to even praise him with my voice. He can see it in my eyes. He nods and I step away to give him more room.

"Way to go, Vinnie!" Yuffie exclaimes, running up and bouncing about in front of the gunslinger. He watches her mundanely but I can see the truthful tenderness in his blood red eyes.

With a little wave, I head off, ready to get home. Unable to not feel a little bad for myself. Yuffie and Vincent, Tifa and Rude, Cid and Shera, Reno and Elena, Tseng and Rufus. That only leaves Nanaki, Barret and I. How sad. Well, Cait Sith too but that's just not fair.

Barret isn't interested in anyone- he's still loyal to his late love.

Nanaki isn't interested in finding someone/something to love- as he claims to still be a puppy to his people and it would be a little weird.

Me... my sob story, unfortunately, reached into even my love life... or what is left of it.

Tifa invites everyone to come back to the Seventh Heaven for drinks. I go and talk with my friends, not wanting to drink and then go drive to be alone.

"How do you feel?" I ask Vincent once we finally get a moment of peace. He plays with the glass of water in front of him thoughtfully. For the first time in a long time, possibly ever, Vincent is in a state of almost peace. His red eyes turn to me, cool and calm.

"I am... shaken. But... lighter." he says.

"Lighter?" I echo. "Probably from dilly-dallying."


I smile lightly. "Nevermind."

His intense red eyes stay on me for a moment before looking to his water again. "Very well, then."

Suddenly, someone's arm slings around my shoulders. I look to see the piolet of the Shera. He gives me a big, drunken smile and holds a glass of something beige color to my lips. "Try this." he slurrs.

"Nah, Cid, I don't want to-"

"Try it, Spiky." he insists.

I sigh and take a sip, a sweet lingering achohalic taste settling on my tongue. It's pretty good. "What is this?" I ask and take the cup for another sip.

Cid laughs lightly. "I have no idea, Tifa mixed it up."

That makes a laugh bubble out of me. Can't say I'm surprised that Cid fed me something he had no idea what it is. Cid is the type of friend that would let me try something first just to see how it is before he himself tries it- which he does after my third sip.

"Damn that shit is good!" he laughs and leaves with that mysterious elixir. Oh well.

I pat Vincent's shoulder and stand up. "Nice going today, Vincent. I'm gonna hit the road for some air. Have a good night." The ex-Turk nods and I head out.

I hop on the Fenrir and revve the engine, then head out down the street and out of Edge, toward the slums. On the way my mind wanders to my friends and my past. To everyday that made me happy... and sad... and all those days that gave me hope to move on and do the impossible. To my friends who were there one momment and gone the next or have been there since the very beginning.

My friends... and those days are the only things that are keeping me togather through all of this...

Someone touches my shoulders, down my back and then around my waist, then up my chest from behind. The hands are large put soft with light callouses on the pads of his fingers and edges of the palms.

I can feel feathery light kisses on my neck and shoulders, hair tickling my skin. My back pressed against a strong chest. I turn my head, but the face is a shadow of darkness, but soft lips touch mine and suddenly dominate my mouth but not forcefully. Thos large hands run down my sides, nails teasing the skin, before they grip at my waist and pull me closer to his heat.

He turns me with his hands still on my waist, my eyes still glued shut. I feel his impressive length pressed up agianst me. My hands touch a delicate collarbone and then bury themselves into long, thick silky hair.

The lips on mine part anda slick tongue sinks into my mouth and runs around my mouth lazily, as if it was in no hurry, and pokes at my tongue; encourging me to play along with him. My body moves on it's own and grinds against him as our tongues wirl around one another.

I didn't realise I was moaning loudly until he says, "Shh, love. You'll wake the dead..." he didn't sound mad or upset. He purred it out low and husky. That voice, regardless, was oddly familiar.

"Sorry... sorry..." I breath, not even having control of my own voice.

He pulls away and kisses my neck, licking and nipping gently. Tremmers rack my body as I moan into his shoulder, still grinding against him. He growls lowly and nips at my collarbone. I tug at his hair, my eyes still firmly shut. Somehow, this doesn't seem weird to me. These hands touching me, this mouth kissing me, those teeth biting me, this voice soothing me. None of this seems out of the ordinary to my outside mind but somewhere deep inside, I know I need to open my eyes and look at the man in front of me.

I moan loudly and buck my hips at him. He wraps his hand around my member and pumps it slowly. I arch into his tough and moan even louder. He wraps a long strong arm around me and lifts me enough to slide into my-

I jerk out of my dream. My heart pounding and all the blood flowed down south and painfully so. I sit up slowly and rub my pelvis tenderly then stop. A few realizations coming to me.

One: I was in a room.

Two: I was on a bed.

Three: This was not my room.

Four: Or my bed.

Five: I was naked.

Six: Someone was in here with me.

I freeze. Someone was breathing right behind me. Oh crap. Think, Cloud, think! What happened last night? I was at Vincent's party... then I left and headed for Aerith's church to rest... Did I stop by a bar? Get drunk after the little bit of elixir that Cid fed me last night, then head to get laid at some random man's house? I can't find the memories that would insinuate that.

Everything is blank after I was almost to Aerith's church. It's like I fell asleep at the wheel... wait, then wouldn't I be in the hospital not in some strangers room? Unless... I crashed, got knocked out and this dude brought me here to rape me. But... I don't mean to toot my own horn but people know who I am. No one would do something like this to me.

I guess, rationallizing isn't going to help me figure out what happened. I need to ask the person next to me what the hell happened.

As I was about to turn around, the alarm next to me goes off. I tense up as the person behind me stirs and immediately reaches over me and turns it off. A low sigh as he pauses, I feel eyes burrowing into my back.

"Cloud?" he says. The voice causes my heart to start pounding loudly. That voice... it's...

"Sephiroth." I breath, eyes wide and quickly searching for my sword. It's in the far corner sitting comfortably right next to the pure, deafening powerful sword, Masamune. What the hell is going on? Why is Sephiroth in my bed-or me in his? Oh my god!

"Is something wrong? You're so tense." Sephiroth breaths in my ear as he leans around me slightly to look at me, with big, blue, pupil slighted eyes. I can't stop the sudden adrenaline rushing through me. Those intense eyes study me, confused, but sane.

I open my mouth when the door suddenly fly's open. "Hey love birds!" Tifa sings. "Get up already, or we'll have breakfast without you." She smiles and closes the door.

Sephiroth sighs and pulls away mumbling something about a rowdy, rude woman who doesn't know how to knock. I'm in the Seventh Heaven still? What the hell?

Sephiroth stands up, not even a bit modest. "I'll take my shower then, you can go and see the bossy woman." he grumbles and walks to the side of the room where a bathroom door is open. He turns the light on and glances over at me. White hair long and untaggled even after just getting out of bed and after what I can only imagine while we were in here together. "Unless, of course... you want to join me?" he offers lightly, eyes dark and predatorily.

All the blood, and the adrenaline, rush straight downward as I stare to the offering man before me. My mind says to run away but my body wants to run right at him. And for whatever reason my heart isn't telling me to run for my sword that looks so peaceful next to Sephiroth's.

"As much as I'd love to," I choke out, "I need to speak with Tifa real quick."

Looking slightly flustered he turns away and shuts the door behind him. As soon as the shower turns on, I dash for my pants and underwear and throw them on and run out the door and down the stairs.

"Tifa!" I drop onto the bottom floor and turn to the bar area. She turn to me and offers a smile.


I grab her by the shoulders and look her in the eye, unable to hid my surprise and fear. "What the hell is going on? What is Sephiroth doing?"

"You!" Cid laughs from his seat at the bar.

Tifa laughs but stops when she sees the look on my face. "Cloud, what's wrong?"

"What is going on? Why is Sephiroth here?" I ask feverously, my previous arousal forgotten.

Tifa frowns. "What do you mean? He's been living here for a while, Cloud, what's wrong?"

I step back and glance over at all my friends, even the Turks and Rufus are there. Now that is far beyound me, I must be dreaming. "I-I don't know. What is going on? Why is Sephiroth here? And the Turks? And Rufus? Are we all buddies now? Why wasn't I told about this?" I panic and throw my hands into the air. "What the hell is going on?"

"Cloud!" Tifa grabs my hands and turns me to her, eyes worried. "What are you talking about?"

"I don't know, Tifa! What am I talking about? What about the remnants of Deep Ground? Were they taken care of?" I ask, looking to my friends. They all share looks, like I'm crazy.

"Cloud," Vincent stands up, red eyes hard. "Deep Ground hasn't been a problem for a long time. Is that the last thing you remember?"

I stare at him. "Last thing I remember? Last night I was driving to Aerith's Church after the fall of Deep Ground. We were celebrating your victory and the next day I wake up to the Turks and Rufus here and Sephiroth in my bed, what the hell?"

"Please tell me this is all a joke," Barret grumbles. "You are joking, right Spiky."

I give him a glare and he frowns. I turn to look back at Vincent.

His eyes glow lightly. "Cloud, it's been almost 4 years since the fall of Deep Ground."

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