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Chapter I

I knew as soon as I saw the ship that there wouldn't be another chance; that this opportunity would never present itself again. So I did what I had to: I swam. I abandoned my sisters. I tried to warn them that they were falling right into the trap, but the waters were too chaotic for any of them to listen. So, as they all swam away from the fire, I swam towards it. Or under it, actually, would probably be more accurate.

With a heavy heart, I had to turn the other cheek and futilely try to ignore their dissonant shrieks of agony. Eventually, the hellish flames ceased and the water became placid once again.

This ship – this fateful ship. It was the first that my sisters had not been able to destroy. I knew that if I did not board it, I would regret the decision for the rest of my life. I would never know what other worlds lay beyond this cove, what wonders awaited me. My existence alone was enough to prove that magic was real – and thus I couldn't help but wonder: what else was out there?

I had never been like the others. Well, the majority of the others. There were some like me, some who detested our species. Perhaps it was not our species that we detested… No, it was our culture. We detested our culture. The bloodshed, the anguish, the horror that we brought – it was no wonder why the two-footers hated us.

But men were stupid. They knew what we were, and yet they still fell for our sparkling eyes and melodious voices. Their idiocy was their downfall, not us.

But I digress – back to the ship. The Queen Anne's Revenge, as the name on the stern indicated.

As I neared the surface, I heard the disconcerting sound of hushed voices – there were still men aboard. But there had been so many ashore – surely there would be but a couple? I could only hope.

I began to weave myself around a rope that was connected to something I believe to be called an anchor. The twine was coarse and uncomfortable beneath me and I became painfully aware that I would hit the night air unclothed. I finally broke the surface and hauled my tail out of the water. I waited several seconds, before it transformed into a pair of legs. Legs. Useless things, they were. I had tried walking on land a couple of times – I thought it was a skill that might come in handy someday – but I could never quite get the hang of it. I could just barely hobble.

Luckily, there was no one on the main deck; everyone seemed to be indoors. However, this didn't help me either, because I needed somewhere to hide. I crawled silently towards the door leading below-deck and listened. The remainder of the crew, it seemed, was down there. I climbed up another set of stairs to where a larger door lay. There didn't seem to be anyone inside this particular room.

I unsteadily raised myself into a standing position using the walls of the ship for support. Doors were tricky things, and I'd never opened one before. After a long matter of pushing and pulling and twisting and turning, I got the blasted thing open. I tumbled forward clumsily and landed hard on the unforgiving wooden floor.

My first order of business was to procure some manner of clothing. My eyes scanned the room frantically, before settling upon a trunk. Shuffling precariously over to it, I knelt beside the thing and thrust the top open. Inside, to my great luck, was a cache of musty and masculine garments. The fabrics looked and smelled far from appealing, but I hadn't any other options. So, I snatched up a yellowed chemise and hurriedly wrenched it over my head. I then attempted to weasel into a pair of ragged britches, but they were much too large for me. However, I knew enough to know that I couldn't very well go around pants-less, so I scoured the trunk in search of something to keep them up. Eventually, my hands stumbled upon a thick leather belt with a large, square brass buckle. I hitched the britches up high on my waist so that the hem wouldn't drag and secured the belt around the top.

Staring at myself in the mirror, I came to the conclusion that although my ensemble was less than desirable, it was better than being naked.

Now that this task had been completed, I took the time to survey the rest of the room. I quickly surmised that I was in the captain's quarters, given the vast array of maps and charts spread out upon a hulking wooden desk.

I knew enough about seafaring to know that the captain was an important man, but my knowledge didn't really spread beyond that. However I also knew that whoever had concocted the plan to (successfully) trap a mermaid and had the ability to shoot flames out of the front of his ship was not a man to be reckoned with. And so, I did not rifle through any more of his belongings and I swiftly put my brain to work by thinking of another place to hide. I certainly did not want to stay on this damned and evil ship, but I couldn't leave until we made port.

I paced back and forth on my wobbly legs a couple of times, trying to perfect the action. I hardly looked natural, but at least I wasn't crawling anymore. Plus, I'd always been a fast learner – I wasn't too worried about physics of being human. I'd catch on eventually.

But onto another hiding place… I couldn't go below deck, and I really couldn't stay in the captain's quarters, either. I'd reached a bit of an impasse.

And then an idea came into my head: what if I could draw the sailors out from below deck? I'd create some sort of diversion to distract them, then slip away unnoticed. But how? My gaze settled upon a lamp hanging against the wall. Of course – a fire.

I gingerly treaded over to the lamp and lifted it off of its hinge. I then shuffled towards the door, consciously keeping the intended weapon a safe arm's-length away from my body. I hated fire. Absolutely hated it. But this was a necessity, so I swallowed my fear and moved forward.

When I'd reached the main deck, I took a deep breath of salty air and dropped the lamp from the small balcony. I hid in the shadows while the crew funneled raucously up from below almost immediately. As they were preoccupied with containing the blaze, I slunk down the stairs and began winding through various corridors and niches.

Once safe in the dark and dank nether-regions of the ship, I exhaled deeply in relief. I didn't quite remember how I'd gotten to where I was, but that hardly mattered – what mattered was that I would not be discovered.

I had no idea how long I would have to wait before the ship set sail again. For all I knew, it could be a matter of days. I shuddered involuntarily at the thought – I didn't know how I handle being confined in this dingy cavern for any longer than a few hours. I wasn't used to enclosed spaces – I was used to the open ocean; to say I was claustrophobic would have been an enormous understatement.

Now thoroughly filled with a pervading sense of dread, I tried to avert my mind to other thoughts. For example, what types of adventures lay in store for me? What interesting people would I meet? What would it be like to live as a human?

With these relatively pleasant and optimistic ideas in my head, I savored the gentle rocking and swaying of the ship. Now, anyone else might have found these wishy-washy movements and the sound of creaking wood upsetting (at least in a physical sense – I'd heard that many a sailor spent his first few weeks on a ship with his head hung over the side), but I was, after all, a creature of the sea. For me, there was nothing more comforting than this rhythmic motion; there wasn't anything I could do to stop my eyes from drifting shut at the sound of waves lapping against the hull of the ship.

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