WOW: Card

The Impala is so much more than a car. Some Impala love for Swellison's birthday, hope you had a fab day, my friend!

Posted early because I am on holiday ... huzzah!

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or their car. Life just isn't fair.


"I'm sorry sir, your insurance doesn't register on our system;" The hospital receptionist handed the card to Sam with an embarrassed smile.

He returned the smile with an understanding shrug, gently guiding Dean, his concussion and his cracked ribs out towards the waiting Impala.

Cradling his fragile chest, Dean slipped gingerly into his baby's passenger seat, and slowly relaxed into the comforting embrace of her familiar upholstery as Sam started her engine. Within minutes, her soothing purr had lulled the casualty into a restful, healing doze.

Who needed a nurse or a hospital bed when you had the complete package with you every day?