A/N: This is my first entry for My Dear Professor McGonagall's Sibling Rivalry Competition. My siblings are Hagrid and Grawp, so this is my little drabble-ish entry regarding Grawp's feelings for his Hagger. Nothing special, just a thought.

Wizard Words

Grawp and Hagger

Grawp, for all the room in his rather large head, never spent much time trying to fill it with things like thoughts and feelings. In fact, those were two words that he, quite simply, did not need to know the meaning of.

He liked solid words, like food and tree and Hagger.

Yes, Grawp very much liked Hagger.

In fact, next to food and pulling up trees, Hagger was Grawp's favorite thing in the whole world. Hagger called Grawp his brother, which was another word Grawp couldn't quite grasp yet. It seemed to have something to do with Hagger and Fridwulfa and Grawp, all in one, but that didn't make sense. Giants didn't have bonds like that. Brothers and mothers and families, whatever those were, were wizard business, and Grawp wanted none of it.

Still, it was nice how Hagger brought him food and talked to him and played with him. Grawp never had anyone do those things for him before- giants didn't really help each other much.

But Hagger helped- and Hagger was sort of a giant. A little one.

All in all, there were a lot of things Grawp was unsure about, and a lot more things he just did not care about at all.

But, giant or not, Grawp cared about Hagger.

Maybe, and it was a hard thought to process, but Grawp tried, maybe there really was something special about that word- brother. Maybe that was why Hagger didn't use magic on Grawp when Grawp threw tantrums, and why he would come visit even when Grawp was sulky. Hagger loved Grawp, and maybe, just maybe, Grawp even loved Hagger, too.