Chapter 12

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"What's taking him so long?" Magnus exclaimed as he restlessly paced the livingroom of his flat. That very question had been on Clary's mind for a while as well. Alec had gone hunting with Jace a while back and he hadn't returned their texts or to the flat since then. Magnus, assumedly, was worked up because of his boyfriend could have gotten hurt. Clary was worried for almost the same reason. If Alec got killed while in her body, would she be forced to live out the rest of her life in Alec's?

Clary noticed that Magnus had avoided looking at her while they had been spending time together, wating for Alec. Evidently, the Warlock didn't appreciate someone he mildly liked being in the body of the one that he loved. Magnus had busied himself with things like crossword puzzles and paintings, but after a while he had gotten so worked up that he had resorted his flat. Yes, Magnus

By then, Clary knew that Magnus was definitely worried out of his mind. "What if he gets killed in your useless body and then we'll never be able to change you back? And I'll never be able to see him again...I mean," He glanced at Clary as she sat on a chair, watching him, "Talk to with him."

"Useless body?" The Shadowhunter said indignantly.

"Yes, useless!" Magnus snapped at her.

She had no response to that, so she pouted. Getting up off the chair, she moved to the window where Magnus' painting and eissel sat. She remembered watching him as he fervently moved the brush, but was too busy eating waffles to investigate what it was he had painted, hours ago.

It looked like it had started out as a landscape of the city below, all done in blacks, whites, and greys. Clary was surprised at how well done it was. Well, after being on this earth for, like, 800 years, you would pick up some talents, I guess. But, Clary believed that her painting would be better than this, of course. And, the whole impressiveness of the work was ruined a little by the words 'Damn Shadowhunters!' written angrily across it in bright red paint.

Clary looked around at Magnus, who was lounging in the chair that she had just left. "Magnus?" She ventured hesitantly.

"What do you want?"

Clary walked back into the room and sat down on the couch. "Um, I don't mean to be pushy, but I really want to be back in my own body, and-"

Magnus glared at her. "Trust me, honey, I want you back in your own body, too."

Unfazed, Clary ignored the interruption, "Have you found something that could change us back?"

"Well, assuming that Alec's alive," Magnus sighed, "Yes, I do have something that might work."

"Yay!" Clary exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"Don't do that." Magnus said.


After leaving the spooky house demon-free, Alec and Jace healed each-other's injuries and made their way to the Institute for respective showers. The walk to their home was an awkward one. Jace hadn't said a word to Alec since they had fought the Kelsig demons, and he just walked silently beside him, brooding. Seeing Jace so silent was a very strange thing and Alec didn't know what to say either.

Once they got into the Institute, Alec hesitantly broke the silence with, "Um, so I have to go see Magnus now..." Jace gave him a mumbled responce and walked down to his own room. Alec sighed and watched him go. Did Jace know? Alec was way too tired at this point to even bother thinking about that.

Alec was already in his room before he realized that taking a shower involved taking off his clothes. Being a gay man, there was no way that he wanted to see that much of a girl's body. After a few minutes of debating, Alec came to the conclusion that being stinky was better than the infinatly awkward ulternative. He made a pit-stop to Isabelle's room to spray himself with some scented, girly spray, and then out of the Institute he went once more.

A walk in the chilly wind of dusk caused him to not feel as sweaty and gross as before, and Alec found himself almost rejuvinated when he got to the door to Magnus' place. The moment he set foot on the step, he let himself fall into the comfort of the routine and rung the buzzer. A few moments later, Magnus' voice rang out over the speaker. "Who is this?" He sounded tense, Alec noticed.

"It's..." About to say 'Alec', he stopped himself, "me."

He heard Magnus gasp. "Alec, thank God." The door was unlocked and the Shadowhunter made his way up the stairs. The moment he got close to Magnus' abode, Alec allowed himself to relax a little. This was the one place that he truly felt at home...not just the flat; where ever Magnus was, Alec felt safe. Home is where the heart is, as they say.

His relaxation was short-lived, however, when the door to Magnus' apartment flew open and a very flustered-looking Warlock burst out. He looked stressed; his clothes and hair were rumpled and there was a smear of what looked like blood across his cheek. "Are you alright?" Alec asked and Magnus slumped against the doorframe.

The tall man let out what sounded like a startled laugh. "Am I... You're asking me if I'm alright?" He ran a hand through his hair. "You're the one who's been gone for hours on a hunting expedition and won't answer any of my messages. I was worried sick."

Alec hung his head and a couple ginger curls entered his vision. "Sorry." He stepped forward, a little hesitantly and reached out a hand to tentatively touch the spot of red on Magnus' face. "Is this blood?"

Magnus looked confused, then smeared his hand across his cheekbone, looking at the substance that came onto his hand. He gave a real laugh. "No, don't worry, it's only red paint."

Alec was a little confused, but chose not to pry. He knew from experience that Magnus was a spontaneous person and sometimes it was better if you didn't ask.

Alec looked up into his lover's analyzing eyes and was struck suddenly by how close they were standing. He wanted so desperately to simply reach out, hold Magnus and never let go. But, in Magnus' eyes, he wasn't Alec. Obviously, the Warlock knew that it was Alec inside there, but his eyes would see only Clary. Knowing that still couldn't stop the aching longing in Alec's chest.

As if sensing the Shadowhunter's mood, or feeling the exact same himself, Magnus took Alec by surprise and brought him in for a bone-crushing hug. Alec clung to Magnus and breathed in his familiar, strange scent of pine and vanilla, letting himself pretend that, at this moment, he was completely and simply Alec.

Magnus spoke into the long red hair on Alec's head. "You're a little shorter than usual...but it's the same."

Alec craned his neck and looked up at the man he loved. "What do you mean?"

Magnus let out the smile that he reserved only for Alec and, at that moment, the Shadowhunter knew that Magnus wasn't seeing Clary looking up at him. "It's still you and me, baby." The Warlock said softly.

Alec brought him closer, if possible. "Always."

Suddenly, their moment was broken by Clary talking irritatingly in Alec's usually appealing voice, "Um, are you guys done with your little moment, because I really want my body back."

Both Magnus and Alec rolled their eyes and stepped out of the embrace. "Yes, Clarissa," Magnus said, obviously annoyed.

The trio stepped into the living room. "So, you can change us back?" Alec asked hopefully.

Magnus smiled and took Alec's now-very-small hand. "Yes, I have something that I'm almost positive will work."

"Oh, thank the Angel." Alec sighed in relief.

"Hey!" Clary said indignantly.

Alec turned to her. "Shut up. You want to switch back as much as I do."

While Clary pouted (which looked totally weird on Alec's fair features), Magnus clapped his hands. "Alright. Let's get started."

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