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I am the Mate to the Vampire King:

Chapter 1

Bella Point of View:

I sat in my cage as I watched all of the vampires go by with their mates and slaves. I honestly feel bad for them, being taken away from their only protection, their cage, which sounds kind of odd considering I would not really think a cage would be safe, especially not here.

You see, I, and everyone else, live in world of vampires who basically run the world. They are our "masters." We, meaning the humans and werewolves, have to do whatever they say, or well, then it is up to them to decide our fate, which, frankly, I do not want to happen.

My name is Isabella Maria Swan. I am 18 years old and I have been in this place for more than 5 years since whenever a human turns 13, then they are sent to this place, this hell-hole, where the rest of our lives are decided for us.

I am in a place where all humans and werewolves go when they reach the correct age. They are sent here to be sold to whatever vampire who buys them. They could be used for anything: for housework, like a maid; for energy, to drink their blood. Or the worst job, for their pleasure, a sex slave. Shudder.

But that is just for humans, like me. The werewolves… they… have it MUCH worse. I would never want to be one.

They could be used for anything that we are used for except they are also used for experiments. The really, really smart vampires, which is practically all of them, test painful experiments on them, to see if they are safe to use on each other and us. Some of the more sadistic ones like to mess them up on purpose, just to torture them and sometimes, even kill.

I once had a best friend that was werewolf, his name was Jacob. We used to talk all the time before I turned 13. He was a year younger than me, so he wouldn't be taken for another year. On that fateful day when I turned 13, that was the last time I saw him. I don't even know if he is alive anymore.

Jacob was strong for a 12 year old and he had tried to save me from the men, but he couldn't, and they continued trying to take me away. But, all of a sudden he jumped to extreme heights in the air, and changed into a werewolf. They took me away, and well, I never saw him ever again.

I always thought that they would have taken him to the vampire king because he turned into a werewolf a year earlier than he should of have. I just don't know. They could have killed him for all I know.

I just hope that… he is…okay…or at least alive. I worry about him every day.

So, yah, the vampires are in charge, but there is also a vampire king. We are not allowed to know his name, all we know is that he is alive and all so, truly real.

I have heard plenty of rumors about him. I have heard that he once bought a slave that annoyed him, so he gave her to his werewolf slaves, and let's just say that they did unholy things to her. I do not even want to think of that ever happening to me. I am still a virgin and very proud of it, but I am just not sure how long it will last…

I have also heard from some the vampires and other humans here in this…place, that all vampires have mates.

A vampire can, as you probably know stays the same age forever until they die, but once he reaches his 110 year as a vampire than he has to start looking for a mate.

A vampire can tell if another vampire, human, or I guess even werewolf, is there mate by the feeling they get around them, there scent is the most intoxicating that they have ever smelt ever in their whole life. The last reason that a vampire could tell if they have found their mate is extreme possessiveness. A vampire will become very protective and possessive around them.

They will want to protect their mate at all cost, and keep them away from anyone that is not themselves, especially the opposite sex.

In fact, I have seen a vampire react to their mate being touched, it was…um…different.

The vampire saw their mate, I suppose, being touched by another vampire, and he did not like it one bit.

So, he literally grabbed the other vampire threw him to the ground, and shouted, thing like this: "She is mine"; "You stay away from her"; "Don't you dare touch her, you bitch"; "You bastard"; "Get fucking ass away from what is mine, you jackass."

So, yah, it was definitely interesting.

Vampires are incredibly strong. But, the male vampire is even stronger than the female vampire.

So, you could imagine how much stronger they are compared to us, humans, especially us females.

I have seen a fully grown male vampire take down a female human. There was no contest at all. He could have broken her in half in a second, if he wanted to.

This comes in handy when they have to force their mate to be with them because of they do not find their mat with a year than they die. They could also die if they have found a mate in the year, but they have been away from them for long period of time, around 1 year and a half. So, I would not recommend saying no to vampire who says that you are their mate.

This is my world of vampires, and what I have seen and have to deal with every single day. It is extremely interesting, I will tell you.

Two of the vampire guards walked towards my cage and stopped right in front of it. I stopped breathing. The turned and faced the other way. I let out my breath of relief.

One of them, the one on the left, started talking. "Have you heard? Our vampire king's 110 birthday is tomorrow, and his is requesting that all slaves from our area to go to the party to see if he can find his mate. If he doesn't find them there, then he will just keep going throughout all of the areas until he has his mate."

Oh God! With my luck, then I will be his mate, and that would just ruin my life and plan of escaping.

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