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Timeline: Starts at Nationals during "New York" however there's a slight change. Schuester stayed to fulfill his dream or whatever with April therefore he will not be returning to McKinley next year. How devastating.
Pairings: Rachel/Quinn, Rachel/Jesse, Rachel/Finn. Side Brittany/Santana, Sam/Mercedes, Puck/Lauren, Mike/Tina/Artie, Blaine/Kurt/Karofsky.
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New Directions was terrible. This wasn't news. They were the very definition of a glee club and therefore an insult to show choirs everywhere. Jesse St. James, perhaps, knew this better than anyone. Then again, he never found them to be an insult. He mostly just viewed them as being laughable. The only exception, of course, was Rachel Berry.

He often thought of her since that whole egging incident. He'd wonder if she was thinking of him or if she decided to waste her time on Finn again. Sometimes he'd play The What If Game and imagine that fateful day differently. What if he hadn't smashed the egg, thus being exiled from Vocal Adrenaline? Would he, Rachel, and New Directions have gone on to win Nationals? No, because glee clubs don't win show choir competitions. Would he and Rachel have stayed together? Yes, because he would have chosen her over something of Vocal Adrenaline's stature, and Rachel still believed in fairy tales. The real question was whether or not he'd go back and make a different choice given the opportunity. Sadly, however, he always concludes that he wouldn't do anything differently.

Despite thinking about Rachel on and off for over a year now, she wasn't worth that much to him. She was weighted with meaning, but as far as actual value went, she lacked. Jesse had all year and a few holiday breaks to find her and apologize, but he instead waited until UCLA trashed his scholarship. Rachel Berry was not worth his future stardom. Still, since he had technically been kicked out of school, momentarily losing that future stardom, there was no harm in trying to retrieve what he foolishly let go of.

On his first day back in Lima, he had apologized with his own St. James brand of sincerity. She easily forgave him as Rachel would probably forgive Hitler if he begged enough and showed her his paintings. Things went well. There was another sex-filled duet between them. He took her to prom. (And yes, he took her to prom. Mercedes and the poor one might as well have been background performers.) He had kissed her after privately awarding her a solo that Schuester stupidly took away. Things were right on track. Jesse was about to officially reunite with his lost love. Unfortunately, she and her other ex-boyfriend shared a kiss while performing on stage. It really solidified the fact that New Directions was terrible.

Typically within a love story such as this, Jesse's character would step up and fight for his beloved against the obvious stand in character (Finn) that was only there to cause unforeseen (predictable) drama. This would all most likely take place during the final act. However, in the delusional world they actually lived in, Jesse seemed to be the classic stand in. Therefore, he refused to follow this ridiculous script. Jesse did not have time for something like Finn Hudson. He was so entirely above Finn on the scale of life that Finn was merely the equivalent on an insect on his path. If he cared enough to go searching, Jesse would just step on him. But that required extra exertion that was plainly pointless. It wasn't Jesse's fault that Rachel happened to be blinded by whatever stench Finn was giving off.

Rachel tended to live in a fantasy world. Everything that was said in her life was supposed to be a line of dialogue. Every movement that was made was supposed to be on a mark. If something wasn't dramatic and theatrical, it had to be transformed into being so. This was something Jesse both loved and hated about her. Loved, because he lived the same way and she understood it. Hated, because while he was trying to live out a four-starred film, she was busy living out something that wouldn't have even been picked up by UPN back when it was still a network. Rachel's fantasy was loser-girl somehow gets star quarterback, and despite many trials, they live happily ever after and all their dreams come true together. Her naïve tunnel vision was absolutely maddening.

If he was a lesser man, or perhaps just a younger one, he supposed that he could just break them up. It saddened him to see someone as vibrant and hopeful as Rachel waste her time with someone so dull and simply dumb as Finn was. At this point, it didn't even matter all that much if she came back to him. Nothing would make him happier, sure, but all that really mattered to Jesse was that she got over this Herpes Simplex Finn virus she was still carrying. He was concerned. The Rachel Berry he met never would have jeopardized a Nationals victory for a misplaced kiss on stage.

However, it felt odd to be playing these games when he was no longer in high school. Really, it felt odd to be playing these games back when he was a senior in high school. So no, Jesse wasn't going to break them up or even fight for Rachel. Instead, his plan of action was to do nothing. He would not pursue her or pressure her in any way. He was just going to befriend her. If he happened to point out all of Finn's many flaws along the way, then so be it. If being so close to Broadway and her dreams had any effect on Rachel at all, then there had to be some room for leeway. Jesse could get her to look past Finn indefinitely. He needed to.

Jesse needed a hobby or distraction. He wasn't ready to face up to the fact that he, Jesse St. James, had failed at something. (He naturally chose to blame UCLA as well for not sharing the pertinent information that he needed to attend class.) He was currently at a loss with nothing to do. He marveled at his idea to become a "show choir whisperer." It was the perfect aid to his troubles. He went to his parents with the idea and pitch, practiced and rehearsed. After he was finished, they had the nerve to laugh at him. They had assumed that he was being humorous and asked if he was considering jumping from the dramatic arts over to the comedic ones (as if something as juvenile as comedy was to be considered an art). Suffice to say, he didn't get the loan to start his business.

The first thing that needed to be done in the befriending-Rachel plan was to have a conversation with her. This conversation was to assure her of his most honest intentions, and it would take place with a back drop of his St. James brand of sincerity. It was a simple task. Yet for some reason, on his way to the hotel where New Directions was still staying, he couldn't construct the perfect half-truths to tell her. He was just incredibly frustrated with the entire situation, and all he kept coming back to was why Finn? He couldn't come up with one explanation on why she'd want to be with him. He really needed to clear his head and calm his temper before speaking with her otherwise this whole thing was going to be a disaster.

After finding out what rooms were under Schuester from a rather helpful hotel desk clerk, Jesse made his way through the lobby. The pages of his life's script turned over in his mind, but the dialogue for his character was completely blank. He paused his strides when he came across something that could buy him some time to write his lines. In front of him sat a Quinn Fabray reading God only knows what in one of the lobby's many leather chairs. Jesse thought this over for a moment. What would it hurt? He wasn't even sure if it'd be wise to speak to Rachel yet. He shrugged before making his way over to Quinn.

Jesse had never really been a fan of Quinn. Last year his mind always referred to her as Pregnant Girl One, and this year she was dating Finn which lost her a considerable amount of points. Not to mention the fact that she had always seemed rather lazy when it came to rehearsals. He could only assume that she didn't have a great respect for the performing arts. It was why he disliked most members of New Directions. Again, "terrible" was synopsis with that glee club.

"Well, well. Someone's out past curfew." He greeted.

Quinn looked up from her reading material. She stared blankly for a few moments before answering. "I got tired of keeping Santana from killing Finn and Rachel."

Jesse chuckled lightly and took a seat in the chair opposite hers. "It suits you."


"The haircut."


"Very mid-July."

"It's supposed to be therapeutic." She explained briefly before going back to her magazine.

If only it was that easy. Of course, even if it guaranteed a stress-free existence, he probably wouldn't cut off his locks.

"You know, you and I have a lot in common." He told her while she continued reading. He overlooked this action. "We have yet again come in second place. In my case, to someone far less superior. I honestly can't justify as to why. Finn Hudson does not have much to offer. I could accept his immaturity and lack of intellect if he made up for it in talent, but he doesn't. I just can't figure it out. I think I came here tonight to ask her. What do you think?"

"I think that one day I'm going to have a conversation that doesn't somehow come back to Rachel Berry." She said wistfully, still scanning the glossy pages.

"You possibly could have gone on to win had she not kissed him. Unlikely but still possible."

She shrugged. "It's just a dumb show choir competition."

"And yet it seems to mean so much to so many. I wonder why that is."

Quinn marked the page she was on with her thumb and shut the cover over it. She looked over at Jesse. "Can I help you with something?"

He ignored the attitude and observed her for a moment. "We should go out."

"Excuse me?"

"You're already out of your room, and you no longer have a chaperone anyway. We should go out tonight to wallow in our mutual Finn despise."

"I don't despise Finn."

"Why not? You should." He stood and held out his hand. "Come on. We're in a city made for rich socialites and poor dreamers. I'd be amazed if we didn't find something to do."

"Weren't you going to talk to Rachel or something?"

"Yes, but I've seemed to have lost my nerve. So why don't you accompany me for a night out on the town? I'd hate to go alone."

Quinn sat up in her chair to address him fully. "There is no way I'm going anywhere with you."

And so she went.

Jesse's idea of a good time was showing her Broadway lit up at night. Quinn probably would have been fine with this had she not gotten a history lesson as well. Every theater came with a story of what was there now and what was before. Maybe, possibly, she wouldn't have hated this so much if Rachel and Kurt hadn't tried to do the same exact thing yesterday morning. (Thankfully, the rest of New Directions stopped them before they began.) After that hour of her life was over with, they wandered around aimlessly. Jesse denied it, but she was pretty sure they got lost several times.

Somewhere around the two hour mark into their night out, they ran into a Jack Something. (Or maybe it was John.) He was just some random college student that invited them to some party that was going on to celebrate the end of term. Quinn didn't want to go. Jesse did. Somehow they ended up on a rooftop, drinking with several other people. Up until this point, she never even believed in rooftop parties. Surely they were something that only existed in the movies. She did, however, enjoy the fact that out of everyone in New Directions she was the only one who didn't care about being in New York and yet was the only one to actually go out to a party while in the city. Irony at its finest.

Not too long into the party, it was discovered that Jell-O shots were a funny thing. They weren't particularly bitter like the normal shots she's had the fortune of downing in her life. They really just tasted like Jell-O. The problem was that they seemed to knock you on your ass faster than any other alcohol ever possibly could. She somehow comprehended this quickly. Jesse was no help at all considering he was the one giving her these delicious things. All he really seemed to be doing was sulking, and she joined him because sulking was something she was actually good at.

Finn complaints were said on Jesse's behalf while Rachel complaints came on behalf of Quinn. Though she would never admit it, Jesse may have been proven correct with his earlier assessment. They did have a lot in common on the Finn and Rachel couple de flop front. Everyone Quinn associated with (aside from Santana who hates everything) was indifferent to Rachel and Finn being together. They just wanted the two to be happy. Jesse was different. He was finally someone who got it. It wasn't so much that they were toxic and annoying together (which they were), it was that no matter what happened in their lives, they were always the sufferers. It didn't matter who else they happened to be hurting with their actions. It was always about them. Jesse and Quinn had a pretty nice time ranting (slurring) about this. By the end of the night, Quinn even switched over and began complaining about Finn as well. She may have accidentally let it slip that Finn lost his virginity to a lesbian. Jesse laughed about this for a good couple of minutes.

When things began to wind down, Quinn dragged Jesse back downstairs and forced him to go find a cab for them. (There was no way she was walking however many blocks there were back to the hotel.) Jesse had the cab drop her off first, and if she cared in the slightest, she would have asked him where he was staying. Walking through the lobby and getting into the elevator was an event within itself. Sneaking back into the girls' room on the other hand was a fairly simple task as they were all already sleeping. Waking up the next day was a different story. But unlike playing with the shiny buttons in the elevator, it wasn't fun. It was just a headache.

It was to be said that Rachel was a morning person. Since Mr. Schue pretty much ditched them, it was their own responsibility to get to the airport on time and fly back home. All he had to do was see them off from the hotel. Rachel took it upon herself, as she always does, to fill in the leader role. So as the screeching morning person she is, Rachel woke them all up at daybreak. The hung-over Fabray was not amused. She also didn't know whether to be hurt or relieved that none of them took notice of her absence during the previous night. Only Santana asked her where she was. Quinn replied by telling her she spent most of the night in the lobby to avoid the drama up here. Santana pretended to believe her before making a snide comment about hangover shades.

Quinn –wearing borrowed sunglasses– slept on the plane ride home. When they touched back down in Ohio, she rode home with Santana and the Pierces. It was a quiet trip going home just as it was a quiet final week of school. New Directions was still dealing with finals, their 12th place finish, loss of an instructor, and Finn and Rachel screwing everything up. (Okay so that last part was just Santana.) On the final day of the school year when everything calmed down some, Rachel called the final glee meeting of the year. The point behind it was to come up with a plan for next year. Mr. Schue leaving was presenting to be a drastic problem.

They were all happy he was finally chasing his dream, but now they weren't even sure if they qualified as an official show choir anymore. As if that wasn't problematic enough, Rachel volunteered herself and the recently reunited Finn to lead them next year. This didn't exactly go over well. Kurt and Mercedes may have swapped their cool for divatudes. There may have been some curse words being flung around in Spanish. And Quinn may have strained her arm by once again helping to hold back the entity the Spanish was coming from. Once Santana's energy drained, the group as a whole decided it'd be best to end the year on a positive note and just discuss this again at a later date.

Quinn was more than happy that this year was finally over. Or at least she tried to be happy about it. She tried to keep reminding herself that she was supposed to be happy now because of her new hairdo. It didn't always seem to work. Relieved was probably a better word to use. Quinn was relieved that this year was over with. It was somehow worse than her worst year. She's not exactly sure how it's possible to have an unplanned baby in high school yet still end that year on a stronger note than she did this one. She decided to just blame it on Rachel… and Finn too. Jesse actually made some good points about her ex-boyfriend the other night. But it was still mostly Rachel's fault. Like 90% Rachel/10% Finn. No wait. Make that 80/20. That was better.

When she arrived home from school for the final time of the year, she relished in the fact that she could go upstairs, lay on her bed, and do nothing. Quinn never got a chance to do a lot of nothing. She was usually plotting, sulking, reading, or doing something on paper that required her to immerse herself in something that wasn't her life. But today she was going to do nothing. She was just going to fade away right into her comforter. In fact, she was pretty sure she had a dress of a similar pattern. Well that was the plan anyway. This all changed the moment she arrived home to find her mother mid-conversation with Jesse St. James. They sat on opposite sides of the couch, each with a leg crossed over the other one and a mug of most likely coffee in their hands. Quinn was sure this was some type of daydream or hallucination or something. The only way this could ever be real would be if they were drinking cocktails.

"Um…" Quinn made her presence known. Jesse and Judy both looked over to the new arrival in the doorway.

"Quinnie, dear." Her mother sat up straighter if that was somehow possible. The Fabray home never did have the most comfortable of furniture. Comfortable furniture wasn't presentable. "Why haven't you ever mentioned your good friend Jesse?"

"My good friend Jesse?" She asked slowly and shifted her focus over to the boy. He let a smirk adorn his features while he sent her a wave.

"Yes, we were just getting acquainted." Judy informed. "He's quite an interesting young man."

Jesse leaned forward to set down his coffee. "Oh, Judy, stop it."

"Judy?" Quinn frowned.

"And he's much smarter than those other boys you've dated."


"Relax, Quinn." Jesse interrupted, gaining her attention again. "I'm sure there's an array of men smarter than your previous suitors."

"Probably." She retorted. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, it had occurred to me earlier that we never got a chance to finish that conversation in New York. I thought why not finish it today?"

"I'll just leave you two alone." Judy stood and smoothed down her skirt. "Just let me know if you'd like some snacks."

"That'd be lovely." Jesse told her. "You're truly too kind, Judy."

"He's a keeper." Judy whispered to Quinn on her way out.

Quinn watched to make sure her mother was fully out of the room before readdressing the thing on her couch. "What are you really doing here?"

"Exactly what I said. Please. Sit." He smiled and gestured to the space next to him as if it was his uncomfortable couch in his house or his life, and what the hell was he even doing here? Quinn took a deep breath and listened to her mother singing softly from the other room.

"Not here." She informed and headed to her room whether he wanted to follow or not. He apparently did.

Jesse trailed her through her home monitoring everything he saw. It was clear that the Fabrays had money; at least at one point in time. It was also to be noted that none of the family portraits that lined the walls had a man in it. This coincided with Judy's story of her finalized divorce from the husband who cheated on her. Older women were easy. It was amazing how much they'd tell you if you knew the correct compliments to give. All Jesse had to do was comment on where Quinn had obviously gotten her good looks from, and Judy was spilling out stories.

They arrived at Quinn's room where she began her after school routine. First her purse hit the chair in the corner. Then her rings hit her vanity. Jesse could do nothing but watch.

"You're a terrible hostess." He stood awkwardly in the center of her room. Quinn ignored him and walked over to her closet to remove her shoes. "Perhaps it'd do you well to spend more time with your mother."

"Not that it's any of your concern but I spend more than enough quality time with my mother." Quinn said from her closet before returning to her room.

"Not the way she tells it."

"Difference of opinions." She sat on the edge of her bed in front of him. "Talk. You said you wanted to talk, so talk."

"Are you always this accommodating?" He joked. Quinn just arched an eyebrow. "You don't have any friends nor do I." He sat down next to her.

"I have friends."

Jesse looked around the room vaguely. "Yes, I can tell."

Quinn glared at him. "Can't you just go play with people you went to high school with? I bet plenty of them still live here."

"Yes, but I had never actually gotten along too well with my fellow Vocal Adrenaline members."

"But you're so likable." She responded dryly.

"I don't think they ever understood me. Either that or they were jealous. Frankly, aside from my parents, Rachel, and oddly enough Rachel's mother, I don't think anyone ever has."

"I don't see how this has anything to do with me."

"I'm going to fix you." He said suddenly.

She really hated him. "I wasn't aware anything was wrong with me."

"Quinn, at this point, I believe it'd be easier to ask what isn't wrong with you."


"Yes. And keep in mind this is coming from someone who has spent barely any time with you. I can only imagine what one would say who's known you for years." He leaned back to lie down.

Quinn rolled her eyes. "You certainly seem confident." She scowled. Jesse was unimpressed with this display and decided to prove that he was correct. He was always correct.

"Every word that comes out of your mouth is encased within a defense mechanism. You think someone like Finn is worth your time. Though, to be fair, that's not only your problem." He contemplated how it was possible for that list to get so long and sat up once again. "You're rather apathetic. Your home life obviously isn't the Gilmore Girls. I really don't think you have friends. Considering the only people I've ever seen you associate with is New Directions, it's not a great leap of thought." He paused to recall his final point. "Oh, and you've already reproduced in life. And that's just what I know so far. Please feel free to jump in at any time."

Quinn was about two seconds from throwing him out. How anyone could spend an extended period time with him was beyond her. She waited a moment before coming up with what she felt was a proper response. "I just lost more respect for Rachel."

"I've taken it upon myself to become your in-life therapist. Free of charge. With or without your consent. I was making notes earlier of how I am going to repair everything that's wrong with you, and I realized that if you felt like being cute –and please don't– therapist could easily be spaced differently to become the rapist. It doesn't concern me whether you want this to take place or not. Word play." He inappropriately joked with a grin and despite the look she was sending him, continued on in a serious fashion. "You shouldn't worry, Quinn. I was signed up for an intro Psych class at UCLA. I went to a couple of classes on the days we were assigned to choose a song that best suits our personality, so I know what I'm doing."

She waited until she knew he was finished speaking. "What are you getting out of this?"

"I already told you. A friend. Besides, I can't stand the sight of someone so beautiful be so utterly broken." He answered simply, and he was absolutely moronic if he thought Quinn believed him.

"Right. I'm going to decline both your friendship and 'therapy' offer."

Jesse just smiled and continued on in his condescending tone. "Like I said, this is going to happen regardless of your desires."

"No, it's not."

And so it did.

Despite his namesake, Jesse was hardly a saint. He did not care if Quinn was "fixed" or not. Well he did, but for reasons that had nothing to do with being a Good Samaritan. He didn't care that Quinn was defensive, broken, desperate, and an all-around drag to be around. The only issue that he needed to help her work through was that damn Finn thing. Quinn Fabray was his trial run. What he learned in New York was that, unless highly intoxicated, Quinn would not affront Finn. For whatever reason, Finn was to be thought of as the saint amongst Lima's general population. If Jesse could work his magic on Quinn to cure her of this Finn ailment, then he could do the same with Rachel. He just needed some practice.

Jesse had spoken to Rachel once over the phone since they had all been back in Ohio. They had the conversation that he wasn't prepared to have in New York. He was assured that he and Rachel were still friends, but it was also made clear that there was to be a distance between them. Even if she wasn't back together with Finn, she wasn't with Jesse either. This would've been fine except for the fact that she got back together with Finn a few days later anyway. So here he was, test-running Quinn Fabray. If he could get one to see the light, then he could get the other one to do the same.

Plus, he was in need of some type of companionship. Jesse needed someone to socialize with. He really didn't have any friends of his own. (Other than Rachel but that didn't count because Finn's looming shadow made it hard to see her.) His siblings never liked him. (They, too, were jealous.) His parents only ever brought him home job applications or local college applications now. It was humiliating. He couldn't go to a local school after winning four consecutive National Championships. And he definitely couldn't go be a busboy at a local restaurant. "Helping" Quinn provided an out from all of that. (It also didn't hurt that he eventually told his parents he was volunteering as a counselor to help the emotionally imbalanced. They were just so less fortunate than he was.)

It wasn't easy to get Quinn to go along with being his extracurricular summer activity. She was quite the stubborn girl which was odd considering she seemed so resigned with everything else in her life. It helped immensely that Judy Fabray absolutely adored him. Whereas Quinn would most likely slam the door in his face, Judy would welcome him in with warm cookies waiting. (Baking was a new hobby of hers. It was supposed to keep her from recreational wine tasting. It didn't.) Honestly, if it wasn't for Judy, he probably would have given up after two days. Quinn was entirely unbearable. He really should have just skipped ahead to Rachel.

The first week of June, their first week of therapy, and Quinn did not participate. It was obvious that she detested Jesse's constant presence. He'd try to broach a topic of discussion using his vast skills he obtained from the classes he did not attend, and Quinn usually chose to yell at him.

"Is your job as a 'therapist' to insult me?"

"Nothing is ever insulting if it's the truth."

He quickly accessed his natural born resilience, though. Every time someone (Santana or Brittany) called her from New Directions to hang out, he'd make sure she told them she was busy, and she always did. It wasn't clear why. He had a sneaking suspicion it was only because she didn't actually want to hang out with them. If she did, she most likely would've just left.

During the second week of June, it became very clear to him just how guarded Quinn truly was. Not in a woman-power or feminist-resolve way, but in an afraid-of-people way. This was actually good news. Jesse unquestionably loathed radical thinking. Women weren't always viewed as the equivalent of men. Yes. We know. Now please shut up and get over it. Saying this aloud was a slight mistake on his part. Quinn, apparently, did not agree with this train of thought; even if it was considerably hypocritical of her.

By the third week, Quinn was somewhat comfortable around Jesse. She still didn't like him nor did she exactly trust him or open up at all, but she was able to comfortably sit in the same room as him. Petulant as it was, Jesse didn't stop going over to Fabray Manor. Overall, he was happy he didn't because it was during this week that Quinn negotiated a deal. Quinn would share personal information just as long as Jesse shared his own. He easily could've lied. Instead he just confessed his need to get Rachel away from Finn. Quinn told him that you could literally scream at the girl about how she and Finn will never work after high school, and Rachel still doesn't listen. Jesse decided that Quinn must be wrong, and as someone who actually knows of Rachel's dreams, he should be the one to talk to her about these things.

By the fourth week, New Directions members seemed to get the hint and stopped calling Quinn. Jesse, following Quinn's inadvertent advice, got nowhere with Rachel. This was also the same week he grasped just how often Quinn tended to focus on Rachel in general. He didn't think too much of it since his mind had a similar devotion to Finn. Only his, of course, was healthy and rational. Jesse focused on Finn because of Rachel. Quinn focused on Rachel because of Finn. Finn having any importance in Quinn's world was the whole reason Jesse was doing any of this. At least she seemed to be warming up to the idea that Finn wasn't the be all and end all. Even in high school. Hey, it was a start.

During the first week in July, Jesse spoke about Rachel and what he wanted out of his own future. Quinn refused to talk about the future. She avoided him for the rest of the week.

July 4th was spent in Jesse's own region of western Ohio. Since Jesse and her mother created some bond between them that definitely did not drive her nuts, Quinn thought it was only fair that she got to meet the St. Jameses. Jesse met her obvious bluff (Quinn didn't give two fucks about his parents) and invited her to spend their nation's birthday with his family. From the moment he introduced her as his "patient," Quinn regretted her decision. Based on the concern his parents continued to show her, Quinn thought it'd be best to give Jesse a lesson in "doctor"-"patient" confidentiality.

The second week of July, Jesse asked Quinn something not out of routine but general curiosity. He asked her what ever happened to the baby. Upon the look that graced her features, for once he almost took a question back. Before he had a chance to, however, she told him that she gave her to Rachel's mom. Jesse mulled this over for a second. It was almost too good to be true. He knew Shelby Corcoran adopted a baby, but he never knew whose. Just the fact alone that Rachel, Quinn, and Noah Puckerman were forever connected to each other amused him to no end. Quinn didn't see the humor. And the arm she threw a book at wished he hadn't laughed about it.

The third week in July marked the first time of Quinn letting her guard down and sharing something without Jesse sharing something first. She told him her own personal reservations about her family. It was all incredibly shy and unlike anything else he's ever seen come out of Quinn. She usually disguised apathy as confidence, but this was entirely real. This week also marked the moment he realized that he legitimately cared about Quinn as a person and not a Rachel plot device. This was not a part of the plan. He was not supposed to actually care if Quinn was "cured." But because he did, he had twice as much work to do. He couldn't bring himself to abandon her now.

By the last week in July, they stopped spending time together under the pretense of "therapy." That aspect of their relationship was still there, it just happened to be tucked away on the back shelf for now. Instead, they hung out as any two normal people would. They didn't have many shared interests nor did they share most of their view points, but it worked somehow. And in Jesse's professional opinion, Quinn was getting mildly better. He had gotten her to the point where she understood that Finn was a terrible boyfriend. Quinn now completely believed that Finn was not worth it and caused all of the problems in their previous relationship…the second time around. Even Jesse couldn't glaze over the fact that she lied to him about being a father. Everything else was all Finn, though. (Quinn also chose to blame some of it on Rachel as she always did.)

It was on a Friday, August 5th to be exact, that they decided to finally poke the proverbial elephant in the room. It was bound to happen at some point. (And not just because Rachel and Quinn seemed to share all of their beaus eventually.) Quinn and Jesse were two young, attractive, evil schemers, and they had really only seen each other over the last two months. It was only natural that they tried out their relationship on the romantic level. It was INT. FABRAY MANOR—QUINN'S ROOM—MID-AFTERNOON that Jesse decided to kiss her soundly.

In his time, Jesse has kissed plenty of girls. Mechanically, Quinn was definitely in the top percentile. Passionately, on the other hand, she was a tad lax. Based on everything he had come to learn over the last couple of months about her previous relationships, he imagined she was like this with every mouth she's conquered so far. However, since he was such a helpful person, he decided to just give her the benefit of doubt. This was by far the most awkward moment he's ever had with another human being. It was abundantly clear that he and Quinn just didn't share this type of chemistry.

Jesse pulled back. "That was pretty stupid."

"We should never do that again." She agreed, and they moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Friends?" He counter offered.

She glanced at him for a moment. Were they friends? Well so far they've spent the summer together and were relatively unscathed. She supposed they were. She did talk to him after all, and she didn't talk to anyone. Call her stupid, but she may actually trust him. They knew each other.

"Friends." She finally nodded.

"Cool. I'll see you tomorrow." He sent her a smile, and she watched him leave. Quinn had a friend. An honest, I need help-I'm bored-I need someone to talk to-so I'm going to call you friend.

Now if only she liked him.

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