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Jade green eyes surveyed the class as the students diligently did their work. It had been a year now since Harry had taken his animagus form. No one knew why Harry had taken to that form. Of course he changed into his human form every night. But he never let anyone see him. The students had long ago stopped asking questions. They simply did as the directions on the board told them and when they asked questions the chalk would move and write the answer.

There was only one person who might understand Harry's choice. Severus Snape who had only barely survived Nagini's bite. After that he had to survive the change from being an outcast, to being one of the war's greatest heroes. Severus hated it. It was because of this that he was finally able to understand Harry for the first time.

Harry trotted down the hallways doing his best to avoid being stepped on by students. They knew that he was there of course. But since many of them had the grace of being teenagers they could not always control their limbs. Especially in the crowded corridors.

He gave a mewl of surprise when he was suddenly grabbed up. He turned is bright eyes to see dark ones looking down at him. He gave the cat equivalent of a blush as Severus said nothing and merely settled him on his shoulders. Since Harry didn't have any more classes for the day he decided to stay with Severus. As Severus towered over the students Harry had little fear about being trampled.

Severus noticed that Harry seemed content where he was and so allowed him to stay. He doubted that there were many people left in Harry's life who could give the young man the comfort that he needed. He did however find it much harder to terrify his class with Harry lounging on his shoulders as he snarled at students.

At one point he had been berating a Hufflepuff who had almost caused the first explosion of the day. Unfortunately during mid rant he had been interrupted when Harry had sat up on his shoulders and gave a loud "Meow!" of agreement. The class had been silent for a moment before bursting out into laughter.

Severus narrowed his eyes at the furred form and muttered "If you would like Potter I could simply drop you into the cauldron."

This seemed to get the message across and Harry settled back down onto his shoulders with a little huff. He smirked and then narrowed his eyes at the students as he barked "Feel free to return to your horrendous potions."

Harry went back to ignoring the students and curled around Severus's neck as he drifted off to sleep with a soft purr. As he slept he was really thinking. This was about as happy as he had ever been. It was almost sad to think that. He was at his happiest in his cat form around his once most hated professor's shoulders. He gave a little cat sniff at the thought. He had thought it would be different after the war. It hadn't.

People still wanted to talk about his fame, people still swarmed around him because of that and his money. It was amazing that Severus of all people seemed to see him as himself and no one and nothing else. His pink kitty lips turned up in a small smile; of course he thought that a certain werewolf and his cub might have something to do with that change.

Tonks had died in the war leaving Remus emotionally drained and with a very young son to raise. Harry didn't know all of the juicy details. But it seemed as if Severus had come to drop off a wolfsbane potion and never seemed to leave.

He nuzzled the side of his professor's neck, in the dream world he was able to pretend that the warmth he was feeling was from someone else. Someone who was his and his alone…someone who loved him.

Severus took a peek at the cat on his shoulder and his expression clouded when he saw the wistful look on the cat's face. He didn't know if cat's face was supposed to look like that, but Harry did. He sighed and stroked his hand along the cat's body. He remembered his recent talk with Remus and the concern he had over his godson. He had reassured him that Harry was merely adjusting…but now…he wasn't so sure.

During the rest of his afternoon classes he continued to pet the cat on his shoulders. His busy mind was trying to both keep an eye on his students and also come up with a solution for Harry's happiness. He wondered if Harry's friends would know what to do. Even as he thought it he discarded it, the two had married quickly and gone on a long honeymoon after the war. Though none could blame them it seemed Harry had been left behind again.

He and Remus did their best to keep Harry involved with their lives. Severus would often bring cat Harry home to play with Teddy and to enjoy some tuna as they ate dinner. Remus would often ask him to change but Harry always refused. It hurt the werewolf that Harry had some deep pain that he could no longer bare as a human, but he also understood and accepted it.

Severus growled as an over eager Ravenclaw began to improve the potion with some extra ingredients. As much as he despised how rash Gryffindors could be, or how flutter brained Hufflepuffs could be at least neither seemed to possess the audacity that belonged to Ravenclaws. He gave a harsh bark of the student's name to warn him but this only succeeded in jolting him to add the extras in one big dump. The potion began to roil dangerously and Severus was forced to act quickly "Evacuate the room…Now!"

The students were quick to flee as the potion began to boil over. As a precaution Severus was the last to leave just as the explosion happened. He went crashing into the hallway relieved that he had his protection robes on.

The relief was short lived when he remembered something vital. Harry had been on his neck. He quickly made sure that the students were alright and was pleased to see that a knowledgeable Slytherin had gone to fetch the nurse and headmistress. He gently eased the cat off of his shoulders and bit back the shock. Harry's fur was lightly singed and he looked up at Severus through pain clouded eyes as he gave a weak mewl. He could not touch where the potion had landed so instead Severus gently petted Harry's head and ears which had been spared "It'll be alright Potter…" He said softly, Harry hadn't lived through a war to die because of some incompetent student. "It'll be alright…Where is the bloody Mediwitch?" He hissed in aggravation as he watched Harry close his eyes.

Severus stood with the cat cradled in his hands and was going to run to the Hospital Wing when a helpful Hufflepuff spoke up "Professor Snape…Professor Potter is…glowing!"

Fear spiked through Severus as he looked down at Harry's form to see it was indeed true. Harry glowed brightly for a moment before with an apparating like crack vanished. He stared at his hands dumbfounded. As the Headmistress and the Mediwitch finally rounded the corner he had a sudden almost hysterical thought 'Just like to Potter to be injured and yet still leave me to deal with the mess." Severus sighed as the explanations began.

Harry gave a small whimper like mewl as he felt grass appear beneath his body. He hardly had the strength to lift his head and look around to see what new sort of trouble managed to find him. He gave a little sigh as he realized he was outside on the Hogwarts grounds. He flopped back down and hoped someone would find him soon…he couldn't move an inch the potion burned his side too badly.

He closed his eyes and only half hoped that it wouldn't end here. He guessed he didn't mind. If he died in his cat form than maybe there wouldn't be any ridiculous funeral held for him. He gave a little sneeze like laugh as he thought of what the headlines would say "Boy-Who-Lived Died Today". He shivered as the cold fog began to set in and hoped that if he was going to die that he simply drift off to sleep and never wake up. He deserved that didn't he? A painless death?

He sighed as he heard footsteps approaching him. He couldn't decide if he was relieved or not. He opened an eye slowly and mewed when he saw an outline of a person. He almost thought it was Severus before the voice spoke "What have we got here? A little kitten with a potion burn, how interesting…"

Long slender hands picked him up and cradled him towards a warm chest. He tried to look up and see who was holding him but his eyesight was beginning to dim. 'Oh well…' he thought 'It doesn't matter, back to the hospital wing for me.' Having no more strength to stay awake Harry let his small head fall against that chest as the form began moving back towards the castle.

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