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The sunlight streamed through their chambers but Sal was certain there was another reason the room felt so much warmer this morning. He looked down of what he suspected was the cause and smiled. It seemed though Harry spent most of his time with them in human form he still kept his cat tendencies. He was currently curled into a ball nestled between his side and Godric's bulk.

He took a minute to simply watch his two loves sleep and enjoy the peace that they had given him. Yesterday had been very emotional for Harry. Remus and Severus had returned back to their own time and though Harry insisted he was happier here he knew that his love would miss them. He would do everything in his power to ensure that he never regretted his choice.

His slender fingers reached down and tenderly caressed a wild strand of Harry's locks as the younger man stirred in his sleep. He chuckled and leaned in to wake those sleepy lips with a kiss. His actions were more than welcome as Harry slowly began to respond and soon those little arms were wrapped around his neck and were pulling him in closer.

The shifting in the bed caused Godric to stir. Though usually it took much more to rouse the man he seemed to have an innate sense that it was for his benefit to wake. His instincts were correct as he was welcomed to the sight of Salazar waking Harry with a deep 'Good Morning Kiss'. He chuckled as he lowered his own mouth to Harry's neck and joined in the fun.

The sensation of two mouths working on him caused Harry to instinctively arch in pleasure; unsure of which direction he wanted to go. He whimpered in confusion and removed one hand from Sal's neck in order to bring Godric closer.

Salazar was not the only one aware of what Harry had given up to be with them. Though it was Godric who had devoted energy to ensuring Salazar that they were more than capable of making Harry happy. He still had his own doubts that they were able; however they seemed to be melting in the soft morning light.

Harry seemed to sense that his lovers were distracted and slowly pulled away though a large part of him was whining to ignore that feeling for now and simply enjoy. "Is everything alright?" He looked uncertainly between Salazar and Godric.

The two men seemed to communicate silently for a moment before turning to Harry as one. Harry seemed to realize exactly what was going on and gave a bemused sigh as he leaned in and gave a sweet kiss to each of their lips before smirking. "I told you both yesterday and the day before that I wanted to stay here with you. I'm happy here…I can be me here and I have you two." The smirk on his lips started to deepen as he said "Well…I suppose if words won't prove anything…I'll just have to show you."

Godric and Salazar exchanged a glance again before they both became quite distracted as Harry proved how apt he was at transfiguration. With a tender kiss to the tip of Sal's hard and ready cock he gave a tender lick as the tail he had summoned forth wrapped around the base of Godric's manhood. He smirked when the two older and bigger men groaned with the realization about what was going to take place.

A low growl began to build in Godric's chest as he felt that soft and warm appendage wrap around his cock. He didn't know that Harry was capable of being so devious…He liked it.

He was not the only one in that situation Salazar who was normally the pinnacle of control was having a hard time not simply thrusting into the warmth that Harry's haven mouth would offer him. Instead he settled for merely burying his hands tightly in Harry's wild hair as the pace began to quicken.

Harry devilishly brought them both close to the edge before releasing them both from his grasp and giving a soft laugh at the noises of disappointment they made. "Do you believe me now?

Foolishly Godric was going to agree that he was entirely convinced when Salazar wisely intervened "I seem to still have some doubts Harry Love…Why don't you turn around and let me find out for myself?"

Harry giggled and turned giving Salazar the view he wanted as he turned to Godric "Do you need more convincing?"

A large well worn hand clasped his shoulder as he was brought in for another kiss that silenced any last doubts he held.

The three languidly made love to each other wasting the morning away until mid afternoon reminded them that breakfast was long past and that they had also not stopped for lunch. For a moment the three simply laid in the bed staring up at the ceiling as they enjoyed the ease and comfort they held with each other. Finally Harry's stomach could hold back no more and with a loud growl reminded them that it was time to eat.

Harry looked at both of his lovers as they began to move out of the bed "I love you both." It was softly said but both men had heard it and were once again tackling the slender form back into the sheets. It was quite some time before they thought of food again.

Hogwarts Future

Exactly as Severus said they had enough time to properly say goodbye to Harry and have a quick private chat with Harry's new loves. They had been warned quite clearly that Founders or not they would have both Severus and Remus to answer to if Harry was not happy in this time.

Then when the time was up they had returned to the lab moments before the potion exploded and they were able to move out of the way in time. Remus looked down at the potion for a moment before wearily leaning into Severus's chest. "Well that's it then…"

Severus smile d and cupped Remus's cheek as he gave him a soft kiss. "We got the answers that we were seeking and everyone will be happy with their choices…I would say this has been a rather successful venture."

Remus nodded and still looked longingly at the potion. "I know…I know it was for the best. You could see it in his face…Those two are good for him. I just wish…Well…"

His hold tightened on Remus "If there had been a way…I would have brought them with us. But there is still much for them to do in their time yet. I fear what may happen if they were to come with us before those events happened."

There was silence for a moment as Remus realized something that startled him. He could go look at any magic history book and find out for himself how Harry's life went. And yet…He didn't. He was certain that Harry would have had a pleasant life after they left. It had been very clear that the three men loved each other. That was all he needed to know.

They went home where a happy Teddy was waiting for him. For the past couple of days he had been asking where "Kitty Uncle" went which was his name for Harry. However today he was looking at a picture of Harry with a soft smile on his face.

Remus was surprised to see this and he came to sit by Teddy's side where he was playing. "Teddy love? I have some news about Harry, Kitty Uncle."

Teddy turned and looked at Remus in surprise. His bright eyes always reminded him of Tonks and he was glad that he would always have that reminder of his Mother. Today his hair was a light blond which meant that he was very happy and cheerful. "Oh you mean that he fell in love and lived happily ever after? I already knew that Daddy."

Puzzled Remus looked at his son aware that Severus was listening in the background. "How could you know that son?"

The little boy had a look of confusion on his face as he looked at his father "Cuz he left the note of course!"

He then turned the picture he was holding around and Remus realized it wasn't a picture but actually a small painting. In it was Harry standing between Godric and Salazar who both had a protective hand on his slender shoulders. They were smiling brightly and the artist had chosen Hogwarts as the background. Remus turned the picture around and saw that there was indeed a note from Harry.

Dear Teddy, Remus and Severus (No you git that's not in any order of importance)

I knew that you would want some physical proof that I was happy in this time and so I made sure you would get this. It's been a few years now and we're all settled together. Godric and Sal have decided to retire soon so that we can simply travel for a while. I look forward to seeing more of the world. I still spend most of my time in my Animagus form but that's because of convenience and habit. Besides Godric doesn't like when others stare at me in human form and Sal has a wicked hex reflex. I'm running out of space but know that I'll make several more of these letting you know how everything is. I know they'll find you eventually.

I miss you dearly and know that you have my love


Remus continued to stare at the words aware that Sev was reading over his shoulder and not caring about that or the tear that was making his way down his cheek. Severus snorted but his tone was warm despite the cynical edge he tried to put on it "Happily ever after indeed."

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