What would happen if Danny's mom and Jazz died in a car accident while trying to save Danny (Fenton) from a ghost and then his dad started to drink and abuse him? What if Danny revealed himself to his dad in hopes that he would leave him alone? And what if that only made it worse and Jazz was in college and not around to protect him? What if people started to pester over them and Jack decided to move to Jump City?


Danny was in his room, he was nursing his arm that was bleeding from a large cut on his upper arm. He sat on the ground with his back pressed to the wall.

Why? Why is he hurting me like this?

He closed his eyes in pain and lay staring at the wound that was sure to get infected. He groaned and opened his eyes as he heard footsteps. Then the door to his room opened. He backed away slightly as he saw his father on the entrance. He had a glass bottle on his hand and was staring at him in contempt.

Danny backed away slightly, in fear as Jack approach him. The drunken man grabbed him by his still bleeding arm. He tried to scream but his father put a hand over his mouth and pulled him to his feet smashing him on the wall. Danny's heart pounded on his chest, what is he going to do? He was able to think through the terror and sorrow in his mind.

"Now listen to me you freak!" Jack said in a groggy yet serious voice shaking Danny violently making his eyes widen even more, he couldn't scream because his mouth was still covered by Jack's large gloved hand, it hurt.

"We gonna be moving to a bigger city on the coast, your old pop just got himself a new job, if you do anything to ruin it… let's just say you won't like what will happen, understood?" Jack asked pressing his fingers painfully on Danny's arm. Danny whimpered and nodded. Jack let go of him and smirked as Danny fell to the ground in pain. Jack walked out of the room yelling for him to start packing. Danny sighed and closed his eyes; he was all alone in this world now.

Jazz and his mother were both gone, Sam and Tucker were both out of town, Tucker had been sent to an outdoors no technology camp (poor Tuck) and Sam had been forced to leave to and all girls boarding school. Danny had no one to turn to in his pain but his father, because he had thought that it would have had been fair if he told his father about the whole half- ghost thing, he did, and it turned out to be a living nightmare! He had no one to be with, no one to comfort him in his pain and sorrow, just himself, all alone in the world.

He stood up and walked to the closet getting all of his things out.

A few hours later he was done with three suitcases with his clothing and whatever he could carry in the suitcase. Just on cue his father entered the room and Danny grabbed his suitcases clumsily making his way down the stairs and out the door into the RV. He put the suitcases in the already packed trunk. Then he got into the RV with a sigh. Jack got into the front of the car turned the engine on.

The RV came to life and they sped along the road. Danny looked back as the town that held his childhood memories of happier times. He looked up at the sky and put his hands together.

"God I'm going to hold true to you, now you see me through." He whispered for the thousand times this month. His mother had taught him that when he was small, he had stopped saying it when Dash heard him and mocked him saying he was a dork talking to no one in 4th grade. But ever since the month before, he had started saying it again, hoping that someone would listen to his silent prayer.

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