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Chapter 4:

"Hey! Waiter! Over here!" Danny sighed and walked towards the table where he was being called. It had been three days since the incident at school and his dad still kept the door locked. He had been staying with Jane on the streets and they were currently crashing at an alleyway near the coast.

Danny walked over to the table and flashed a friendly smile at the customers. They were a family of four, a happy dad, a thin mom, a big sister, and a little boy. The family asked for a large cheese pizza. Danny smiled, hiding his pain, the pain of seeing a family not unlike his own out on a dinner and having fun together.

The way he and his family had before. He nodded and walked away making a recommendation for a fruit beverage and walked away with the order to the counter giving the order. He looked up at the sky and smiled as the order was taken. It seemed like years since they had gone, when it had only been a few months.

He thought of his mother that was always so caring and never let anything get in her way when it came to protecting her children.

"Oh mom, if only I had been like that for you." He thought sorrowfully. The pizza was given to him and he made his way towards the table, placing the food in the middle and pouring their sodas with a large smile. Then he walked away feeling them staring at him as he went before returning to their cheerful life, never realizing what a blessing they had.

Danny spent the rest of the night going about his business in a mechanical matter, not having any other thoughts then what he was doing. After a while he was aware of the attention he was getting from several of his co-workers and the customers.

But he ignored them all the way through his last shift and by the time he was done he had completely forgotten about the family of before and as he headed home, he couldn't help but wonder if that had been him sitting in that chair a few months ago.

He chuckled to himself and shook his head at his overly angsty thoughts and continued to walk home. Unaware of the dark figure following trailing him in the shadows.

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