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Day after day, Pete could feel the insides of his body heat up each time he saw that Mickey and the gang successfully put up a show at the House of Mouse. He made it a habit to show up with a thick wooden pencil to snap angrily each night he went over.

"This is impossible!" he grumbled to himself one night when he got home. "Each night the pipsqueak mouse and his friends always do a good show! How can I shut it down?"

Pete thought and thought for hours. He tried to think of the few occasions the show was almost ruined. "Hmm… there was that one time I stole the cartoons, and the other time I almost succeeded when I took out the battery…" he continued to think. "What happened those nights when they were able to continue the shows?"

Suddenly all his endless hours of useless thinking led up to one solution, a person actually, and that person was probably the most important employee in the House of Mouse: Minnie Mouse.

"That's it!" Pete jumped out of his squishy arm chair. "The pipsqueak's girl is what keeps the House of Mouse running. Now I got to think of somethin' to do to get her out of the way."