The audience was at the moment using Lumiere's candles for light. Now that Minnie was out and about, she took control of the situation at hand, but she still wondered where Mickey had gone to. He was at her side one minute and at the next, he wasn't, but she couldn't let that stop her from saving the show. "Goofy, go on stage and tell ghost stories." she said while handing him a flashlight.

"You got it Minnie!" Goofy happily saluted her and ran, almost tripping, on stage.

She walked over towards the desk they had backstage and took out a walkie talkie. "Horace, do you think you can make smoke appear around Goofy without using electricity?"

"Not a problem." Horace responded from his post.

"As for the rest of you" Minnie said referring to Clarabelle, Donald, and Daisy, "spread out and search for that battery." she commanded.

The remaining three went separate ways leaving the backstage to Minnie and Pluto, who refused to leave her side in case Pete decided to come out of hiding and capture her again. She scratched his head and looked for the battery like everyone else.

"Pluto, could you sniff out the battery?" she asked kindly while pointing at the control box with her flashlight.

The happy dog nodded happily and hopped on his hind legs and sniffed the empty control box. As he sniffed his floppy black ears and tail went stiff pointing straight up in the air. They slowly let loose as he set his little black nose on the floor and started dragging it along the surface as he walked.

Minnie followed him, but stopped when she heard a sudden banging sound coming from outside. "Did you hear that?" she asked her canine campanion.

Pluto nodded his head up and down and started growling at the back doors. Minnie hesistantly approached the doors and slowly pushed them open. When opened all the way she saw a banged up Mickey sitting on the ground leaning his back against the wall while a happy looking battery sat on his lap.

"Mickey! Oh my goodness! What happened?" she asked as she cupped her hands on his face to observe the damage that was done to him. "Are you alright?"

Mickey took her hands away from his face and placed them in his hands and gently rubbed them to calm down his worried girlfriend. "I'm fine Min!" he said happily, as if nothing had happened.

"Mickey! You're hurt! Tell me what happened!" she demanded to know as she helped him up on his feet.

At that moment the same banging sound Minnie and Pluto heard previously sounded again. This time coming from the dumpster, where she had earlier that night had been trapped in. "Hello?" a familiar voice called out. "Anyone out there? I don't like it in here!"

Minnie looked at the dumpster, then at Mickey, then back at the dumpster. "Is that Pete in there?" she asked astonishingly.

"Yup, let's see how he likes it in there." he joked as he took his girl by the hand and escorted her back inside the club.

"Oh Mickey!" she giggled as she gave him a gentle smooch on his cheek. "You're a true hero."

"You bet he is! He saved my life!" the greatful battery said happily while riding on Pluto's back.

"Now let's get you fixed up." Minnie said as she sat Mickey down on a chair followed by another loving kiss on the cheek.

Goofy had been doing good so far, but had run out of stories to tell. "So..uhh..." he pulled on the collar of his shirt to let out the steam from his nerves. Lucky for him, at that moment that lights turned back on and the audience cheered. Lumiere turned off his flames and set down his arms with a relieved sigh. Goofy also sighed of relief and looked behind him and saw the screen. "How about a cartoon everybody?" he asked into the microphone.

As expected the audience cried out another cheer and Goofy gave a thumbs up towards Horace's base.

The audience area turned dark again and the screen lit up with cartoon awesome-ness and played the Donald Duck cartoon Minnie had provided for Mickey previously that evening: Sea Scouts.

Everyone gathered backstage now that the battery had obviously been found. Minnie was taking care of Mickey's wounds when everyone arrived. "Mickey! What happened?" a worried Goofy asked.

"Oh, I just had to care of some things with Pete. Now he's enjoying his stay in the dumpster." Mickey answered all chill like. "No one gets away with messing with my girl!"

Donald cracked his knuckles and his neck. "I would like to give that palooka a piece of my mind."
"Yeah! Me too!" Goofy added.

Mickey cooly swifted his hand towards the back doors. "Be my guest." he smirked.

Both the angry duck and dog man person chuckled evilly as they went outside and closed the doors behind them. The rest of the gang were all ears as they awaited the oncoming sounds.

They heard the dumpster being unlocked. "Oh thank goodness!" they heard Pete say. There was no response from the guys. "What are you doing? AHH!"

After his final remark, his talking just turned into noise as Goofy and Donald landed a couple beatings on him. His grunts and the banging of the metal dumpster collided to make things a little harder to hear.

The cartoon ended which meant that it was also time to end the show. Mickey and Minnie were on the stage. Minnie wrapped her arms around his waist and Mickey placed his hand on hers. "I hope everyone had a good time tonight!" Mickey said to the audience. "Tonight was a little off, but we had fun right?"

The audience applauded and whistled, the same glorious noise that happened everytime there was a good show.

Before Mickey was going to say the final goodbye, Pete straddled on stage with a dumb expression on his face. His white jacket was torn up and there was a bite missing from his ear. "Yes Mama! I want the last cookie!" he dizzily said before falling flat on his face with a stupid smile.

"Haha! So long everybody!" and with that, the show ended with Mickey and Minnie sharing a kiss.

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