Well, this is my random fics section, where none of the "arcs" are longer than a chapter. They're going to be random, funny, serious and all the good stuff that I'm hoping will get me back to writing normally again. They'll be featuring most (all, possibly) of the characters from Kingdom Hearts I, II, 358/2 Days, and Birth By Sleep. And possibly even from Dream Drop Distance. Which I want. BADLY.

Disclaimers: All Kingdom Hearts, Disney or Square Enix things, places and people to show up in this fic do not, in any way, belong to me.

So, first on the list is one of my favorite pairings, Sora and Kairi!

Sora shifts nervously on his perch at the end of the pier, trying very hard not to eye the equally as nervous red head in front of him. Both Kairi and Sora were fidgeting nervous and smiling in excitement as Sora holds up the fruit that had been in his lap.

At the mere sight of the paopu, Kairi flushes bright red as she hands over the knife that she had snuck out of her house. Sora accepts it, and with a trembling hand, cuts the fruit neatly down the middle.

"So… it's finally come down to this, huh, Sora?" Kairi says with a gently smile which immediately sends Sora into a blushing fit as he nods jerkily, expressing just how nervous he really was. After all, on their small island home, a paopu had great significance. Especially if you shared it with someone you cared about.

Selphie's words echo in his head mockingly, making him blush even harder.

'If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what'

"Well, that's one heck of a responsibility," Sora thinks to himself nervously, wondering if he even wanted to share one with her now. He could always do it later, when they were actually going out. Did Kairi even want to share one with him? Was this just a way to play with his feelings?

Sora steals a glance over at Kairi, suddenly suspicious of the girl he cared so much for. The second he does so, however, she smiles so brightly at him that his worries melt away in an instant. He grins cheerfully at her and holds up his half of the paopu.

"Well, here we go. You wanna back out of it, now's the time." Sora says with a chuckle, making Kairi laugh as she gives him a playful wink.

"And why would I want to do that?" She demands in a soft voice, smiling that same dazzling smile at him. Sora nods in excitement, putting the paopu slice up to his lips, ready to take a bite-

"HEY, SORA!" An excited voice shouts as Sora suddenly skids forward from the inertia from the kid who had just tackled him. Both he and Tidus tumble down into the water, very nearly smacking their heads on the wooden posts of the pier. When they finally came back up, the duo was fighting viciously and trying desperately to stay afloat even as Tidus was smacking Sora with his pole and Sora was slapping Tidus to make him let go of him.

"Hey, man! Tidus, ya shouldn't be fightin' like that! Ya can't be fightin' with your bruddas and sistas like that, man. It ain't nice." Wakka scolds as he grabs Tidus by the scruff of his shirt, ignoring that the little blonde was kicking and flailing like crazy in order to get back to his "rival", Sora. Sora spits out a spurt of water, glaring at the small group up on the pier violently. Selphie, the resident romantic of the group, was chatting excitedly with Kairi who was blushing and trying to help Sora out of the water. Tidus and Wakka were arguing on whether or not they "interrupted" something important. However, Sora's eyes are quickly focused on one, smirking individual in particular.

"Have a nice swim?" Riku comments with a wickedly mischievous smile as he holds out a hand to help Sora back up onto the pier. As Sora takes his best friend's hand, he knew for a fact that Riku had staged the whole stunt to keep him from sharing the paopu with Kairi.

Sometimes Sora just couldn't win.