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As the three Keyblade wielders run into the room, the wheel-y chair spins around slowly in a dramatic fashion. Eraqus lets out a gasp. "I knew it was you... Xehanort!" He growls as the bald man in the chair smiles in an appropriately evil fashion. "Why of course... Master Eraqus." Here he sneers the name, taunting him in another dramatic way that seemed really over the top. Eraqus growls threateningly, holding up his Keyblade in an equally dramatic but heroic way.

Ven turns to Terra. "This is really weird." He whispers in a secretive voice, looking at his former master in sheer utter confusion. Terra nods, keeping a firm grip on his Keyblade and making sure that Ven was three steps behind him in case the two Masters got nuts. Ven peers up at Xehanort, looking at Terra in surprise when he sees just who was sitting in his lap.

Vanitas glares at him, his features perfectly present in the spooky dim light of the evil lair. "Don't you even start, loser." He mutters in a half-hearted attempt to mimic Xehanort's evil drama but from the disgusted look on his face, he really didn't want to be part of this anymore than the boys did. In fact, he looks like he wanted to be part of this even less than the boys.

Maybe it's the cat-ears that are stuck on his head.

Xehanort leans back in his throne, stroking Vanitas's spiky dark hair in a way that reminded the three heroes of how Ven used to play with his old bunny. "Why... It's so lovely for all four of you to join us," Xehanort says with a dark chuckle, winking at Terra in an especially creepy way. In response, Terra backs up and pushes Ven even further away from the old creep. Eraqus growls and slams his Keyblade into the tiles, making sparks fly up from them. Terra, Ven, and Vanitas (who was trying to escape from Xehanort's lap but failing due to the tight grip the old man had) all exchange glances. The old men were taking this WAY too far. "Cut the crap!" Eraqus yells in a voice that would done credit to an 80s action hero. "Where's Aqua?!" He demands, pointing the blade up to his former friend's throat.

Xehanort grins evilly, letting out an excited giggle by mistake. He coughs, trying to cover it up despite how badly Vanitas started shaking from laughter. "Why... I'm glad you asked... Why don't you ask her yourself?!" At this, the old man jumps in his seat and knocks Vanitas to the floor, ignoring the boy's startled yelp and curse. He points a finger to the large, dramatically located curtain in the back of the room.

Terra and Ven look at each other in surprise. "How'd we miss that?" They ask in unison as the curtain falls away, revealing... Eraqus gasps again, putting his hand to his mouth. "Aqua!" The boys (and Eraqus) cry out in perfect unison, all three of them worried for their friend/pupil. "She's... in a fish tank?" Ven asks in confusion, staring at the large glass structure surrounding the small space she sat in.

Aqua glances up before placing another card on the pile before her. "Hi guys. … That's a full house, I win." She says to the small purple bunny creature before her, smirking in triumph as it starts hopping around in sheer anger. It slams its ears into the pile of cards, throwing them around and slamming its head into the wall.

Eraqus turns to Xehanort and turns blood red. "You fiend! I can understand you hurting me... but not Aqua! What have you done to her?!" He snarls in paternalistic outrage. Xehanort giggles again, drumming his fingertips against each other. "Oh yes! And I did many horrible things to your beloved little student as well!" He says, making no sense whatsoever. Aqua looks up as Terra's jaw drops in horror. "He stared at me, told me to wear a provocative suit, passed out when I showed him the back of my original design and stuck me in a tank. Master, I'm fine." She says bluntly, making both Terra and Ven sigh in relief. Vanitas scowls, obviously not pleased.

"This is stupid." He mutters, suddenly flinching when Xehanort turns to him. Xehanort's eyes turn dark and the old master's mouth sets itself into a firm line. The dark apprentice shivers under the intense gaze, looking at Aqua in fear. He mouths the words 'help me' and nods exaggeratively to Terra in his master's direction as if telling him that he had full permission to whale on the old bugger. Xehanort now turns to Eraqus. He stabs a finger in Vantias's direction. "You're making me angry. And when Master Xehanort gets angry, Vanitas gets upset." He says in a low, threatening voice. Vanitas blinks in surprise. "I do?" He asks, obviously confused. "And when Vanitas gets upset... PEOPLE DIE!" Xehanort shrieks at the top of his lungs, leaping off of his chair and summoning his Keyblade in mid-jump.

The two old men start dueling in a battle of epic proportions, each one of them seeming to be trying to leap off of as many surfaces as humanly possible while avoiding their apprentices. It was like they were playing the world's weirdest version of "The Floor Is Lava" game... but with weapons. The four apprentices look at each other, each one arching an eyebrow.

"You guys are so freaking lame!" Vanitas and Ven say in unison, as Terra throws Earthshaker over his shoulder. "Well, I'm gonna go rescue the damsel..." He says nonchalantly as he slams the Keyblade into the glass tank, quickly catches Aqua in his arms from her bizarre sudden falling from the ceiling and carefully starts carrying her off bridal style to the exit. "My hero." She exclaims sarcastically, leaning her head onto Terra's shoulder. Vanitas and Ven now look to each other, shrug and walk off with the other two apprentices, quickly discussing plans to somehow get ice cream and/or Aqua.

The two Masters stop in mid-stride, skidding to a stop in the middle of the unnecessarily huge ballroom. "Kids today." Master Xehanort mutters in contempt. Eraqus shakes his head. "No appreciation for the classics." He agrees. And without saying another word, they proceed to beat the living crap out of each other.