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"I went astray – but no more." He says finally, turning from his friend as he looks up toward the gray sky of the Keyblade Graveyard.

Her next words are quiet, almost inaudible except for the pain that each one contains. "What else is Darkness but hate and rage..." Her hands curl into fists and her dark blue eyes close, as if to hide her emotions from her lifelong friend. "Xehanort is feeding the dark fires within you - making you fight. You'll go astray again."

The girl looks at him without any trace of anger in her eyes, simply shaking her head as she asks her question. "Tell me. How does that honor our Master's memory, Terra?" Aqua asks, holding her hand out to her friend. Terra says nothing, the guilt obvious in his features. He is guilty, and he knows that. Aqua does not need to tell him...

He looks up just as their third friend, Ventus, walks up. Ven's footsteps echo loudly on the compacted dirt of the Graveyard, each of his steps seeming remorseful and sad. The boy seems conflicted, abnormally troubled for the happy-go-lucky boy that he had left behind in the Land of Departure. He begins to speak as soon as he reaches them, as if he couldn't let the words stay inside of him. "Xehanort wants me and Vanitas to fight, and make some kind of 'X-blade'." He informs them, looking at the ground rather at his friends.

Terra snorts. "That is one stupid name. X-blade..." He says, chuckling under his breath. Ven blinks, looking surprised before Aqua jumps in. "Terra! … Look, Ven, we're talking about Terra right now, can this wait?" She asks kindly, turning her now razor-sharp and pissed off glare back on the wielder of the Earthshaker. Terra immediately takes a few steps back, shaking his head and looking at his friend in silent reverence.

"Aqua, wait, let's talk about Ven's problem, it sounds a lot more serious-!" He starts to say before the Rainfell appears in Aqua's hand. The boys' eyes widen in sheer shock and more than a little fear before Aqua slaps the taller boy across the face with its head. "Shut it, Terra! You already killed Master Eraqus, we need to make sure that you don't go after anyone else!" She exclaims, throwing her hands up into the air and accidentally knocking Terra over on his backside and sending him sprawling into the dirt.

Terra groans as his rear slams into the hard dirt, letting out a few curses as Aqua covers Ven's ears. The younger boy looks unamused and sighs, shaking his head. "Look, all I'm saying is that... I'm scared. I don't want that X-blade. So... just... if it comes down to it... put an end to me." Ven says as Aqua's jaw drops. She immediately turns to Terra.

"Look what you did." She snarls, pointing at Ven angrily. Terra glares at her. "What I did?! You should be going after Xehanort, not me! I had nothing to do with that!" He snaps back, starting to get up if only to yell at Aqua from eye-level. The Keyblade Mistress crosses her arms on her chest, scowling. "Oh, like it's not your fault that Ven is suicidal! If you hadn't left, none of this would have happened so it's all your fault!"She says before turning her nose up into the air, obviously done with the conversation.

Ven blinks once, looking up at his friend in confusion. "I'm not suicidal... I just don't want to be a X-blade." He says honestly, giving her a shrug. She immediately hugs him, snuggling into him just as a parent would to comfort a crying child.

Terra growls, his once calm features going into rage. Now that was a reason to go into Darkness, Aqua's damn nagging! "Now wait a minute! You're saying that everything that's ever happened to us is MY fault?" He demands, jumping to his feet and grabbing the girl by her shoulders. She looks into his eyes, peering into them for a long moment before nodding once.

"How the hell is that fair-?!"

"I'm with Terra on this one, I say we blame Master Xehanort-"

Aqua flips her hair away from her eyes, turning to both boys in turn. She pokes them in the chest with each of her index fingers, looking more than a little annoyed. "You're both grounded. Two weeks in the Land of Departure, no saving the worlds and no TV." She says finally, using her authority as Keyblade Master over the two Apprentices to take control.

The results are not surprising.


"Aqua, I'm older than you are! You can't ground me!"

"You want to make it three?" She demands, glaring at both boys before they take a step back and grumble quietly to themselves, obviously pissed at having been grounded. Terra looks more than a little ready to mutiny, while Ven just looks annoyed.

"... Is this a bad time?" Master Xehanort asks, glancing at how all three kids looked ready to kill each other. Technically that was supposed to be his job, wasn't it? Vanitas snorts, giggling softly under his helmet as Aqua slaps Terra on the shoulder when he tries to step forward. She turns to them. "Terra and Ven are grounded, they can't fight you. Come back in two weeks."

As the kids leave, each one jumping onto their respective Glider, Master and Apprentice stare at each other, obviously not knowing what the hell they were supposed to do now.