Mild spoiler for Dream Drop Distance, this is my argument for one of the cutscenes.


Riku's Got Your Back

"He's always picking up the slack for me," Sora says with a kind smile, laughing cheerfully as the comatose King pauses for a minute.

"You mean the guy who tried to kill you, went on a two year voyage in order to control his dark impulses, barely managed to do it and is now stealing your place as a main character? That guy is always picking the slack up for you?" The little mouse asks, somehow knowing the results of the future despite being the alternative past self of the King that Sora had known through his adventures.

Sora blinks and stares at the mouse, watching him for a moment as his arms wave around in a conductor's sort of movement. He scratches his cheek, beginning to frown. "... You... kind of... have a point there..." He starts to say, wincing a little bit as he thought about it.

Hadn't he done a bunch of stuff on his own already? He had rescued the Princesses (not just one but SEVEN) that Riku helped kidnap, he saved like twenty different worlds, he defeated most of the Organization AND Ansem the Seeker of Darkness... He knew how to fly a Gummy Ship (kind of), had learned how to use magic and how to fight all on his own without the help of Riku's stupid sparring... and then he learned how to fight when he was basically powerless. When Riku himself had stolen his damn Keyblade. But they were friends... he didn't mind sharing the spotlight as main character, he'd already shared it with his Nobody and with those weird Birth By Sleep guys...

"You mean the guy who basically left you to rot while he went off to look for Kairi, which by the way you were already doing and could have totally needed his help for, always has your back? The guy who had the balls to suggest that you were a traitor when he was working for one of the most evil characters in Disney history? When he was working for someone who very literally calls upon the powers of hell in order to fight?"

Sora laughs nervously, putting his hands up defensively. "Uh... o-okay, let's not go too far, your Majesty..."

"The person who left you behind in order to go into the-"

"Alright! I'll go get the second Sound Idea, you just stop bad mouthing Riku!" Sora shouts angrily, turning back to the pages of the music book he had just exited. He readies his Keyblade, about to cast another spell to let him back into another part of that strange cloud-covered, colorful world.

"... What about Kairi?"