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Chapter 1:

"I got him!" she said with a satisfied smirk as she breezed past the desk of her intern Lafayette, who looked up sharply from the brochure he was editing.

"Got who?" yelled Arlene from somewhere down the hall. Sookie didn't answer, but opened the door to her office, dropping her Blackberry and day planner on her desk, sending a stack of papers sailing to the floor.

"Got who?" Arlene repeated moments later, appearing in the doorway with two cups of Earl Grey, depositing the mug emblazoned with 'The Goddess' on Sookie's desk and retrieving the stray papers from the floor as Sookie sank into her chair.

"Eric Northman," she answered with a cat-who-ate-the-canary grin.

"Bullshit!" Arlene countered in disbelief. "There is NO WAY he said yes."

"Well, he didn't say yes personally, but his management company did." Sookie took a sip of her tea and winked at Arlene over the rim of her cup. "He'll do the benefit and visit the kids at Merlotte's while he's here."

"How do you do that?" Arlene asked incredulously, with a look of open admiration.

"She's the Goddess," Lafayette said with a grin, appearing in the doorway and nodding toward Sookie's colorful ceramic mug. "And by the way, do I get to meet him?" he asked with one eyebrow raised. "He's hot and I'm still lookin' for Mr. Right."

"Uh, Lafayette…I don't know much about him, but I really don't think he's your type," smirked Sookie.

"He just hasn't met me yet," Lafayette assured her with a wink. "One look at this work of art," he said flexing his well-defined biceps, "and he'll be batting for the other team."

"Dork!" Sookie and Arlene both groaned in unison as Lafayette strutted out of the office, swaying his hips suggestively. Arlene followed behind him, turning back briefly to roll her eyes before leaving Sookie alone to gloat.

Sookie leaned back in her chair while waiting for her laptop to boot. She couldn't believe she had actually scored Eric Northman for the Merlotte Children's Hospital black tie benefit. Although her events tended to be successful to say the least, she had never landed such a high profile celebrity to perform live before. Eric Northman was a singer whose star was on the rise, having recently been nominated for two Grammy awards for his latest CD. His music was an eclectic blend of jazzy blues and adult contemporary that was hard to label, and as a result, his progress in the music industry had been slow but steady. He was a PBS darling, but was just beginning to gain recognition with the mainstream public. His recent inclusion in People Magazine's Sexiest Men issue had given him some much-needed publicity and was in fact what brought him to Sookie's mind. With the looks of a Norse god - blond hair, glacial blue eyes, a 6'5" muscular body - and a smooth smoky voice that made women of all ages swoon, Eric Northman wouldn't be little-known for long.

Sookie's Shreveport, LA event planning business, Les Bon Temps Rouler, specialized in non-profit fundraising events and had gained an impressive reputation throughout the tri-state area of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama over the past 3 years, and Sookie was proud of her accomplishment. Of course, she couldn't have done any of it without her devoted assistant, Arlene. Arlene Fowler was a sarcastic wiseass, but she was loyal, organized, calm in tense situations, and she was the backbone of the company…as well as a dear friend to Sookie. They had met while working in a local restaurant 6 years ago. Sookie had just moved to town and was bartending while searching for a "real" job, and Arlene was waiting tables part time while attending college at LSU Shreveport. The girls hit it off immediately and had been friends ever since, so when Sookie was ready to start her own event planning business four years earlier, Arlene was the first person she called.

As Sookie stepped into the foyer of her condo that evening just before 7pm, her cell phone buzzed insistently in her pocket. "Hello," she answered wearily, kicking off her shoes.

"Ms. Stackhouse?" said a deep, velvety male voice.


"Ms. Stackhouse…" he hesitated for a moment and then continued. "This is Eric Northman…I believe I just committed to performing at a benefit for you on the 19th."

"Yes, Mr. Northman," she responded, trying to keep her voice from climbing in pitch as her heart skipped a beat.

"Eric, please…Mr. Northman is my father." She could hear the smile over the phone and couldn't help but smile herself. Although she was nervous to be talking to a celebrity, he sounded like a fairly normal person if you overlooked the fact that the rich timbre of his voice was like sex in audio format. And what exactly does a celebrity sound like, you dork? she thought to herself wryly.

"Ms. Stackhouse," he repeated, and she realized that she hadn't responded to his previous statement, being too caught up in the sexiness of his voice. Great, now he thinks you're an idiot!

"I'm sorry…Eric…I'm Suzanna, but please call me Sookie."

"Suzanna…Sookie," he corrected himself quickly. "I need to know if there is a specific song list you would like me to perform for the event. My manager couldn't tell me."

"Oh…I uh," she stammered, mortified that she couldn't come up with the names of any of his songs. "I can get you a list from my clients at Merlotte Children's Hospital, but I don't have it in hand as I just arrived home for the evening."

"Oh, I'm sorry," he said. "I forgot about the west coast time difference. It's not quite 5pm here."

"It's no problem," she assured him. "If it's okay with you I will contact my clients and get a list faxed over to your manager first thing tomorrow morning."

"That would be great," he answered. "Thanks a lot."

"And Eric," she said, "If you or your management need anything else between now and the benefit, please don't hesitate to call me."

"I will," he said with a slight chuckle, "but next time I'll pay attention to the time difference."

"It's really no problem," she repeated. "And thank you so much for agreeing to do the benefit. It's for a great cause."

"I know," he agreed. "I researched the hospital online before I decided to do it. I'm actually quite looking forward to it."

"I'll see you on the 19th then," she said politely.

"Yes, Ms. Stackhouse," he replied.

She hung up the phone and sank wearily onto her comfy leather sofa, smiling as a hyper ball of grey and white fur jumped onto her lap. "Hi Tina," she sighed, stroking the Angora rabbit lovingly. "Did you miss me?"