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Now let this adventure begin...

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- If It Hadn't Been For Love -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Penelope looked at the things lining the wall; she knew she admitted defeat to the world in that moment. What was about to come, she deserved. Whatever pain was about to befall her in the future she wouldn't beg for mercy or give up anything the man wanted. She would take it; endure the foreboding torture until she had one last breath to take.

After all she owed Derek this much for getting him hurt. She owed him for leading him to danger, for making him believe that she hated him for breaking up her and Kevin, when really, when all was said and done, he had done her a favour. Had awoken her senses, and with it, her heart.

He had the note telling him she was sorry, he had the bullet wounds that proved how their life had gotten out of hand and he had the transfer and new home set up in Chicago that needed him more. When he healed, he had the new life perfectly tailor made for him. A life that didn't involve a Penelope Garcia within a 100 mile radius.

After watching Kevin shoot the one man she loved, and watching him look at her, that look in his eyes showed such loss and grief in what they had become, she knew her life was sealed then. The one thing she could do was admit her fate and level out the score.

She just didn't realise that fate would've been dealt so imminently after.

Sensing someone behind her; her body tensed up, her throat became sticky with each new breath and she knew this, the moment about to be delivered, was the beginning of the end for her.

Now, as she felt the man's hand run over her shoulder, she knew her doom wasn't going to be quick and easy. She guessed she had known that the moment she had been taken. Feeling his hand in her hair, Penelope's head was pulled back and the pain from the grip heated her scalp as it rushed through every follicle.

In that moment, she could feel her pulse beating fast in her neck, the blood rushing through her jugular as the skin became tight from the pull back of her head.

"You broke my brother's life, so it's time I broke you," Came the whispered voice in her ear, his breath rank and heated across the side of her face and neck.

She could never have anticipated that there was ever a psychotic gene in the Lynch family.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- If It Hadn't Been For Love -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-