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AN: This story is dedicated to Flik, who inspired me to start writing fanfiction again! I originally wrote this last summer, but now I intend to re-write it, bigger & better. I will write in third person for both Flik and Ashe, and in their POVs as well. Don't worry, it will not be that confusing...I hope.

Chapter 1: The Storm


I threw the last shirt on the gigantic pile of clothes as I managed to sit on the top of my huge Louis V luggage. Ugh, Finally, the packing was over. Wondering where I was headed? The airport, obviously. But my destination...London, England. I couldn't wait! I tucked the last dangling piece of my auburn brown hair behind my ear as I gave myself a proud smile in the mirror. The whole summer working for Wal-Mart, stocking shelves, scanning countless items, and dealing with angry customers...It was all worth it. This was going to be a good trip, I could feel it.

"Honey! Ashe dear, your taxi is here!," Mom called from downstairs.

"Coming!," I replied.

I hurried down the stairs as I practically threw the gigantic luggage down. I was so excited I could scream!

"Be careful, Ashley," Mom said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't worry Mom, I'm sure I'll be fine. After all, it's just for a few weeks," I reassured her. The main reason for my trip was to visit my friend, Felicity, or as she goes by her nickname, Flik. I met her awhile back, and decided for graduation that I'd go to London to visit her. I wanted adventure, and a little bit of sightseeing, I wanted freedom, and I finally had it, as I had finished school.

I hopped into the taxi as I told the cab driver to take me to the airport. The cab couldn't be any slower. As we pulled into the British Airways airline, I thrust a twenty dollar bill in the driver's hand as I left. "Keep the change," I told him. Airport security was always a hassle, those TSA were always very thorough with everything. I rolled my eyes. After I got through that, I looked at my ticket as my eyes widened in shock. "First Class! What the hell was Mom thinking?" I exclaimed. Was she absolutely crazy? Or maybe it was just a graduation gift. I reminded myself to thank her later. As I found my gate, I became all too anxious to get on the goddamned plane, and get to London. It was a long flight, and I hated planes.

As I stepped of the aircraft, I felt overcome with relief and joy. The worst form of transportation possible. I walked downstairs with my one bag, and my backpack. Finally. I was in royal country. London Heathrow International Airport. Wouldn't it be so romantic to meet a handsome lord and-

"Ashe! Is that you?" I heard a girl's voice call as I was interrupted by my petty daydream. My head spun around.

"Flik! Yes it's me!" I exclaimed as I gave her a hug. "You look great!"

"Aw thanks! You don't look too bad yourself, Ashe." She giggled.

"Well...where do we start? I mean, you know...start exploring the city?" I asked.

"Aren't you tired at all?"

"I mean, I tried to sleep on the plane, even though I was really just a nervous wreck, but other than that, my excitement level is at it's best."

"We could go to my house and hang out for a bit if you want, then maybe go to the beach later..."

"Sounds great!" I said as I wrapped my arm around her with a tight squeeze. I had a great feeling that this was going to be an awesome trip!

Flik stuck the key in the ignition as I got in and strapped my seat-belt on with a click. The drive to Flik's was a long one, but time passed slowly as we caught up on things. We talked about our jobs, ex-boyfriends, passions, obsessions, and finally, one we both shared endlessly, Pirates of the Caribbean.

"So, who would you rather choose...if it came down to it? Norrington or Beckett?," Felicity asked me.

"Haha oh you. I really don't know. I find them both attractive Navy men." I winked. "But enough about me. I already know who you'd pick of course, the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirate Lord of the Caribbean..." I sarcastically mimed passing out. Flik laughed.

"Sounds like we just need to have a Pirates movie marathon when we get back to my place."

"Agreed." I said

Felicity's house was gorgeous. In fact, it was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. Not necessarily the size of it, but the location! It was such a nice change from the busy suburban neighbourhood I had lived in for eighteen years of my life. And the inside too, don't let me get started on that. Just the perfect, quiet, old change.

"It's beautiful!" I exclaimed as I plopped my Louis on the floor and took a seat on her bed.

"Haha it's only a house."

"But just everything, where you live, how it's so peaceful!"

"Well thank you then Ashe!"

"So Flik...when do we get started?!"

She gave me a quizzical look. "Started on what may I ask?"

"Exploring of course. Touring, looking around, checking stuff out..." I laughed.

"Aren't you tired?"

"No actually. I got lots of sleep on the plane."

"Well...we could drive to Camber Sands...it's a while from here but a great beach to relax and enjoy ourselves. But really Ashley, are you sure you want to go?"

"It's fine, really. If you're up for it, I'd love to go."

"Well then...let's go!"

The beach was not just "a while" from London, but all the way in Kent! Good thing I wasn't afraid of the car, otherwise I'd really be screwed. I really liked soaking in the culture, and everything the country had to offer.

"So...when are you planning your trip to the USA?" I teased.

"I don't know..."

"You know, Florida is known for it's pirate ships. Plus you can even take a ride on the Pirates of Caribbean at Disneyworld." I coaxed, knowing that Felicity was only a little too obsessed with the Pirates movies, and Captain Jack Sparrow, of course.

"Well then! I'll book my trip tomorrow."

We laughed and talked more during the car ride. It was really nice to see my friend and have fun in this beautiful sunny weather. I dug through my baggage to find my bathing suit, a plain black one-piece with a low neckline that covers up stuff that doesn't want to be seen. Perfect for me. I paired it with a black shawl to cover my bony shoulders as well. Flik showed off with a bright red bikini that made pretty much all of the opposite gender stare before their wives or girlfriends either scolded them or gave them a light slap for staring.

"Flik! Everyones staring...gorgeous much."

"If I weren't mistaken I'd think they were staring at you."

"Come on, I'm dressed as a nun over here compared to you." I laughed.

The beach was beautiful, and exactly the thing I needed. There was an old lighthouse at cliffpoint near the beach too, and the scenery was amazing.

"You're so lucky to live here!" I exclaimed.

"It's pretty nice."

We set up our towels in the shade, it was great just to feel the breeze on my neck. I kept on staring at the lighthouse. Something about it made me want to...explore it. Like it was calling me or something. It was the strangest feeling I had ever felt in my life. A whisper then grazed my ear in the breeze.


"Hey Flik..."


"Lets go check that out." I said as I pointed to the lighthouse.

She laughed. "Why?"

"I don't know...it's just...the lighthouse. A structure I am not familiar too, nor have I seen in the USA at least."

"Oh well, it's not a very big deal. They were built to, you know, warn ships of the cliffs and shoreline. Also to show the sailors that there was land nearby, at night when it was dark."

Comeee to meeeee...

"Flik! Did you hear that?", I asked her.

"Hear what?"

"That! That voice! It's the lighthouse, I swear! I feel like it's calling me!"

"A lighthouse? Calling you? That's absurd."

"But Flik, really! We need to at least check it out. What harm can it do? There are crazier things in this world. And if I'm hearing it then we need to investigate!"

"Okay," She agreed. "But first I need to finish my Coke."

I laughed. "Sure.

After Flik finished her coke and we had gotten to the cliffside, I pointed to the rocks. "Over there, up." I said as I started to grab ahold of a sturdy part and climb.

"Ashe! What are you doing? You could fall!"

"Hey I thought you were the adventurous one!"

"Well I am but...You could get seriously hurt..."

"Nah, come on."

"What?" She exclaimed.

"Come up, here I'll help you," I said as I gave her a hand.

"Oh...fine." She agreed as she climbed up also. I stared at the lighthouse. It felt...different. Paranormal. Not in a ghostly way, but an eerie way. I reached out to touch it when -

"Okay you've seen your lighthouse, Ashe." She turned around, "What are you doing?" Flik asked as she grabbed my wrist. But I was already in a trance...it was calling me. It was so weird...and off. I felt as if I was almost controlled as I touched the handle of the door to the lighthouse. Then suddenly, everything shook and jerked. I pulled my hand away instantly, but then I already knew it was too late.

"What did you do Ashe?" Flik exclaimed as the fluffy white clouds in the sky were swept away with dark thunderous ones. The sun vanished, and rain poured down like a monsoon.

"I...I don't know!" I screamed as the sky turned a dark black, as if it were night. "Flik! It was as if I was controlled! All I did was grasp the handle of the door, I swear!"

"I know, I saw you! But how did that trigger a storm? It's unexplainable!"

"It's like magic! I don't know what to do now!"


"There! Did you hear that Flik?" I asked her.

"Oh no! I did that time! I heard it, you're not crazy Ashe!" She exclaimed. "Well, we have to get away from the water Ashe! Lets go!" Flik said as she pulled me away. I looked down at the rocks where we came up. It was steep, and it looked like it'd take a lot more work getting down than it did getting up.

"Flik...I don't think we can get down in time..." I said as the waves crashed into the side of the lighthouse and sprayed us with water.

"We have to try! The waves will swallow us if we don't!"

I tried to get my foot down, but it slipped as the rocked crumbled. "AH!" I screamed. But Flik was there to grab my waist in time.

"You have to be more careful, and...just hurry!"

But by then it was already too late, the gargantuan wave was already headed our way, as I tried to grab on to something but it was already too late.

"NO!" We both screamed before we were swallowed into a wave of black, endless water.

~Flik & Ashe~

Felicity sputtered up water as she tried to get her body back on the beach. She then tried to pull Ashley up as best as she could without making herself any more exhausted than she already was. It was raining, but not like the thunderstorm that was circling Camber Sands before. Ashe was still out cold, but she was alive, Flik knew. She fluttered her eyes as they adjusted. She stretched as she looked around. Odd. It didn't look like it did before. It seemed...almost aged, if you could say that. She shook Ashe.

"Ashe...Ashley. Look." She tried to wake Ashe, with little luck. "Come on Ashe...We're okay, everything's fine, wake up." She tried again. Ashe then started to move a bit. She stretched as she slowly opened her eyes.

"Flik? Felicity?"

"Ashe!" Flik exclaimed as she pulled her friend into a hug. Flik then sat up as she looked around her. The surroundings were totally different. No lighthouse, no fun family beach, no umbrellas, or even towels. It looked almost dead, except for the one thing that caught her attention. A young woman, crying, sobbing actually, as the rain poured down around her. She was dressed in a beautiful white gown, and her hair would have been beautiful, if it wasn't drenched in the rain. The girl was sittin on a white chair, on the cobblestone raised street a little ways from the shoreline where Flik and Ashe lay. They could see her in the distance, and wondered why. It was all so strange.

Ashe started to sit up as redcoat Navy men made their way on horses to gather. A dark figure made his way over to the former wedding site. He was also mounted on a black horse, with a black mane. Moments later, the figure entered, with a prisoner in tow.

"Will!," The young woman cried as her eyes widened in shock. So did Flik's eyes.

"Ashe-" Flik whispered harshly to her friend, just to get her attention but not to alert the men and woman.

"Flik...I don't think we're in England anymore...If you just saw-" Ashe said with uneasiness.

"Ashe no...I think...we may be witnessing the arrest of William and Elizabeth..."

"Did we magically appear somewhere? Or am I dreaming?" Ashe asked.

"No, no...I mean look-" Flik said as she slapped herself. "Ouch. No...I guess we're not dreaming. I mean, it could be a lucid dream, but I don't think so. Look at you, you're still in your black suit, with your drenched shawl around your shoulders. And...and me. I'm still wearing my red bikini." She explained as Ashe examined herself and her surroundings quickly.

"Flik...what happened? What happened to us!" Ashe screamed, a little too loudly. Excessively loud.

"You there!" A voice called out from the scene. "Behind that rock. Show yourselves or prepare to be shot at once!" The voice said again. A voice all too familiar.

"Oh no. Ashe!" Flik exclaimed.

"I'll give you one more chance before I order my men to-"

"No don't shoot!" Ashe yelled as she jumped up with her hands up in defeat. The man walked over to her, with his guards and men close at hand. The man was practically royalty, a lord. Just what Ashe had wanted when she stepped of her plane at London Heathrow Airport. The man...was Lord Cutler Beckett.

"A young woman dressed only in her indecent, absurd, inexplainable underclothes?" He scowled yet looked extremely confused. "What are you doing here Miss?" He asked, his men still pointing their guns, ready to fire. Ashe only felt overcome with anxiety. She didn't know what to do!

"I- I don't know-"

"Sorry Sir." Flik said as she got up from her spot. Now all of the guns were pointed in her direction. But Flik was a great speaker, and thank god she had saved Ashe, or else nothing would have gone well...or even the chance of it going well at all. "My friend here is a little...confused, so to say. I am a bit too, maybe." Flik said with a smile on her face. Yes, she might have been lost, confused, and exhausted, but she knew that if this really was Pirates of the Caribbean, then her dream was right in front of her. Or close, at least.

"I demand your excuse. Unless you want to end up in jail like Miss Swann and Mr. Turner, I suggest you speak now." He scowled.

"We wanted to go for a swim, but not ruin our lovely dresses Sir." Flik said politely.

"A swim? I certainly don't believe you in the slightest-"

"She's telling the truth Cutler!" Ashe exclaimed, trying to protect her friend. Once she realized what she had done, she smacked her hand to her mouth.

"You there!" Beckett said as he pointed at Ashe. "Did I give you permission to talk? And how do you know my name? That I'd like to know, besides all of your abnormalities that question me."

"Do I even need permission? Don't touch her! Flik is my friend. And I don't have to say anything." Ashe defended.

"How unfortunate. Send them to the prison. Talking in such an ungrateful manner. I ought to have them hung...Such a pity, four arrests, two of them I didn't even have to look for..." Beckett smirked.

"You basterd!" Flik exclaimed as she was grabbed, jerked, and twisted by Beckett's men. Ashe followed her as they were thrust into a carriage, separate from Will and Elizabeth's.

"I hate you dumb fucking-" Flik called out to the guards as they threw her, Ashe, and Elizabeth into the cell.

"Flik! Stop, it'll only make things worse-"

"Oh really? How worse, Ashe! I don't even know if I'm sane or not, if we're really in a movie, or if I've been dreaming. Or really if I'm going crazy!" Flik exclaimed.

"Calm down...I don't know either. But to be completely honest...I don't think we're dreaming. It's too real. What do you remember?"

"Well...You felt strangely attracted to the lighthouse at the beach. You said it was calling you for some reason. Then you grabbed the handle, or I think, you just touched the handle of the door to the lighthouse, and suddenly a storm erupted out of nowhere."

"And then we were swallowed by the waves!"

"Exactly. Or so it seemed."

"But how are we now inside...a movie we only know too well?" Ashe asked her friend, while sitting up against the dirty wall of the cell. Elizabeth and Will were finishing parting ways, as he left.

"Oh you know, 'cause that happens everyday," Flik teased as she laughed. "I don't know...I guess. I mean, we're here aren't we? We might as well make the best of it."

"But how do we get home?" Ashe asked.

"I don't know...I guess we'll have to see." Felicity muttered as she clenched herself while shivering.

"But I'm...I'm freaking out Flik!" Ashe cried.

"Flik? That's an unusual name..." Elizabeth said quietly. Ashe and Flik looked up at her. They had almost forgot she was even in the same cell as the two girls.

"Th- Thats my nickname. It's actually Felicity. Felicity Todd. But I prefer Flik anyways, poppet." Flik smirked.

Elizabeth's eyes widened with shock. "You're pirates?"

"No. Well...aspiring pirate. I am anyways. I don't know about Ashe," Flik said as she looked at her friend. Elizabeth then began to stare at Ashe.

"Oh me. I'm Ashley Holland. Or Ashe. I'm here...I guess." She said, still uneasy from the shock of being in one of her favourite movies.

"And you two just so happened to be spying on my wedding day?" Elizabeth asked.

"No. We were so not spying on you in our bathing suits. We were washed up on shore and happened to come up here. And it's a crashed wedding now. Thanks to Beckett," Flik explained as she rolled her eyes. Sometimes Elizabeth really got to her. After all, Elizabeth wasn't the pirate king...yet.

"That, is very unfortunate Felicity. I'm sorry to hear that. I still...I can't believe Beckett ruined my wedding day...to William. I just...I don't know what to do!" Elizabeth broke down.

Ashe gave her a reassuring pat on the back as she told her, "I'm sure things will go fine. Your destinies will meet eventually. I promise."

Just then, the three girls were rudely interrupted by the door of the cell opening and closing with a loud thud. The click-clack of the mans boots echoed from the stairs above. It was Mercer.

"Well well well...His lordship requires to speak with you." He said.

"Which one of us!" Flik demanded.

"Shut up you insolent girl. Milord wishes to speak with you and that other one." He said as he pointed to Ashe.

"ME?" Ashe asked.

"What about Will!?" Elizabeth screamed at him.

"Shut up! Yes. Now guards, open up while I escort these two improper ladies to the Lord's office."

"Don't touch me you fucking-"

"Flik! It'll be fine! We can get out of this, I promise," Ashe reassured Flik as they were pushed out of their cell, out of the jail and into the carriage. This time...it was black with big wrought iron bars, as if it looked like a jail on wheels.


I was pushed and prodded. I felt like cattle. The red-uniform guards threw me into his office like I was nothing. I stared into his cold blue eyes. He smiled at me. Evilly. I wanted to strangle him then, but couldn't for the fear of him potentially murdering both me and Ashe.

"So Miss...?"

"It's Felicity. Felicity Todd. Why are we arrested!?" I screamed at him.

"Oh, what a shame Miss Todd." He smirked.

"Why am I here?" I asked calmly.

"Because Miss Felicity, I have questions that need to be answered. Who are you?"

"I told you, Beckett. I'm Felicity." I swore under my breath. Fucking asshole.

"And a spy for Jack Sparrow." He accused. Oh if only...I wish.

"Huh. Nope. Actually, I wish I was. But nah, not this time 'bud. Jus' good 'ol Flik here." I teased.

"Do NOT fool around Miss Todd!" He demanded. "Tell me your plans with Sparrow!"

"Or what?" I asked. His eyes grew with fury...maybe it wasn't such a good idea to anger him after all. "Sorry, milord. " I said with cockiness. "I don't have anything to do with Jack. But if I did, I'd be proud to tell you."

"Well then Miss Todd...we're just going to have to decide if you are going to have future relations with Mr. Sparrow. What are you here for? What are you?"

I needed to think. To design my path, my future in this world. I could be anything I wanted right now, anything at all. And my destiny, my true path...I've always felt...was right in front of me. And with that, the next thing that came out of my mouth was totally unarguably unregrettable. "I'm a pirate. A special one, of course."

"A pirate?..." Beckett muttered as he walked over to his fireplace and picked up the branding stick with the 'P' engraved in it. I flinched.

"Former. Former pirate. Wait! Don't!" I tried to scream as I knew what was next...branding me as a pirate, then brutally executing me by a hanging on the noose-

"I never said I was going to do anything. Brandy?" he offered as he lowered the branding stick. Huh? Surprising. I thought he was more evil than that.

I shook my head. Nope, no point in trying to poison myself. "Sir...Um...King, uh Lord Beckett...I know what you asked Will and I'm telling you, he won't find it, " I said spontaneously. Doesn't really matter what he thought. I needed a way on the Pearl. Truly, I wanted adventure. And if this was real...this was my calling.

Beckett looked into my eyes with considerably more interest. "You know?" He cocked his head to the side. "Tell me...what do you know?"

"The compass, but not only that...I know what you really want, and so does Ashe."

"And what is that?"

"The heart of Davy Jones."

Beckett was speechless. Hah. Yes. Someone else knows. Dumbass. He stared at me wide eyed like a doe in headlights. It was quite a funny scene.

"And how do you know of my plans? You have been spying on me! Sent by Mr. Sparrow I presume," He said with anger.

"FOR THE LAST TIME! I AM NOT A SPY! And certainly not sent by Captain Sparrow! But...with negotiations...I could retrieve it for you. I could get it." I offered.

"And how would that benefit me? I have already sent dashing Mr. Turner out to fetch it."

I gave him a look. "Do you honestly think that whelp can retrieve the heart? Only a true pirate as myself would know where to find it...and certainly, I have far more chance in persuading Jack than Will would ever have." I explained.

"If I agreed...And only if...then what would be your demands Miss Todd?" He asked me with a smirk.

"Our freedom. You know we didn't do anything to you, or anything wrong!" I exclaimed. Just to said as a free pirate on the seven seas. Well, that would really be freedom. "You just arrested us for looking different."

"The accusation was spying, Miss Todd."

"Yet you knew we weren't at all. We were washed up there...to be honest." I explained. "That still doesn't give you any right to-"

"Best keep your mouth shut for once...or else I might change my mind. I still imprisoned you. I still have the power to execute your friend, Miss Todd. Keep that in mind. For now, you're knowledge is enough. Do I have your word?"

"Yes. Absolutely. I'll find it...Just please...Don't hurt her... Ashe is innocent!" I tried to defend Ashe as best as I could. I knew she still loved the pirate series, but she was scared. And I knew that she'd only want to be safe and sound, maybe go home and relax. She'd have her time of course, alone...that I would feel bad for.

"Oh yes, Miss Todd. No one will lay a hand on her. As long as you and Mr. Turner find that compass...and you, for some other reason know about my true intentions...find the heart, Your friend Ashe will be safe. You may go." Beckett finished as he dismissed me. "Oh before you leave...Mercer!" He shouted as Mr. Mercer opened the door of his office. "Yes, Mercer, now where is that dress I asked you to bring for Miss Todd? She cannot go around my jurisdiction looking like a wench without clothes."

"Oh, yes Milord." Mercer gave Beckett a subtle bow as he returned with a dress as black as night, beautiful, but dark. It suited me.

"For a true pirate." Beckett finished as he thrust the dress in my hands.


Flik was gone. And now I was the only thing I had. I didn't resist the guards, there was no use. I was still treated with roughness as I was led to his office. All I cared about was getting home, but now I had to care about Flik too. I needed her back.

As I was thrown in front of him, Beckett smiled. "Those won't be necessary," He said as he pointed to my shackles. The guard took them off me as I examined my red, raw wrists.


"Yes. Highly inappropriate but yes that is my name..." He said with a sigh. "This is the second time you've said my name today Miss-"

"Ashe Holland. Pleased to meet you," I greeted nicely. If there was any way out of this, it was manners. He was a lord, after all.

"Miss Holland. Unlike your friend, you don't seem so...reckless."

"Well...that is true I suppose. I'm not as adventurous maybe."

"Oh really? Would you care for some brandy Miss Holland?" He offered. I stared at the glass of honey-gold liquid. Why not?

"Sure. Why not?" I said as I accepted the glass from him. I looked around the room. There was a large painting of the "world" on the left hand side of his office. I loved geography, and therefore I knew that most of the map was wrong. It was so off I even laughed a little. "You're globe is off."

"What?" He asked.

"I mean...you're world. Your painting is wrong."

"How could it be inaccurate It's the latest version, painted by the best cartographers in all of Europe, sent over to Port Royal to complete this for me." He said, a little angered by my accusation.

"I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but geography is my best subject, and it's really off. " I explained as I walked over to the map. I licked my finger as I tried to rub out where Florida was. It looked strange. It just wasn't right. And neither was the rest of the right side of North America.

"What are you doing!" Beckett exclaimed.

"Trust me Cutler. It's wrong."

"How do I know that, Miss Holland?" He asked.

"You can trust me. I guess that's all you can do." I sighed.

"How can I trust you when I barely know you?" He smirked.

"Why did you arrest us?" I snapped out of no where. I demanded an answer. Immediately.

"Watch your place Miss Holland. I arrested you for spying, intruding, and lying."

"And because we're dressed differently?" I said as I sat down and brought my knees to my chest. I hugged them, as I was cold and only in my bathing suit. His cold eyes stared back at me...empty.

"No. You're strange...Very strange...And also very intriguing." He gave me a slight smile.

"Does that make you suspicious of me?" I asked him.

"Not. Not at all...just interested."

"So you're interested in me?" I asked him. "Cutler Beckett... you're really the one that's more interesting. I mean...you had this big history that shook you up...and forever to make you hate pirates..." I sighed as I recalled the story of Cutler Beckett.

"How do you know that?" He snapped at me. He came closer, walking right up to my face. "You better watch yourself Miss Holland, telling me of my past. Giving me reasons to despise you..."

"Or what? You'll send me to the gallows? Don't be like this...you barely know me...yet you're so interested in me."

"As I've said...you know things...Seem to know things. You knew my name before I even told you."

"Yes...And what does that have to do with the accusation that me and Flik are spies? I could have known from anywhere who the Lord of the East India Trading Company was." I retorted.

"Nothing...yet everything." Beckett said. Gosh, was he ever difficult! "I'll tell the mapmaker to reconfigure the map for me first thing tomorrow. You may leave now, I'll have Mercer escort you back."

"Back to the jail?" I exclaimed. "Please no. Lord Beckett must you have a smidge of sympathy inside you?" I asked with puppy-dog eyes. I just hoped they'd work on the Lord.

"But yes. You are still my prisoner, and unless you find a way to pay for your crime, you'll be staying there. Don't forget...I could still have sent you to the hangman's noose." He told me before walking back to his bureau and taking a seat. "Oh and one more thing...I won't have you wearing those distasteful...underclothes in my jurisdiction. You must wear this. " He said as he pointed to the creamy blue dress on the other table across the room. "That is all. " He said without another word.

"Wait!" I said before Mercer could 'escort' me out. Beckett locked eyes with me once more. "What have you done with Flik? Where is Felicity?"

"If you really must know...I sent her and Mr. Turner to retrieve something from a certain pirate...Jack Sparrow? " He said as my eyes became wide. "She's come to the senses that she will repay for her crimes... " Beckett said, without another word.

"So she's off to find the compass?" I asked as I didn't receive another answer. "What am I doing here? I could help! You can't keep me here while-"

"You're forgetting something...I can hold you here. So if I were you I'd get used to your surroundings." He said as he went back to his work, and Mercer grabbed me and pulled me out of the office. Sigh. This was going to be rough.