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Chapter 6: False Pretences


Captain Jack Sparrow. All I could think of was him, as I sat in the crews quarters on a tattered hammock. Why was he not talking to me? I had always imagined us being fascinated in each other, having so much in common and all. But I guess he was just busy. Busy with Will, his debt to Jones, and most of all the unknown fear of the East India Trading Company on the look out for him. It bothered me, but there was nothing I could do but try to get his attention. So that was just what I did. I walked up the stairs to the main deck. I could really feel how cold and windy it was now. Out in a stormy area, the Black Pearl and her crew came upon a ship, wrecked on a reef. It was cold, and somehow I was oddly scared of this scene. I walked over to Jack after the crew had laid anchor.

"Jack..." I whispered.

"Yes, love?" He asked.

"Davy Jones...would he kill a woman?" I asked with a scared but quizzical look.

"Jones has no heart, therefore you cannot perceive what he will and what he won't do." Jack replied.

"I'm just...a little scared, thats all." I admitted.

Jack gave me a slight smile. "If you stay close to old Jack I promise nothing will happen."

I smiled back. I had really hoped that sometime soon we would get to know eachother more. I didn't want to be left out of this...especially with Jack right in front of me.

"That's the Flying Dutchman?" Will asked, skeptically. Gibbs nodded and Jack stroked his chin. I stood next to them, with my coat and cloak on and the hood of the cloak up. "She doesn't look like much." Continued Will.

"Neither do you..." Jack commented. "Do not underestimate it." He elbowed Gibbs rather forcefully. I stepped back, avoiding any further blows from Jack's arms.

"Must've run afoul of the reef," added Gibbs.

"What's your plan?" Jack asked.

"I row over, search the ship until I find your bloody key,"

"And if there are crewmen?"

"I cut down anyone in my path," Will stated, walking off.

"I like it. Simple, easy to remember," said Jack. Will climbed down into a waiting boat. Ragetti was hanging onto the rope.

"Your chariot awaits you. Ahahaha!" he laughed maniacally.

"Oi!" Jack called. "If you do have to get captured, just say Jack Sparrow sent you to settle his debt. Might save your life." Will began rowing out. Jack turned to the crew.

"Douse the lamps," he murmured. The others obeyed as Jack and I stood watching Will's small boat go over to "The Flying Dutchman." Jack brought out his spyglass as the rain let up and a fog rolled in. After about ten minutes, the real Flying Dutchman reared up out of the water. I then grasped onto Jack's arm. I was beginning to regret agreeing to letting Jack make Will go over there. If anything happened to Will...well, I knew nothing was going to. But still, it seemed dangerous.

"S'at him?" I whispered to Jack.

"That's Davy Jones…" he murmured back and then continued watching through the glass. She cringed a few times as dead bodies of sailors were thrown overboard. Soon, Jones seemed to be speaking with Will. Jack continued watching as he turned to look at him, dead on.

"Uh, Jack?" My grip tightened on Jack's arm. I smiled awkwardly at the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, just inches from his face.

"Ow, what?" He lowered the spyglass and Davy Jones was standing right in front of us, on the deck of the Black Pearl. Some of Jones's crew came aboard too and began threatening other crewmembers of the Pearl. Jack tried to say something but all that came out was, "Oh."

"You have a debt to pay," Jones stated, walking towards Jack who was backing away. "You've been Captain of the Black Pearl for thirteen years. That was our agreement."

"Technically, I was only Captain for two years, then I was viciously mutinied upon." Jack replied.

"Then you were a poor Captain, but a Captain nonetheless. Have you not introduced yourself all these years as 'Captain Jack Sparrow'?" Jones mocked.

"I gave you payment. One soul to serve on your ship is already over there," Jack motioned towards Will and the Flying Dutchman.

"One soul is not equal to another,"

"Aha! So we've establish my proposal is sound in principle, now we're just haggling over price,"

"Price?" Jones popped his lip.

"Just how many souls, do you think, my soul is worth?" Jack asked, trying to loosen my grip on his arm. Davy Jones pondered this for a moment.

"One hundred souls. Three days."

"You're a diamond, mate. Send me back the boy, I'll get started right off." Jack grabbed my hand and turned to walk off but Maccus stopped us.

"I keep the boy, a good, faith payment. That leaves you only ninety-nine to go." Jones began laughing. "Haha, haha."

"Have you not met Will Turner?" Jack asked, trying to turn this all upside down, inside out and backwards. "He's noble, heroic, a terrific soprano. Worth at least four, maybe three and a half. And did I happen to mention... he's in love…" Jack began circling Jones, "With a girl. Due to be married. Betrothed to one of them. Dividing him from them and them from him would only be half as cruel as actually allowing William and one of them to be joined in holy matrimony. Aye?"

There was a pause and it seemed that Davy Jones might have some sympathy towards Will. But then, his expression changed entirely and he announced, "I keep the boy. Ninty-nine souls-ah. But I wonder, Sparrow..." he turned to Jack. "Can you live with this? Can you condemn an innocent man - a friend - to a lifetime of servitude in your name while you roam free?"

"Yep. I'm good with it. Shall we seal it in blood, I mean, uh, ink?" Jones grabbed Jack's left hand and the long tentacle wrapped around his wrist. "Ah." Jack voiced.

"Three days-ah…but tell-ah me...who is this young lass here?" Jones asked as he look dead straight in my eyes.

"Um...that's just-"

"Hello," I smiled, as terrible as he looked. "I'm Felicity Todd..." I said as I offered my hand out for him to shake, which I highly doubted.

Davy Jones, Jack, Gibbs, and both crews looked at me weirdly. I mean, I understood, there aren't many people who weren't afraid of him...But I knew that if I was polite and different, I might be thought of differently in the eyes of Jack.

He ignored my hand. "Felicity Todd..." Jones popped his lip at the end of saying my name. "And why aren't you-ah on Jack's list of souls to be offered to serve on my ship?" He smirked.

"As you said Captain Jones...one soul is not equal to another. And mine isn't the same as Jack's or Will's. To have me on your ship you would have to grant Jack a full pardon, plus a deal to strike with me." I narrowed my eyes then smiled.

"We shall meet-ah again Miss Todd." He spat as Jones and his crew disappeared from view.

"Uh, Mr. Gibbs?" said Jack. Gibbs stepped up to Jack.


"I feel sullen and unusual…"

"And how do we intend to harvest these ninety-nine souls in three days?" Gibbs asked.

"Fortunately, he was mum as the condition in which these souls need be,"

"Aah, Tortuga." Gibbs nodded. Jack wiped his hand on Gibbs's vest.


I walked away back to the crew's quarters when Jack stopped my with his sword halfway. "What was that for?" Jack asked, looking at me threateningly.


"No Todd! This will not be tolerated on my ship, so help me. You lied. You said you were 'oh-so-scared' of Jones and you turn this into a joke? Is this what that was?"

"Not at all Captain Sparrow." I said as I emphasized his title. "I made the most of what I could. You should be thankful for that. I'm worth more than you think, probably just exactly what I proposed to Jones! And the more I think of it Sparrow, you don't know anything about me!" I snapped at him.

I was really just annoyed with Jack avoiding me back at Tia Dalma's hut, on the ship, after the cannibal island, etc. It was tough having to deal with the fact that the one person you loved most is just ignoring you, treating you just like another member of the crew.

"Now that I think of it Miss Todd, you're right! I don't know anything about you! Where you came from, your past, who you are...so don't go on making the situation worse, savvy?"

"Fine Jack...but I'm willing to change that, if you are. Why don't you join me for dinner tonight? We can work together to...get out of this mess..." I muttered, thinking after that my suggestion was way out of context and that he would probably refuse the idea.

"Agreed. Do we have an accord?"

"Yes we do Captain." I smiled.


"Goodnight, Miss Holland." Norrington said before giving me a chaste kiss on the cheek and returning to his cabin, as I returned to mine. I felt my cheeks flush as I smiled to myself. I had never expected for this to happen, not even trying. Yet somehow it all felt natural with James, like puzzle that fit perfectly together. I closed the door behind me as I entered my small mapmaker's cabin. I sat on the bed. It was cool, but a nice cool, like the kind you enjoy when you flip your pillow to the other side in the middle of the night. I undressed to my underwear as I snuggled into the bed. Laying there, all I could think of was James, yet slight thoughts of Beckett also snuck in. He had clearly said not to trust Norrington, yet here I was, getting closer to him than ever. I could now see the reason for Beckett not trusting him with me. Maybe it wasn't his intention, yet it didn't matter now. It was too late.

I was confused. The last day I spent with Beckett was when my dislike for him turned into a fancying liking. He understood me, as I understood him. Maybe we were getting somewhere. Not to mention that before I had even entered this world I had already thought of him as one of my favourite characters. James Norrington, on the other hand, was always neutral with me. Yes, I had always thought he was cute, and funny, but had never had feelings for him like the way I did with Cutler Beckett. This was odd, a change in heart. But I didn't have much explanation for things these days anyways.

In the morning I was awoken with a loud 'rap rap rap' on the door of my cabin. "Miss Holland! Miss Holland!"

I groggily answered the voice with a quiet "I'm coming..." as I yawned. I dressed quickly into the deep red dress that Lord Beckett had given to me. I answered the door with my hair in a mess and bags under my eyes. It was Mullroy.

"Miss! Miss Holland! Mr. Norrington wishes to speak with you right away Miss!"

"Hold on." I told him. "I don't appreciate being told when to get up!"

"Um...well excuse me then Miss...I didn't-"

"It's okay..." I muttered, "I'm kind of in a bad morning mood anyways." I said as I got up. Mullroy then escorted me across the deck to the captain's quarters. I smiled as Murtogg let me in. He nodded. The Commodore was seated in a deep red, mahogany chair at his desk. He looked quite ravishing also in his navy blue coat with gold buttons.

"Miss Holland...Good morning." He said as he nodded and gave me a slight smile. "Guards, you may return to your duties," he commanded Murtogg and Mullroy. "How did you sleep last night my dear?" He asked me.

Dear? I was dear? Oh lord, please save me from fainting. The Commodore was only too polite to me. He was too kind. For what I really was doing...even I didn't know. I was on Beckett's journey, to help him get the compass...not to fornicate with Norrington!

"Um...Yes James, I mean, I did have a good sleep thank you." I blushed.

He got up and came closer to me. "You really do look ravishing in red." James complimented. Why was he trying to make me even more embarrassed and nervous!?

I smiled. "Do you always give such nice compliments in the morning?"

"Only sometimes. I was actually going to inform you that our ship is only a few hours away from Tortuga."

"Oh really!?" I exclaimed. This meant that I was going to see Flik! Hopefully that girl was safe. The things she'd do to Jack Sparrow...

"Yes, we should be there by noon. If all goes well..."

"Things will go swiftly." I said as I kissed him on the cheek. He blushed. "Don't worry James... I have a good feeling that this expedition will go successfully."

Wait...what was I doing? I thought I loved Cutler! I always had...I just didn't know what was happening now. James felt so right at times. But no. Not now. Ugh. I hated making decisions like this. But maybe all I had to do was just to go with the flow of things and see what will happen.

"Thank you Miss Holland."

"For what?" I asked him.

"For being you. After all...You're just, one of the most complicated people to figure out. I had never met anyone quite like you."

"Thanks...I mean...I should apologize. It's my fault."

"What is?" He asked.

"I shouldn't have done that last night. I'm complicated. So are you. You love Elizabeth..." I repeated my thoughts from last night.

Norrington paused, paced back and forth around his office, then looked me in the eyes. "Do not question what I do want and what I don't." He came closer to me, his footsteps clacking on the hard wood floor. He stared at me with hard eyes. Then, he brought a hand up to my face...and slowly grabbed my chin. His hands were cold as ice and I could feel them throbbing. He then softly caressed me softly. "Miss Holland...You are also beautiful."

"But James..." I tried to say.

"Don't." He said as a finger came to my lips. "What you don't understand is that...although I thought I was in love with Elizabeth...I also have great feelings towards you."

I gave him a slight smile. "James...What you don't understand is this: We are only but star crossed lovers...Our paths may have met but never entwined." I said as I quoted his own line from the future movie.

His hand dropped from my face. "Then why do you act like this with me?"

"I have feelings for you too. I just...as you said, I'm complicated."

"I thought you were different."

"I am. Only I'm the bad kind of different that I know you don't like, or won't like. I'm not healthy for you James." I tried to explain to him.

"Maybe thats just what I need then. A dose of you."

He smiled.

I smiled back.