Backyardigans in the 80's

This story starts off in a house overlooking a backyard with Uniqua looking out the window

"Why does it have to be raining?"

She said turning to her friends

"Hey Uniqua cheer up, how about we turn on the radio and listen to some music"

Pablo suggested turning on the radio and as some music was playing.

"What kind of music is this?"

Tasha asked curiously

"This, its 80's metal "Radar Love" by "White Lion" to be exact"

Austin told her

"It sounds pretty good"

She told him as the song ended

"You're listening to R N'M Radio, 80's Rock N' Metal all day every day next up we a good song for all you head bangers in the thunderstorm to get you thinking about those good times here is "Nothin' But a Good Time" by "Poison" the radio said as another song started playing

"Hey I'm Gonna make a sandwich I'll be right back"

Tyrone said going into the kitchen

"I'm gonna use the Bathroom"

Tasha said going in the hallway as Uniqua, Austin and Pablo continued listening as bolt of electricity hit the radio causing an explosion knocking them unconscious.