As the Metal God stepped out seeing the kids

"I take it you got the items"

He said walking up to them taking the wood spider and walking off with Magnet into a room of the railways which closed behind them. 2 hours later Metal God walked out carrying a new guitar as Spinner crawled up into Uniqua's arms as she petted his back

"I will need the 4 of you to play an oracle song to teleport"

He said giving the guitar to Rovert as he tuned it the metal god handed out some sheets

"Um… we can't read music"

Pablo said looking at the complex marks on the sheet

"Don't worry the guardians knew this song by heart"

Rovert said strumming some chords as Pablo hit the air with his stick it made a drum sound and Austin started paying some note as Uniqua started plucking notes on the bass as a vortex circled them as they started playing sucking them though as the vortex caught on fire Pablo, Austin and Uniqua took on the Guardian form as Rovert's skin became leathery as boney wings started growing out he flew out of the vortex as the fire knocked them out Austin, Pablo and Uniqua woke up realizing they were in the living room as the radio was speaking Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" started playing as Tyrone walked in holding a sandwich taking a bite

"What did I miss?"

He asked as Tasha entered the room

"We were sent to a heavy metal world and there was a god of Metal and his son helped us collect item and there was spiders and robot and we were guardians I was a robot Austin was made of wood and hade blades growing out of him and Uniqua was covered in metal webbing and we…"

Pablo continued as Tyrone cut him off

"I was only in the kitchen for a minute you 3 must have fallen asleep or something"

He said as Austin remembered what Rovert told them about keeping it secret

"Yeah you're probably right"

Austin replied looking outside seeing the rain had stopped and the sun was out

"Hey it stopped raining"

Tasha said looking outside

"Well then what are we doing inside lets go out and play"

Tyrone said as the 5 of them went outside