And so it Ends.

There was a time when I didn't believe in daemons.

-The skies blazed overhead, with blood-red clouds strewn across the horizon.-

When blood and violence crime scenes were only on the television-

-Everything became black and red in that instant, his eyes wild as he laughed with glee.-

And flashing blue and red lights weren't a constant backdrop for my life.

-Smoke and fire everywhere. People ran screaming as he drew closer and closer.-

When I could walk to the grocery store without being mobbed by cameras crews

-She runs forward to stop him, since she knows she's the only one who can-

And people far across the world in thousands of different countries didn't know my name.

-But then the world tilted, becoming black and white as she fell sideways to the ground.-

Sometimes I long for those days.

-Screams and wails echoed throughout the killing ground.-

I was innocent then.

-He moved away from her fallen body, sparing her only the briefest of glances.-

Just a normal girl.

-When her body hit the ground, her eyes were still open.-

(Well, except for my stomach.)

-The police and authorities made a hasty retreat, believing their hero, their leader, their last hope was finally gone.-

But other than that, I was normal.

-But she was still alive somehow, even against the odds.-

I talked and laughed with my friends.

-Even though her heart beat out an irregular beat, weak and inconstant,-

Carefree. Happy. Not covered in bruises or scrapes.

-And her breathing was faint, so very faint.-

Not worrying about red boxes or daemon tools.

-It hurt to breathe, her lungs flamed and blood, crimson red, spurted onto the ground.-

Not anxious about sharp claws digging into my scalp.

-But she had to try, had to try to keep living, keep going.-

I was just a normal girl with a police officer for a dad.

-She knew though that she was taking her last breaths.-

Back then, my biggest worry was food store closing times.

-And that would be the end of her.

But suddenly everything, everything(!), -my whole life as I knew it, changed.

-In the seemingly endless eternity she had been lying there, in the short, so very short, moments,-

Blood, a crime scene, a smiling murderer, a knife, my father's death.

-The skies had faded to black, the day turned to night.-

And that was the catalyst, the starting point for all the change.

-The shards of glass from the destroyed buildings shone from the reflection of the moon, like fallen stars.-

A daemon from Hell, intent on solving mysteries, chose me.

-The moon hung above, cold and silent.-

But why me? Why? I wasn't especially intelligent or brave.

-And then he came.-

I was just me. Average. Even after all this time, I've never understood-

-It's hard, so very hard, her vision flickered, but she struggled to keep her eyes open, so she could see...-

Neuro, the mind-eater. Neuro the daemon. Neuro and his horrible tortures.

-He stood there for a long time, looking down at her, clearly outlined by the light of the moon.-

But I remember that he left after solving my family's mystery like he promised.

-His eyes were hidden in darkness, his two-colored hair glowing.-

I was the one who said "It wouldn't be too bad... A detective's assistant." I did that.

-She told herself that now was the time.-

I'm the one who insisted on the change.

-She tried to work up her courage, nervously clutching the remote in one hand.-

I am.

-She had never imagined it would come to this.-

Not Neuro.


So, everything that happened to me, in a way, is my fault, right?

-His eyes were unreadable and much the same as she had first known them.-

The friends lost, the family gone, the bruises, the cuts, the blood...

-Green swirling orbs with impenetrable depths.-

I'm the one who kept moving on, even against odds.

-When Neuro became humanity's enemy years ago, she had still fought-

But even biggest regret- that one moment that made everything change...

-Even though it hurt her to the core, remembering how things had they might have been...

I never, not even once, thought that such a simple syllable could cause the world to burn...

But she was the only one who could do this. She was the only one who could stop him from hurting anyone else-

But in spite of what might have been and what is, despite everything he's done...

-She fights to keep her eyes open, to look into his eyes one final time.-

I still don't regret meeting him, not even after all these years and I wouldn't want to forget a single moment.


The blond girl, lying on the ground, looks deeply into the monster's eyes and breaths a whisper.


It hurts to talk.

But she knows that what was soon to come would hurt more.


For her and for him.

She smiles, a sad poignant smile deeply filled with regret and coughs, her blood spreading out onto the killing ground.

"Thi-s is the o-ne mystery you don't get to e-at, Neuro."

Her hand weakly clutches the remote, humanity's final gambit... and she punches it.

The last thing she sees before her eyes close is his face, tilted towards her, curious and amused yet somehow as always, sadistic.

And then he's gone.

And so is she.

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