Introduction: The Legend of the Black Lotus


A long time ago, there was once a mighty martial artist that went by the name of the Black Lotus. In her mastery of kung fu, no one during her time could defeat her. Despite her successes, there was one thing she feared more than any opponent she ever faced. It was her mortality.

Driven by her vanity and fear of death, she turned her talents to the evil art of black magic. Through her studies, she discovered that there were two ways to prolong her beauty and extend her life. One way was to sacrifice three female children and the other was to sacrifice the life of a highly skilled female kung fu master.

Of course, the Black Lotus chose the easier path and chose children rather than a kung fu master. She ordered her three pupils to kidnap the children. Soon, Master Salamander, Master Takin, and Master Osprey found the three children suited for her dark ritual.

In observance of a full moon, the Black Lotus and her pupils began the ritual. However, before she could sacrifice the lives of the children, the Great Dragon Jade Emperor descended down from his Celestial Palace in heaven and interrupted the evil sorceress. The disruption sabotaged the ritual and the Jade Emperor banished the Black Lotus and her servants into the Wandering Realm.

"If you desire immortality at such high price, then we shall make it a contest," the Jade Emperor proclaimed. "Every fifty years, you will be allowed an opportunity to extend your life. You are allowed to claim three children and bring them into the Wandering Realm. However, a female Kung Fu Master must be allowed to fight to free the children. If you or your pupils are able to defeat the master, her soul and the lives of any still captive child will be yours to keep."

The Black Lotus agreed to those terms. So every fifty years, the Wandering Realm would open up to the Mortal world and three children would be kidnapped. Each time, a kung fu master was able to free all three children successfully. However, none of the chosen masters have yet defeated the Black Lotus herself nor return safely from the Wandering Realm.