An Endless Stream


Note: I do not own Camelot, Aruthurian mythology, or any of their characters.

Damn it, why did people have to get in the way! If only there was a world where he never had to see people unless he wanted to! Merlin glanced up as there was a creak and the door opened.

With a snarl, he rolled off the hammock. "I thought I said I-" He squinted. "Arthur? Is everything alright? Did anything happen?"

"No." The boy replied, glancing around the room. "Just thought I'd drop by."

"That's nice of you." Merlin gritted out, fighting to keep his frustration under control. "But nothing's changed; I still want to be alone." Arthur didn't answer and continued walking around the room, looking at things with a curious but detached gaze. Sighing, Merlin took a step towards the King. "Ar-" He let out another snarl as he heard the door open again. "Now what?" He whirled around, only to see...Arthur. Narrowing his eyes, Merlin looked back. Sure enough, the King was still examining the artifacts in the room. "Arthur have you-" He turned back to the doorway, only to see that the figure had entered and was followed by two more Arthurs! "Arthur!" Merlin hissed, what have you done?"

"What do you mean?" Arthur asked, innocently.

"There are more of you!" Merlin jabbed his finger towards the doorway where a steady line of Arthurs was coming through the door.

"Oh," the young man laughed, "I thought you might be lonely, but with the trial, I didn't have enough time to visit so I duplicated myself! Now you'll never be lonely!"

Merlin opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Finally he flung himself across the room. "OUT!" He cried, shoving away the Arthur that was coming through. "ALL OF YOU OUT!" The copy stumbled back but then got up again and came forward. No matter how hard he pushed, the sorcerer couldn't get him to leave. Finally, he slammed the door.

"Well, "Arthur said in Merlin's ear, causing the sorcerer to jump. "Do you want us to stay or go?"

"GO!" Merlin whimpered, opening the door. Instantly, he was knocked back by a torrent of Arthurs.

"Merlin!" Merlin blinked his eyes and saw a crowd of Arthurs bending over him. "Merlin, we came to visit you!"

"No, no, NO!" Merlin screamed and flew up, ready to fight. Then he looked around and sighed. It had all been a dream; he was alone. There was a creak and he looked towards the door and saw it open a crack. "OUT!" He cried, throwing himself across the door and slamming it back shut. "GET OUT!"