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The moon shone brightly through the grime-streaked window of the small silver trailer. Somewhere out in the distance, a lone owl hooted its mournful cry into the hot New Mexico night...

Jane Foster's eyes flew open. Quickly, she shook her head, sweeping her shoulder length light brown hair out of her eyes. With much effort, she heaved her small frame up, propping herself up on her elbows. She hastily rubbed her sweaty palm across the tiny, filthy window of the trailer and moved her face to the spot she'd cleaned, nose pressed to the glass. "Maybe," she thought to herself as she looked outside, hardly daring to hope, "Maybe this time..."

But there was nothing.

Irritated, Jane collapsed back onto her makeshift bed, sharply huffing out the breath she'd been holding. "Idiot!" her inner voice mocked her. "Of course it was nothing! What were you expecting: wake up, hear a noise, look outside at the sky and bam! See a huge, blinking portal?" She flopped onto her stomach and groaned into her pillow. She hadn't really expected it to be him; her scientist's mind simply wasn't wired that way. And yet...there was some other part of her, hidden deep inside somewhere; a part of her that awoke every morning filled to the brim with hope, hope that this would finally be the day- the day he came back to Earth.

Back to her.

Each day for the past four months she had searched for, hoped for, worked for some way to recreate the access between her world and his, access that had been lost when the Bifrost was destroyed. She'd spent countless hours, often late into the night, poring over astrological charts, university physics texts, "The Children's Guide to Norse Mythology" for God's sake!- but all in vain. Even if she had, by some unlikely miracle, been able to make heads or tails of what she found, the information never reached the logical, scientific part of her brain- because the rest of it was constantly occupied with thoughts of him. Even when reading the kids' Norse mythology book earlier that day, the scientist found herself gazing longingly into the eyes of the artist's depiction of "Thor, Norse God of Thunder". At least, she had been until she realized that this Thor's eyes were a dull brown, not the clearest, brightest blue you'd ever seen. And his build was wrong, all wrong! The drawing's shoulders weren't nearly broad enough, nor his cape red enough, nor his face kind enough- at this point she had snapped out of it. Of course his face wasn't kind- it had no emotions at all. It belonged to a flat, lifeless drawing, no matter how much she might wish it were the real thing.

After that incident, Jane had become even more weary, barely managing to fake something resembling a smile at Darcy and drag herself back to her little trailer. Once safely inside she had slid slowly down the metal door, chest heaving, her petite body racked with huge sobs that she could no longer contain. Somehow she'd managed to get to her fold-out bed before she completely collapsed, curling into a tiny ball before finally surrendering to sleep. Mercifully, tonight her rest had been void of dreams- since all her dreams had but one subject these days. But somehow through the thick fog of sleep she had heard- thought she'd heard, she mentally corrected herself- a noise outside. Instantly she'd been wide awake, her heart taking an involuntary leap into her throat...

-which brought her to now. Inwardly sighing, she glanced over at her beat-up alarm clock. It had been her tormentor through many sleepless nights, and tonight was no different. 3:02 AMthe neon green lights flashed pitilessly at her. At one time in her life the late hour would've come as a surprise- Jane had ever been one for waking up in the middle of the night. No longer. Trying to ignore the time, she let her gaze wander around the trailer she'd come to call home. Not much to see. The dishes from yesterday were still piled in the sink, the remnants of her lunch sitting on them. Her dirty clothes appeared to have multiplied, and had laid claim to a good portion of the floor. And her research materials- Lets just not think about those. I really ought to clean up a little...not that anyone besides me comes in here.

Her gaze settled on the unoccupied portion of her mattress, a question suddenly arising in her mind. She scooted over on the bed as far as she possibly could; pressing the back of her body firmly against the trailer wall, then surveyed the leftover space.

Just as she'd thought.

He would fit, but only just barely. Were he here- and if they had ever gotten to the point in their relationship- they'd either have to sleep wrapped in each other's arms, or one of them would have to sleep on the floor. Of course, being the stubborn, self-sacrificing, wonderful man that he was, Thor would gravely insist upon her having the small bed all to herself while he slept on the hard trailer floor. Her lips curved up ever so slightly. She'd be damned if she would let him though. When (she wouldn't allow herself to use the word "if") she saw him again, there was no way in hell she was letting him get farther than 3 feet away from her- ever. At this though she smirked. Who would have guessed? Who would've ever thought that she, calm, science-loving, logical Jane Foster could be so passionate about something? Or someone... Previously, no one. Nobody had ever really looked beyond the front she put up to hide her emotions-

Until he came along, that fateful night, half-dazed (which may or may not have had something to do with his standing in the way of her speeding van) and shouting at the sky- the ravings of a madman, she had thought. Albeit a drop dead gorgeous one. But for once, Jane Foster had been wrong. It had been obvious from the beginning that he wasn't like other men, and not just because of his inhuman strength and jaw-dropping physical features, though those were definite plusses. Unlike other men, his looks were an expression of who he truly was: beautiful in body and heart.

When had she first begun to love him?

Perhaps it had been when he expressed his admiration for the local diner's coffee by smashing his cup on the floor.

Maybe it was when he had taken her small hand in his enormous one and gently pressed his lips to it.

Darcy would probably say it was the first time she saw him shirtless. Speaking of Darcy...I swear, if that girl makes one more hammer joke, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

But if she had to pinpoint a moment, it was when she'd looked into his eyes and for the first time saw, really saw what was in them. What she wouldn't give to look into those eyes again. She swore she would never take them- or him - for granted again.

Reluctantly, Jane moved her pillow to the center of the bed. She had always complained about it being small, but now it felt all too empty. She reached under the bed and grabbed an extra pillow, pulling it to her chest and squeezing it as if she'd never let go. A poor substitute for the real thing, but for now it was all she had. She'd have to be content knowing that somewhere out there, in the vastness of the universe, was the man- god - she loved.

And he was doing everything within his power to get back to her.

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