Rin's POV

Today was a special day for me. Fifteen years ago today, Len and I were joyously granted life, spewed forth from our mother's nether regions (you're welcome for that wonderful visual). It was our birthday! After much meticulous thought, I had invited Miku, Luka, and Meiko; then seeing as though there were then left Kaito and Gakupo, Len found it fit that he'd have to invite them as well (because I sure as hell wasn't gonna).

It was at this moment in time that all the men were crammed into the meager spare bedroom whilst my friends and I remained in my spacious room.

Which was fair, I mean, we had way more people.

And as of this moment we were partaking in our extra special, yearly game that'd become something of a tradition ever since it'd first occurred four years prior on my 12th birthday. We girls sat cross-legged in a snug circle on the floor surrounding a glass bottle (No, we're not playing that, you sickos). Each of us held our own 1.5L bottle of Vodka that had yet to be opened, while more unopened bottles were hidden under my bed to my left, for safe keeping. I beamed with eager anticipation as I clutched my bottle excitedly, my eyes remaining focused on Miku as she set up the video camera. Just like the last four birthdays, this will be recorded and remembered by the film, since most of us will be too hammered to remember a thing tomorrow.

Before I go on, let me explain the game. It's pretty simple, actually. It's just like truth or dare, only with a few additional rules. Since it's my birthday, I spin the bottle first. I then ask whoever the bottle points to, "Truth or dare?" Let's say they pick dare. I then am fully entitled to tell them to run outside and flash the neighbors. Well, they don't want to do that, so they say either "Alphabet" or "Countdown". They then must drink until the one who gave the dare finishes the alphabet song (excluding the little jingle at the end) or counts down from ten, respectively. The key is to know your body, how well it can hold its alcohol, and basically just how drunk you act when you're, well, drunk. If you know that when you're smashed, you do pretty much anything you're told, you better do as many of the more reasonable things as you can while you're sober. Otherwise, before you know it, you're tripping over the table on your way to the dumpster across the street to eat used condoms… whilst it's all caught on an HD camera.

In other words, tonight's going to be hella amazing.

"You guys ready?" Meiko asked with an eager grin, and wrapped her hand over the black cap on her bottle. The rest of us readily positioned our hands likewise, "On three?"

We nodded.

"One…. two… three!" We twisted our caps with our palms simultaneously, popped off the caps, and eagerly poured their contents into consecutive little transparent cups.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Everyone downs a shot before we commence.

It didn't take long at all for us all to finish wincing and sipping some Mountain Dew as a chaser. The room quickly filled with relieved exhales, and then soon followed with the reek of alcohol.

"Alright, Rin, 'ts you're birthday, you start us off!" Miku exclaimed excitedly. I nodded, and reached out to spin the bottle. I flicked my fingers, and it twirled in between us all quickly at first. It then began to slow down a bit, and eventually it stopped on Luka.

"Luuuka!" everyone but Luka reeled amusedly. She giggled, throwing her head back in a humored sigh, "Augh.. I just knew I'd get it first."

"Luka," I started mischievously, a grin on my face. I paused for a slightly dramatic effect, seeing as how everyone already knew what I was going to ask, "Truth… or dare?"

"We'll go with truth," she said, nodding; of course she'd pick truth, it was always her first choice.

"Hm…" I hummed, tapping my index finger on my lips as I thought. What to ask, what to ask… we should start with something simple...

Finally I thought of a simple yet simultaneously entertaining question, "Who do you love the most?"

Her eyes widened and cheeks instantly flushed, and her hands slowly inched towards each other as she started nervously played with her fingers, and then in a barely audible murmur, "G…Gakupo…"

"Aw…!" the chorus rose in the air, not that anyone was really surprised. Everyone could tell she liked him, but it was always nice to hear Luka herself admit to the fact.

"Augh, I can tell tonight's going to suck ass," she said attempting to sound despondent, but the large smile gave away that she was having fun anyway. We all giggled along with her, enjoying the relaxed feel of the room. Even Luka, who's normally uptight and formal, appeared very carefree and playful.

"Alright, alright, my turn!" Luka jeered in excitement, reaching out and spinning the bottle eagerly. The room was silent in choking anticipation as the bottle spun and gradually slowed and came to a stop... on Meiko.

"Meiko, truth or dare?"

"Dare, mothafucka!" Meiko proudly yelled, the alcohol clearly taking its toll on her as she vouched for the riskier route.

"I dare you…to… go the rest of tonight calling Kaito-kun "onee" and treating him like a kid whenever he's in the same room as you," Luka said with a sly grin.

Miku and I chuckled together at Meiko's raised eyebrow and visible amused smile. Ever since an incident two and a half years ago involving a rubber duck and some M 'n' M's, she's hated the man's guts...

…You really don't want to know what happened.

"Alright then," Meiko nodded triumphantly, "You're on." She and Luka exchanged a brief look, and then Meiko leaned forward to spin the bottle. It twirled about nine times before stopping on… uh oh.

"Rin!" Meiko cheered happily, "You're turn," she said with a mischievous tone. I swallowed hard; Meiko had a bad habit of being known as the one you do not want to be asked by in Truth or Dare, but here I am.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Oh fuck me…" I groaned, mentally skimming over my options, defeated.

"That's not an option Rinny, and even if it was, I'm sorry but I'd have to pass."

We all shared a round of giggles, and then the room quickly fell silent again as they waited for my answer.

I pondered over possible scenarios. If I said truth… well, god knows what the hell kind of information she may ask me for… and dare? Oh god… eugh.. well, that actually sounds kinda worse. I mean, truth is just information. Dare…. nononono.




"Are you a lesbian?"

My eyes scrunched up and my mouth dropped agape. Not as extreme as I thought she'd ask… but still appalling that she'd even feel like she'd need to ask.


"Are you lying?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure! I'm not gay!" I shouted, irked at the number of times she'd imposed the same question, as if I'd change my mind if she'd asked enough. She focused her eyes on me for a moment, as if she were still pondering whether or not I was telling the truth, then leaned back a little, her eyes now shut, "Fine."

I looked over at Miku and Luka, and they simply shrugged and motioned towards the bottle. I let out an annoyed sigh and spun it. Spin, spin, and land. Miku.

"Miiiku!" I announced in a very deep, dramatic voice, "Truth or dare?"

"Augh..." she looked around the room in uneasy thought before answering, "Dare!"

The room filled with our sarcastic applauding, congratulating her bravery. "Dare, huh?" I nodded, "Hm… I dare you… to go outside…. and scratch your crotch and saying, 'damn these crabs really itch!'"

Everyone burst into laughter, including Miku. She looked around, shook her head a bit, then sighed, "Countdown." Without waiting for reactions, her hand reached out and grasped the large bottle of alcohol and held it by her lips.

"Ready?" I asked, amused.

"Yes…" Miku sighed. I started the countdown, and Miku began drinking, or rather, slowly sipping the Vodka as I counted down from ten to one. Just as I touched on 'one', Miku practically threw the bottle down all up in a dander and grabbed the Mountain Dew, chugging the entire can.

"Eugh, that was disgusting…" she shivered, sticking out her tongue in disgust.

"Hey, just be glad I counted down regular speed…" I noted, remembering some of the times in the past where people would count down as slow as they could manage. Miku nodded, and then spun the bottle in front of her. We all watched it spin and slowly land on Luka.

"Damn it," she cursed under her breath.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Um… let's go with dare this time."

"I dare you to… go outside and shout the lyrics to 'I'm a Little Teapot' while flailing you're arms like an idiot!"

All eyes fell on Luka as she contemplated the dare. Eventually, she answered, "Fine…"

We cheered excitedly, and Miku quickly stood up (stumbling as she did so) and grabbed the camera. She then aimed it at the pink-haired girl as the two opened the door leading to the great outdoors, a gust of clean air enveloping the stifled house, and exited.

Luka sauntered down to the large driveway a few feet from the road and stood firmly. She then started to wildly flail her arms as the lyrics to the children's song rang from her at a large, rather annoying volume. However, despite the fact, she was barely audible over the roar of laughter coming from the rest of us. Once she was done, she turned around and dramatically stomped back into the house, "You all suck…"

"You know it!" Meiko exclaimed with a large grin. Luka simply shook her head in response. Slowly, we all managed to make it back into my room. Miku stumbled a bit up the steps, but she made it out okay.

We all took our spots on the floor around the bottle once again. Luka, with an amused but slightly annoyed look still on her face, spun it. It landed on-

"…Len? What are you doing in here?" I screeched.

"I'm bored… and is that alcohol!" he hollered, an accusing finger outstretched toward the small pile of bottles of Vodka.

"…No?" I said, my eyes darting to the opposite side of the room at the blatant lie.

"…Yes it is!" he accused, his teal eyes threatening to bulge out of their sockets as he threw his hands up dramatically.

"…Don't tell mom?"

"…Share?" he tilted his head, a slightly mischievous look on his face. I felt myself both blink in confusion and attempt to glare at the same time, probably making myself look like an idiot. However, I was surprised. My twin was usually one of the more mature, follow-the-rules type of people. Part of me was amazed, and to be honest, rather proud of this new change of heart…. and the other part of me was pissed that he was jacking our shit.

"Eugh… fine. You're on, but you have to play the game," I scooted over as he sat in between me and Miku.

"I just lost the game!" a low voice called from outside the hallway, followed by an even lower sigh. Kaito and Gakupo stood in the doorway, looking into the room.

"…Are you all playing spin the bottle?" Gakupo asked quizzically.

"Are you blind and retarded?" Luka snapped back, her crush on Gakupo seemingly non-existent by the professional tsundere.

"Vodka!" Kaito shouted happily as he ran over to grab a bottle, completely ignoring all else.

"Hey! Don't you dare touch that! I'll kill you!" Meiko yelled fiercely, a fist up and threatening to hit Kaito upside the head, causing Kaito's fingers to freeze just an inch from one of the bottles.

"But…hey! Half of you are underage anyway!" he retorted. Meanwhile, Gakupo and Luka argued in the corner in their own world.

"So are you!"

"Not in dog years!"

Soon, the entire room was bellowing with the chorus of loud insults and accusations.

"Quiet!" I screamed finally, drowning out all else. The noise died down abruptly as all eyes fell on me, and I paid little attention to the mild twitches of annoyance that spasmed through my body, "Everyone, sit down in the damned circle and grab a bottle; do not drink until it's your turn, and don't do it just for the free booze!" I fumed.

Everyone nodded, and Meiko reluctantly went over the rules to the guys.

"So… who's turn is it?" Kaito asked.

"Well, it was Luka's, and then it landed on Len…"

All eyes turned to my twin.

"So…" Luka began hesitantly, probably not so used to being as carefree and such around these people, "Truth or Dare?"

A flash of uneasiness crossed Len's face, though he quickly dropped it. "Hehehe….dare!" he tried to say proudly, but it came out sounding more like a question. I mentally facepalmed, but then turned my head to Luka with the rest of the group as we waited to hear what form of punishment she would give the boy.

"I dare you to kiss Rin!"


Narrator's POV

"What?" Both twins were soon on their feet, both faces an identical shade of darkened pink as they stared at the pinkette.

"You heard me," she shrugged nonchalantly, sending Rin an amused grin, her eyes sending the message of 'Karma's a bitch.'

"Alphabet," Len said dejectedly, sitting down. Rin shot him a slightly surprised look, but then slowly sat down beside him once more.

"Hmph," Luka gave a disappointed grunt before smiling once more, "Alright then. Get you're bottle up and let me know when you're ready." Her mischievous tone bought her some curious and amused looks from everyone but the two blondes. Len looked more scared than confused as he picked up the large bottle, and Rin was resisting the urge to facepalm as she thought, 'oh shit…'

"…Ready," Len stated uneasily, then began to very slowly sip the clear substance. His face contorted into that of one who is tasting something vulgar as Luka began the alphabet…

very slowly…

About 30 seconds passed when Luka had finished the alphabet, and Len nearly knocked the bottle over when he slammed it down and practically attacked a can of Mountain Dew. He drank it all in mere seconds, and then went for another one. Nearly everyone in the group was now laughing their ass off as he chugged the second can.

"Euuugggh.." he moaned when he finished, "So…disgusting…" A shiver ran through his body as he clutched his stomach.

"How do you feel?" Kaito asked the younger boy.

"Mildly nauseous, though I don't think it's bad enough to make me vomit yet… just grossed out… and slightly light-headed," he replied sickly.

"Is this your first time drinking?" Kaito asked.

Len nodded.

"Even with how slowly you sipped it, you still ended up drinking a lot," Miku stated with laughter in her voice, "Pretty soon the room will be spinning like crazy, and you'll lose about half your brain cells probably. It'll be interesting to see what kind of personality you get when you're drunk!"

The blonde nodded with a slightly unusual, slow speed, "So…my turn to spin it?"

"Yup," Miku answered.

Len spun the bottle and it stopped on Kaito, "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare!" Kaito responded without hesitation, a triumphant smile on his face. Len's eyes wandered off a bit, not really focusing on anything in particular as he suddenly seemed interested in the tan carpet below. "Hm…. I….think… that…. I mean.. I dare you to…" His eyes lifted and looked around the circle gradually, and then landed on Miku. He tilted his head back and laughed a bit as he pointed at her, "Switch outfits with Miku for the rest of the night!"

Kaito and Miku exchanged a dejected look, then simultaneously sighed, and eventually left the room to exchange clothing.

The rest of the group stayed behind to question Len on the effects of the Vodka.

He grinned, "I dunno… but I have to admit, it's kinda awesome… I feel all…dizzy…and….um… Ligheaded! Thatssit…" He ended the sentence with an obvious slur, which ended up making him giggle even more.

"Hm?" Meiko hummed, a humored smile playing on her lips, "So that's how ya feel physically, now how well do you feel up here?" she tapped a finger on her head.

Len looked up at the ceiling in thought, chuckled a bit at nothing in particular, and then looked back down, "I dunno, happy? And… I think I find things more funny than I usually would… but other than that I think I'm doing fine-oh my god!"

"What?" Meiko asked, surprised at the sudden outburst.

"… I… I um… shit… I forgot… damn it… um…" He looked down at the floor with furrowed eyebrows and a frown for a second, and then resumed his carefree attitude, "Oh well!"

Meiko blinked, and then tilted her head back in laughter, "Oh my…" she wiped a tear from her eye, "somehow, I have a feeling this is going to make tonight a hundred times better than it would have been before… and I never thought that'd ever be possible!"

~This chapter has been Beta-Read by bunnypopcorn