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Kaito and Miku returned to the room a few minutes later, outfits exchanged and expressions of embarrassment and annoyance laid out on their face as they sat back down in their spots.

"HA!" Meiko said, pointing and laughing at them in a rather childish manor. The rest of the group laughed as well, though probably no where near as amusedly as the older Vocaloid.

"Hey!" Luka said, a grin on her face. "Didn't I dare you to treat Kaito like a child earlier?"

The male Vocaloids gave Meiko a questioning look, not being here during the dare to know if it was true or not. "Aren't you also supposed to be referring to him as 'Onee,' if I recall correctly?" Miku added, looking as if she thoroughly enjoyed adding to Meiko's annoyed expression.

"I think there should be a penalty for forgetting," Rin stated, smiling.

Meiko let out a long, drawn out sigh. "Alright, what do I have to do?"

"Three shots?" Rin suggested, looking around the group for approval.

Luka shook her head, "Nah, I'd say five at least." Everyone nodded and turned back to the brunette. Shaking her head, she unscrewed the cap to her bottle. Miku handed her an open can of soda, and then Meiko began her shots.

Being used to drinking often, the penalty didn't hurt her too much. Still, the awful taste and sting in the back of her throat was enough to complain over. "Ugh…." Meiko groaned, head lolling back, "I hate you guys sometimes…" She regained her composure quickly. Without lacking the large coating of sarcasm in her tone, she added to Kaito, "Oh, except you onee! You're the best child ever!" The blue-haired Vocaloid's eyes widened in shock, and then closed as he bent over in a fit of laughter.

"Oh wow…" he breathed, "I never would have ever expected to hear that from Meiko, sarcastic or not."

"Enjoy it while you can, basta-…Onee," she corrected herself, forcing a painful smile. Her attention turned to the rest of the group. "Whose turn is it, anyway?"

"Mine, actually," Kaito said, reaching out to spin the empty bottle. It landed on the tall, purple-haired male.

"Gakupo~! Truth or Dare?" he asked.

Gakupo, like almost any other guy trying to show off, proudly chose 'Dare.' Kaito thought for a moment. As an idea came to his mind, his eyes lit up a bit. He lifted a hand up to muffle his laughter as he pointed to the pink haired Vocaloid, "I dare you to give Luka a lap dance!"

The reaction was instantaneous. Luka's entire body tensed as she spoke with a flustered face, "What? NOT FAIR! Why do I have to be affected by his dare?" she spoke the last part pointing to Gakupo, who was now starting to stand up.

Miku shrugged, giggling a bit, "Hey, I was affected by Kaito's dare, so it's only fair."

Luka opened her mouth yet again to argue, but her reply was silenced with shock as Gakupo stood in front of her. She barely managed to utter a, "Wh-wha-" before he began to slowly drop down, hands on hips, right in front of her as he began to give her a lap dance.

"OKAY YOU'RE DONE!" she exclaimed quickly, shoving him away. The entire group by now was laughing hysterically. Gakupo, despite looking just a slight tad embarrassed, seemed rather amused himself. Luka seemed to be the only one looking upset about the whole ordeal. Her head drooped, refusing to meet the eyes of anyone in the group.

"Aw, don't be sad!" Miku said, gently patting her friends shoulder. She snorted as she failed her attempt to keep her composure as she went on to say, "You know you like it!"

The pinkette tensed yet again, followed by a distressed whine. Miku nearly fell over as she roared with laughter. Gakupo, still smiling, leaned forward to spin the bottle.

"Miku, truth or dare?" Gakupo asked once the bottle stopped to point at her.

"Dare!" she exclaimed proudly. He looked up at the ceiling for a few moments while he thought about what to dare. When his eyes returned to the diva, he was wearing a mischievous grin.

"Just because I know the chances of you doing it are so slim and I have yet to see you when you're not sober, I dare you to jump off the roof singing, 'I believe I can fly!' by R. Kelly."

Miku's jaw dropped, and she crossed her arms as she breathed a 'hmph!' before shaking her head. "That's a cruel way to play, my friend. Countdown."

Her hands grasped the bottle and undid the cap with a few twists. Making sure she had a can of Mountain Dew open and ready right next to her, she took a few deep breaths and lifted the bottle's opening up near her mouth.


"Ready," she confirmed. Her hands lifted the bottle just a bit more, and the clear alcohol began to steadily pour into her mouth as Gakupo began to countdown. He went a bit faster than most would, but it didn't make the taste any more bearable. As soon as he was done, the girl shook with disgust, not hesitating to grab the chaser and wash away the taste.

"Ugh…" Miku groaned, eyeing the bottle with disgust. Another shiver spasmed through her one last time before she leaned forward and spun the bottle.

This time it landed on Rin. "Truth or Dare?" she asked. The blonde, not wanting to seem like a coward after all the dares, chose the common answer.

And quickly regretted it.

"I dare you… to spend the rest of the night handcuffed to Len!" Miku giggled. Her voice had raised in pitch a tad; it was a common indicator that the tealette was drunk.

"B-but we don't even have handcuffs!" Rin sputtered the lame excuse quickly. Gakupo, being the creepy pedophile of the group, happily pulled some out of his pocket and handed them to her.

She took the offering with shock, and then looked back to Len for a reaction… He looked at her curiously. His face was slightly flushed as he giggled, "Do it!"

Rin facepalmed, then turned toward Gakupo. "You have keys for this thing, right?"

"Of course," he replied, giving her a reassuring nod.

Rin looked back at the steel contraption, then sighed in defeat. She grabbed her twins right arm and trapped it in one of the loops. Just before she got her left arm in the other side, Len stopped her.

"Wait!" he said, holding both hands out in front of him for emphasis. The handcuffs swayed from his arm, pulled away from Rin's grasp.

"What?" she asked, slightly annoyed.

"I… I have to pee first," he admitted. Rin flinched backwards bit, scared of what may have happened if he had failed to inform her before she clasped the other cuff around her wrist…

"Doo eeehhtttt!" Miku cried happily. Everyone ignored her

Resting her face in a hand, she waved him off, "Go ahead… just…. Make sure the other cuff doesn't clasp… or get dirty," she shivered.

The rest of the group chuckled, but said nothing. Len swayed a bit as he leaned forward, putting his hands on the ground to help support him as he stood up. He giggled a bit as he swayed out of the room, clumsily slamming the door behind him.

"I'll finish the dare when he get's back," Rin reassured before spinning the bottle. It landed on Luka. She let out a large sigh.

"Truth or Dare?" The blonde asked.

Luka flashed a brief smile and responded, "Truth!" Rin had Known Luka for years, and she knew that that smile was a silent plea for her to be merciful in her questioning. Or else.

"….Hm…" she giggled a bit before continuing, "What physical characteristics do you usually like in a guy?"

Luka's eyes widened slightly and she looked around the room, careful to avoid the purple-haired nuisance. "….I….uhm…" After a few moments of gazing at a wall, she breathed a sigh. "Countdown."

Miku giggled her obnoxious high pitched giggle, "Do eettt!"

"Why?" Meiko asked, brown eyebrows raised too high as she looked at the pinkette.

Luka was immediately confused, "Because I can't answer the question….?"

Meiko gasped loudly, causing everyone to look at her. A look of shock and amusement stayed frozen on her face for a good five seconds before she threw her head back dramatically and laughed. Everyone slowly scooted away from the hysterical girl, and she sat up slowly and pointed at Luka, and said, all seriousness "You're a lesbian."

A long moment of silence took place in the white and yellow room. The pinkette slowly sucked in a breath and yelled, "WHAT?"

"Yes." Meiko slurred, saluting and falling onto her back. "I knew it. All a long. I mean, I know I've had a few incidences where I've been like, 'Whoa! That chick has a huge ass, so I stare. Right? But, I'm not…..But you are so….There."

"….Wha-….how did?...NO!"

Meiko giggled drunkenly, And pointed a blood-red painted nail in her direction, "But you…guys characteristic physical."

"Beautiful sentence!" Rin exclaimed, giggling.

"You shush." Meiko said calmly. "But really…You must be. I mean, you've never dated a guy, you don't talk to guys, and when you talk about guys you're BITCHING. You just don't like them."

Luka folded her arms, "That's not true! I like Ga-"

A loud ring sounded from the pigtailed girl's phone, interrupting Luka before she said something she would definitely regret. Miku smiled and nodded, digging her phone out of her pocket. "Oh….Kay….Akita Neru….. "I can't d-do this any…*hic* more, I don't have anything to….live for. No one likes me, god hates me." Miku carried the e in me for a good 20 seconds, and then giggled. "I don't have a reason….reason…to stay in this world any…more…I just wanted-ed say g-goodbye. I really did think of you as a good friend, But tonight I'm the….thinking of…ending it all, hyphen, for good." Miku tilted her head to the side as she finished reading the text from the troll.

Everyone in the room gasped, shocked and scared. "She…wouldn't…Right?" Gakupo asked nervously, eyes flickering back and forth between everyone.

Miku stared at the green-blue phone for a moment before laughing and began typing, "Do eehhhtt!"

Kaito shrugged, "I certainly don't object." He said, raising a bottle of vodka and willingly took a large drink, "Shine ba inoni, Fuck it all, why not."

"Tonight is turning out great!" Meiko said, voice clear and happy.

Luka shot a menacing glare at her, "Weren't you smashed two seconds ago?"

Meiko giggled and stretched out her arms, yawning. "Eh, I got over it." She said, winking at the group, causing everyone, besides Luka of course, to laugh.

Everyone's heads turned to the door as it opened, and the short, drunken teen stumbled in. As he sat back in his spot, Rin sighed. Looking down at the metal contraption, she reluctantly picked it up and trapped her left wrist in the unused clasp.

"Hey!" Gakupo interrupted, turning to Luka. "Weren't you supposed to be drinking?"

"Fuck," she cursed under her breath.

"Let me know when you're ready," Rin told her. Luka let out a large, annoyed sigh as she grabbed the bottle behind her. After unscrewing the lid and bringing it up to her lips, she replied, "Ready."

Rin began the countdown for the second time that night, going just a tad bit slower than usual. Luka winced with each small gulp, eyes screwed shut as the alcohol burned her throat. As soon as the last number left the blonde's mouth, she slammed it down. A few drops sloshed out as she reached around wildly, looking for a can of soda.

"Here," a tall woman said, handing her an opened can of Pepsi. Luka took it gratefully, chugging it in seconds while everyone just stared in horror.

After the can was emptied, she let out a refreshed exhale. "Thanks," she turned to look up at the kind person to help her out, and her jaw dropped.

A tall blonde-haired woman stood in front of her. Everyone terrified expressions were all focused on her as she smiled kindly to the younger girl.

"M-Mrs. K..?" Luka stammered.

"So what are you all doing?" Mrs. Kagamine asked, smiling as she looked around the group.

"BEING DRUNK!" Miku yelled, falling backwards and hitting her head against the metal frame holding up the bed. However, the giggle that followed, along with the large grin on her face as she sat back up implied she wasn't too badly hurt.

Several people in the group facepalmed as what little hope they had of covering it up vanished.

"I see…" she replied, nodding. "May I join?"

Everyone's eyes bulged as a loud silence filled the room. Luka, seemingly the only one with the ability to talk at the moment, looked up at her. Her voice shook with a questioning tone as she answered, "Umm… sure?"

The taller woman laughed heartily, "I'm just kidding. I wouldn't do that." Luka flinched a bit as she waited for her to begin yelling at them all: the younger ones for drinking underage, and the older ones for supplying them. However, no lecture followed.

"I was just checking up on you to see how you all were doing. You all have fun with your game," she said, waving them off as she left the room. "Oh, and make sure you all don't do anything too crazy while you're drunk!" The door slowly closed behind her.

Everyone waited in silence as they listened to her footsteps walk down the hall, waiting to see if she was going to come back and scream. Almost a complete minute followed before Rin spoke, "Holy shit dude…" Her entire body was tensed, and her eyes looked like they could fall out of their sockets at any moment. "That was TERRIFYING…"

"You're mom is AWESWOME!" Len exclaimed, eyes wide in admiration. The group facepalmed, but no one felt the need to correct him.

"Oh my god, I thought I was going to go to jail…" Luka sighed. She was still shaking slightly as she tried to comprehend what just happened.

"Dooo eeeeeht…" Miku whispered intensely, pointing to the bottle in the middle, completely unphased by what just occurred. Luka looked at her, then sighed. She spun the bottle as things slowly began to fall back into their previous rhythm of picking on each other and purposely pissing each other off.

The bottle landed on Meiko. "Dare!" she exclaimed before the question was even asked.

Luka thought about what to dare the other Vocaloid. She was pretty spontaneous on her own, so 'embarrassing' things wouldn't really phase her… She didn't have any particular interest in anyone that Luka knew of… so what should she dare her?

"I dare you… to…." She trailed off, searching her mind for a good dare. Her mind was beginning to fog up a bit after the alcohol. After a few moments of being stared at expectantly by the group, she sighed. "I dunno. Go the next 3 turns blindfolded."

Meiko looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "That's it?"

Luka nodded, being slightly disappointed for not being able to think of anything else.

Meiko nodded in understanding for a few moments, then shouted, "BORING! Alphabet!"

The pink-haired Vocaloid was taken aback, but she didn't question anything. The brunette quickly prepared the chaser and the Vodka. "Ready!"

Luka went through the alphabet at an average pace while she sipped the alcohol. It was over quick enough considering a few of the letters being slurred together, and was soon followed by a chugging of the soda. All the girls in the room who've played the game before slightly tensed as Meiko leaned over and spun the bottle, wondering who would have to suffer her wrath.

It landed on the drunk tealette.

"Truther Dare, Miku," Meiko slurred a bit.

Being too far gone to remember the other available option, she went with the common answer, "Dare!"

Meiko giggled. "To finally make this game start getting interesting, I dare you to kiss Kaito for 10 seconds!"

Chuckles echoed throughout the group as Miku's face flushed bright red. Then her eyes enlarged a tiny bit, and a smile lifted up on her face. "Fine."

Leaning over, she turned the blue-haired Vocaloid's head and kissed him on the cheek, waiting 10 seconds before returning back to her original position, a proud grin taken over her features for being able to find a loophole even in her current state.

"Aww, unfair," he said, pouting. Miku flinched a bit, and then turned to him, smile now replaced with an angry frown, "Sh-shuttup…" she stuttered and slurred at the same time.

Meiko sighed, "Freakin tsundere, paying attention to details even when she's almost completely wasted…"

"Hey, it's your fault for not being specific! I did the dare, so no complaining!" the diva argued, face still red.

"Whatever…" she replied with lacking emotion as she looked around for a clock. She found one hanging above the door.

"Hey, over an hour has passed since this game has started," she noted, a smirk playing on her lips, "I think we should make all of the people in here who almost completely sober take one shot, at least."

"YEAH!" Miku agreed loudly, completely forgetting about the kiss.

"What? That's not fair!" Rin complained, "I went through all my dares and truths fair and square, why should I have to go through a punishment!"

"Oh hush, it's probably for the better anyway," Meiko continued, waving her off. "At this rate, things are only going to get worse. At least being a little tipsy will make things a bit more bearable."

"I agree," Luka said, swaying just a bit. "I think…everyone who hasn't chose to drink at least once… should drink TWO shots…"

"Yeah!" Miku shouted in agreement yet again, "Do eeeeht!"

Rin hissed a sigh, but reluctantly agreed. Kaito and Gakupo, still being 100% sober felt no need to argue with the free alcohol, and quickly got their two shots done and over with.

"Ugh," Rin groaned, eyeing the capful of Vodka with a disgusted expression before hurriedly drinking it and following it up with some Mountain Dew. After doing the same with a second capful and drinking a chaser to erase the foul taste, she put the cap back on the bottle and shivered.

Meiko clapped sarcastically, "I'm so proud of you!" The comment was quickly followed by her own roar of laughter.

Rin shook her head, not bothering to reply. As she looked back up, she could already slightly sense the beginnings of the effects as her head seemed just slightly lighter than usual.

Miku giggled as she leaned toward the center of the circle and twirled the bottle, knowing that now that everyone was going to be at least tipsy and someone had already started the first kiss dare, things were only going to become more interesting from here on out.

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