Having seen THOR, I was inspired to write an alternate Marvel/Naruto story. Note, I will NOT be giving up on my other stories, but I will be giving this, This is War, and Will of the Green Flame more attention. Thanks for reading!

Summary: During his stay on a hidden continent to the rest of the world as a part of his preparation to take the throne, the All-Father-in-training falls for a red-headed beauty with a feisty temper. A few months later, she is preparing to give birth when Loki sends a beast with nine-tails after them. Thor, utilizing his disguise as a random shinobi named, Namikaze Minato, sacrifices his own son and his physical form in this realm (again) to seal the demon within his son. Twelve years pass, and the son of the God of Thunder and King of Asgard, does something to unleash his hidden potential, and now he will have to prove why he is...


1: Origins

"No! Minato, please...Don't do this! Please!" Kushina begged the man she loved as he held her son. 'Minato' sighed, knowing the way to save 'his' village was to leave this realm and return home. His name in this realm was Namikaze Minato, a random orphan raised after the Third War in the Hidden Continent of Elementals, but in reality he was Thor, the God of Thunder. The reason for his being here was of his Father's, Odin's, idea of furthering his knowledge of his preferred other world before he took the throne in Asgard. As he 'grew' up and trained in the arts of this Continent's Shinobi, he met a beautiful red-headed girl. Like with some red-heads he had been with in the past, she was rather hot-headed and easily angered...slightly reminding him of himself before his first journey to Earth. Months ago, they were engaged (he subtly placed a mark on her for Valkyrie to bring her to Asgard upon her death), and shortly afterwards, he discovered she was with child. He couldn't be happier to return to Odin with a son and wife, possibly bringing one last smile to Odin before he falls to the final Odin-sleep.

But now he was in a trouble. His half-brother, Loki, God of Evil, had discovered him and sent a beast of his own creation to destroy all he cared for. He knew the only way to defeat the beast was to seal it away, thereby teleporting it to Asgard where he can properly dispatch it, but upon his first try, he learned that the fiendish God of Evil had prepared for this outcome and prevented him from sealing the beast within himself. Seeing as he was the only one who could do it, and Loki knew how he would rather die than sacrifice another, Thor had come to a hard decision to use his newborn son.

"Kushina...my love, my wife, the mother of my darling son...I'm sorry, but I must," Thor said, dropping the illusion of his 'Minato' character, something he had shown to Kushina long ago, and he cupped her cheek, "Do not fret, my love. I will make sure Heimdall will keep his all seeing eye on the both of you."

"But...s-sealing the demon within Naruto...why?" she asked him, worry and concern in her aqua-green eyes, "Naruto...please, someone else Thor...please..."

"You know I cannot ask another for what I am to do," the God of Thunder replied quietly, brushing the tears from her eyes as he put his cover back up, "I will always love you, Kushina...and I await when you come to me."

That said, Thor used his disguised hammer Mjolnir, which looked like a three pronged kunai, to teleport himself back to battle. He then used a technique he learned to summon forth a large toad. Gamabunta took note of the situation and unsheathed his blade, his eyes narrowing at the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Is it that time already, milord?" Gamabunta asked, his eyes still locked on the feral demon Fox, "What is that bundle in your hands?"

"It is my son...my heir..." Thor whispered to the boy as he brushed his hands gently along the cheek of the peach blonde fuzzed babe. With a small kiss on the boy's head, Thor knew now how his father felt when he first banished Thor to Midgard. Thor closed his eyes and whispered again, "I'm sorry, Naruto...become strong, my son."

He then held Naruto in front of him as he activated the technique, a large flash of light appearing as he called forth the demon Mephistopheles in the form of the Japanese death god, Shinigami, and assisted him in taking the Demon from this realm.

The light reached far across the lands and was visible many miles away, as Loki noted with much distain. He smirked however, knowing he had once again taken his brother from his second home and cursed his brother's offspring to a life of woe. He blinked however when the attention turned to a sobbing woman that cursed his name over and over again.

"Damn you! God Damn you Loki!" Kushina shouted through her tears. The God of Evil narrowed his eyes, displeased with how she was treating his name as though he were dirt. It wasn't his fault that Thor was too noble to ask another to take his place, now was it? With a finale evil act to bestow upon this corner of Midgard, Loki snapped his fingers and gave the redheaded beauty a heart attack, unknowingly sending her to his former home.

Thor had finished slaying the demon on the Rainbow Bridge, smirking as it fell over the side; dead. The God of Thunder turned to ask Heimdall how his wife and son were when the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge came forward with Kushina in his arms.

"What trickery is this, Heimdall?" Thor roared, "She was not to come until her time ended!"

"I'm sorry, Thor..." the guardian said solemnly, "Her time...came and went whilst you battled the beast."

"No...she was to care for Naruto!" Thor cried as he took the redhead from the guardian and cradled her in his hold. He looked down at her, brushing his fingers down her cheeks, "She was too young...she wasn't ready...my son...what of him?"

"The babe now rests in the arm of the old man named Sarutobi," Heimdall said softly, placing his hand on Thor's shoulder, "For what it is worth, I shall continue to keep my eyes on him...we could send the warriors three down to guard him if you wish."

"Nay," Thor said somberly, shaking his head as he looked down at his bride, "I...I shall go to father for advice. Thank you for keeping watch over my son, Heimdall."

"Of course," the guardian said as he walked back to his post, "On another note...she is very gorgeous."

Thor smiled as he walked back to his father's chambers, his eyes locking on the tired face of his wife, "Indeed she is...Indeed she is."

"A human turned Asgardian!" the Enchantress sneered as she glared down at her beloved Thor cradling a former human as he spoke to his father, "How dare he...How Dare He! I throw myself at his feet countless times and he continued to toss me aside. She bats her human eyes at him once and his will crumbles...disgraceful!"

"...And now that you've heard my tale, Father, I was hoping for your infinite wisdom to grant me some advice," Thor concluded, Kushina still resting in his arms. He sat with his father in their own private study, one Thor had designed after many he had seen while in Midgard.

"Herm, you are indeed in a predicament, my son," Odin said his hand scratching his beard, "But...I believe you already know of the way to help your son. How were you raised to be such a good man, not God or King, but a man?"

"I believe Mother had something to do with that," Thor commented jokingly making the All-Father laugh aloud.

"Aye, she did indeed..." Odin said quietly before looking at his son again, "If you really must ask me for advice, than you have forgotten more about yourself than you know. Take my words and use them, son. There is no more I can do, now."

"Thank you, Father," Thor replied with a small bow. Odin smiled and gestured to Kushina.

"Be sure she is awake next time she is in my presence," the All-Father said with a hint of amusement in his voice. Thor chuckled and nodded.

"I shall Father," the God of Thunder said before he carried Kushina to his, no, their chambers. Thor laid Kushina on his bed, making sure she was comfortable, before he went to think on the Rainbow Bridge. He held Mjolnir in his right hand by its strap, slowly spinning it as he thought on how to help his son.

A thrum came from his hammer and Thor looked at it in confusion before it pulsed again. The God of Thunder stopped spinning his hammer and gripped it firmly. An image, not a voice or some valuable information, came to his mind. The image of a hammer that looked of a cross between a hammer and an axe came to his mind. Knowing what to do now, Thor took to the sky and flew towards Ulik's Forge.

"Ah, the young God of Thunder returns with my prized Hammer," the Troll said with a smirk as the slightly smaller God walked into his forge, "What can I do for you, Thor Odin'sson? Finally through with battling with a Hammer?"

"Nay, good smith," Thor said waving his hand, "I do however request you forge another weapon for me."

"Oh-ho-ho!" Ulik chuckled out, turning to face the God of Thunder, "And what is this request, per say? Please say it be a good challenge of my skills."

"Oh it may be, my good Troll," Thor replied with a smile, "I request you make a hammer with one side being that of an Asgardian Axe."

"Is that all? A shame, then," Ulik sighed out. At Thor's confused face, the Troll elaborated as he turned and began ruffling through scraps, "I was visited by The Prophetess long ago, told I would one day forge weapons solely for the children of the All-father, one in particular would be unique. It would be a hammer with an Axe forged in the furnaces of the Orcs on one side, while the other would resemble my own forge hammer. Ah! I finally found the blasted thing!"

Ulik pulled said hammer out and turned to face Thor, presenting the weapon to him. Thor blinked upon seeing it before holding his hammer next to it in comparison. No sooner had he done so did Mjolnir release a pulse that the hammer in his other hand responded to. A name floated through his mind and he smiled.

Now standing at the edge of the Rainbow Bridge, Thor, along with Heimdall, held his son's hammer in his hands before lifting it to his lips and whispering, "To whomever Hi-ishi, deems worthy of wielding it, I grant upon you, the power of Thor."

Twirling it by its leather strap, Thor then threw the weapon into the gate, Heimdall following it with his infinite gaze. It landed on the Elemental Continent, imbedding itself at the bottom of the ocean near a small island town, only being noticed by a young master bridge builder. The young bridge builder merely shrugged off the sound of a splash and returned talking to his daughter, Tsunami, and her boyfriend. Thor sighed heavily and began a journey back to his wife and hopefully get some answers. Heimdall turned his attention to the babe once again, his eyes narrowing as he watched the way the councilors argued over what should be done with the so-called 'demon child'.

You fools...the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge thought as he returned to his post, Before you is the next heir to the All-Father throne, a soon-to-be king of Asgard. You know not problems you will face for your treachery.

Nami no Kuni, Twelve Years Later...

A blonde thirteen year old looked down at a freshly dead raven haired boy as he stood inside a hemisphere of ice mirrors, a masked teen looking down at them with pity from within the mirrors. The blonde's name was Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto to be exact, and he currently wore a 'kill me' orange colored jumpsuit. His wavy blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes quickly filled with tears. Why? Because his teammate and rival, Uchiha Sasuke, just took a death blow meant for him.

Teme...why? he thought sadly as he fell to the raven haired boy's side, Y-You never...liked me...why save me? Is it...is it because you think...I'm a...friend? But...but friends don't let friends die...No...I've...I've gotta do something...

You are now at a crossroads, Uzumaki Naruto, a voice whispered in the back of his mind, What will you do? Get vengeance for your friend...or protect the others that still live?

I-I-I...Images of those he cares about back at Konoha flashed through his mind and he imagined them dying. He squeezed his eyes shut and fought the tears back, No! I won't let Sasuke's death go unpunished, but I won't let vengeance cloud my mind!

Good answer, Naruto Thor'sson, heir to the throne of Asgard The voice said once again. Naruto looked up and around for the source of the voice. He noticed the clouds start to gather and a crackle of lightning dance across the sky. Something pulsed nearby and Naruto's head whipped towards the edge of the bridge, where several shadows started to appear. But his attention went passed them, something called to him, asking for him to call back.

Naruto held his hand up and quietly said, "...C-Come to me..."

As though he had cast a jutsu, something shot out from the water and zoomed through the sky before flying down into his hand. Naruto felt some sort of power course through him as a lightning bolt struck down on him. The blonde gasped as he felt the power flow through him. His clothes were burnt off and replaced with a dark metallic blue sleeveless tunic with six silver circles decorating his chest in two even symmetrical columns. Around his arms and hands were two leather fingerless gloves. He now wore navy blue trousers, his kunai holster being burnt off as well as his supplies pouch, and two leather boots that looked almost mythical. A metallic strap containing the final two circles replaced his belt and even had a notch on the side to hang the hammer-axe that was now in his hand. To top things off, all the muscle tone he had been lacking, despite his insane strength, appeared, giving him the appearance of a god.

"Hi-ishi..." Naruto whispered, instantly knowing the name and its purpose. His eyes shone with determination and crackles of electricity crossed them. Raising his hammer occupied hand, Naruto spoke as he pointed at one of the many hunter-nins, "You have killed for the last time, wretched cur. As the son of Thor, whoever that is, I will stop you!"

"I would like to see you try," the masked teen replied coolly. (S)He regretted those words when Naruto narrowed his eyes and slammed the hammer in the ground, lightning pouring down from the sky and striking each of the mirrors, destroying each one with ease. The hunter-nin leapt from the mirror he occupied just in time to avoid being destroyed within his or her own jutsu.

The hunter-nin got to his/her hands and feet before (s)he gasped as (s)he saw the white haired shinobi, Kakashi, charge a lightning attack in his right hand while his master, Zabuza, stood immobile due to the many dogs pinning him down. The boy with the strange hammer had lost him/her in the mist, which would have been fine had (s)he not been able to see Kakashi begin to charge at the Demon of the Mist. The hunter-nin formed a final ice mirror, attempting to stop the attack, when a blue and yellow blur appeared in front of Kakashi.

"Halt, Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto demanded, his eyes not allowing the white haired man any type of excuse. Seeing as Kakashi had barely built up enough momentum, he stopped his attack with ease before glaring down at the blonde before him. His eyes widened when a hammer-axe became pointed at his face.

"This battle is no longer necessary," Naruto stated, not knowing how he knew what he did, but taking pride in the fact he knew it was special and meaningful, "Look to the bridge's edge."

"Very good, boy!" a voice called out. Tazuna, the bridge builder that had hired Team 7 for this mission, clenched his fists, causing the pink haired girl before him to shudder in fear.

"Gato," Zabuza and Tazuna unknowingly growled at the same time. Kakashi's eyes widened at this, knowing that if the rich man monopolizing this community was standing here, Zabuza was indeed no longer the enemy. The white haired jonin dismissed his summons, allowing the masked Hunter-nin to appear at his/her master's side. The hunter-nin tossed his/her mask aside, making Naruto gasp.

"What sorcery is this?" he asked, wondering immediately afterwards why he even said that, "Haku?"

Haku looked up at Naruto sorrowfully and ashamed before saying quietly, "Hello Naruto-kun...I...was hoping our next encounter wouldn't come to this..."

"Y-You killed...You killed Sasuke..." Naruto said quietly, his mind unable to wrap around these events. He was snapped from it when Haku shook his/her head back and forth.

"I merely hit spots that would put him in a short death-like state," (s)he corrected, "Your teammate is alive...I'm sorry I made you think otherwise, but...I'm...I'm too weak to take a life that doesn't need to be taken."

"Nay, good friend," Naruto dismissed his/her apology with a shake of his head, "Tis I that owe you an apology...for I hath seen that thine evils are of that man there."

"Strange kid," Gato said with a chuckle before sighing and clacking his cane on the ground, "Kill them."

The army of bandits and thugs all raised their katanas, pitchforks, and cleavers, prepared to charge when an arrow fell into Gato's foot. The rich man screamed in pain before looking to see who had fired the shot, scowling when he saw the villagers, led by Tazuna's grandson Inari, mass at the other end of the bridge. As he began to order his army once again to attack, Naruto suddenly walked out until he was but a mere twenty feet away from them.

The blonde looked over his shoulder at Tazuna and said, "I'm sorry for what I am about to do, good builder...but it must be done!"

"Give em hell, kid!" Tazuna merely shouted back. Kakashi, although worried for his student, simply covered his revealed Sharingan and watched wearily as Naruto lifted his hammer once again.

"In the name of Thor, Odin's Son, King of Asgard, I demand you go no further!" Naruto shouted, his eyes narrowing. The bandits all laughed, as did Gato, making Naruto's scowl grow. Everyone watched as the many bandits began to charge at the blonde, Haku even went to save him with his/her ice mirrors, only to be stopped by Zabuza due to an inkling he had in his gut.

To their shock, Naruto simply smirked and exclaimed, "Then you fools die at your own decision!"

The blonde then slammed his hammer into the center of the bridge and everyone stopped as they all heard a loud, ominous groan come from the metal bracers holding the stone frame while said stone cracked. The bandits all looked at each other before charging again, stumbling for balance when Naruto slammed Hi-ishi into the bridge once again. Naruto began swinging his hammer at the bridge, working away at the metal holding the bandit's side up, while the bandits (and Gato) all just tried to stay on their own feet.

"By the Power of Asgard," Naruto shouted as he gripped his hammer with both hands, "I cast you down!"

He slammed Hi-ishi into the ground once again, shattering the steel girders that held the bridge up and causing every bandit on the uncompleted side, as well as Gato, to plummet into the roaring waves down below. Gato had unfortunately missed the water, instead plummeting into the lazily drifting ship that had brought him and his men to the bridge, killing him as soon as he passed through the deck. Naruto stood, panting slightly, before he began to hear slow clapping, which grew into cheering.

The blonde demi-god turned to see all of the villagers of Nami no Kuni cheering him on, Tazuna grinning madly at him whilst Sakura ran to the slowly awakening Sasuke. Kakashi gave him an eye smile as he assisted Haku with keeping Zabuza steady. The boy then felt another pull, similar to that of when Hi-ishi reached out to him. Naruto turned and saw a bright light at the edge of the bridge.

"What's this?" Naruto asked himself, slowly approaching it. Curiously, he reached out to touch it.

The people of Nami no Kuni, the missing nin from Kirigakure no Sato, and the shinobi from Konohagakure no Sato all had to shield their eyes when Naruto suddenly vanished in a lightning bolt and the skies cleared of all dark clouds they held. The same thought ran through everyone's minds: What the Hell just happened?

AN: I hope you all enjoyed that opening chapter. Things like Naruto's new speech and other questions you may have that I anticipated will be introduced later on. For now though, I simply move on to writing the second chapter for this story as well as the fifth chapter for This is War and the next chapter for Will of the Green Flame. Until then my fellow Naru-tards and comic geeks. Excelsior!