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Summary: During his stay on a hidden continent to the rest of the world as a part of his preparation to take the throne, the All-Father-in-training falls for a redheaded beauty with a feisty temper. A few months later, she is preparing to give birth when Loki sends a beast with nine-tails after them. Thor, utilizing his disguise as a random shinobi named, Namikaze Minato, sacrifices his own son and his physical form in this realm (again) to seal the demon within his son. Twelve years pass, and the son of the God of Thunder and King of Asgard, does something to unleash his hidden potential, and now he will have to prove why he is...


10: The Long Day

"You two continue to cause me problems even after your deaths..." Hiruzen said after Thor and Kushina had explained themselves for the fourth time, as well as Naruto's newfound control over chakra and the elements of the Thunder God. The old Kage tried to follow Kushina's elaborate description of Asgard, only to understand his successor/predecessor's simple explanation: 'Asgard is a golden city built up from chakra, magic, and science.' He then asked about Naruto's newfound power, which Thor explained was his before his 'training' for the throne of All-Father. Sarutobi found himself regretting his angered replies to his pseudo grandson's newfound beliefs and his factual report, which Thor was surprised that Naruto even wrote about their home, and made a mental note to apologize.

Then it came to the truth behind the Kyuubi's attack over a decade ago. Thor explained in detail how his brother, Loki, had conjured the creature with the help of a stray Uchiha (as was the 'recipe'), changing said man into a large, rabbit-eared fox and sent the beast after Thor himself. Thor used an ancient spell with the help of one of his friends/underlings Heimdall and the disguised demon lord Mephistopheles to transport the fox and himself to Asgard, where Thor and the Warriors Three fought a quick, but hard, battle against the creature before it was slain. His son still bore the seal that he had implanted to keep the guise of a container up, as he had rid Kushina of her burden early on into their relationship with the help of Valkyrie, who marked the woman worthy to join Asgard's forces.

After that came the dreadful wrath that came from the redheaded Queen of Asgard due to his inaction for the Jinchuriki...despite him not being said categorization of a human. Sarutobi Hiruzen, knowing that trying to pull the 'I did my best' bullshit with the angered human-turned-goddess would only end in pain, said that he felt horrible for the treatment of the boy, but had kept true to the emotional trauma that would then lead to Naruto's control over the beast. Thor, despite his displeasure at the decision, agreed it was a necessary one. He was given a death glare by his wife and internally moaned at being banished from his bed.

How she managed to keep the All-Father, who was to be all-powerful and omniscient, from joining his wife in bed was still a mystery.

"Hah! We try hard to keep mortal men such as thee on thine toes," Thor said in response to the Hokage's sigh. Kushina smirked from her place cradling her son's head as she sat next to her old student/subordinate in the ANBU, who went by the name Yugao. The purple haired woman was very happy to see her older sister figure once more, and apologized many times when she learned the truth behind Naruto's heritage. Kushina smiled and forgave her easily, only for it to be denied and for the woman to swear herself as Naruto's new protector, from friend or foe alike.

Unknown to the few in the Hokage's Office, at that proclamation, several girls in the village, in Asgard a Valkyrie, and on a wayward planet a still growing alien sneezed: Yugito Nii and Karui were questioned by their concerned teammate, who then ran off in a tangent about becoming ill before the finals, until Karui silenced him with a simple fist to his head; the fan-wielding kunoichi known as Temari smacked her younger brother with her fan after he teased her that her 'blonde bastard of a boyfriend' was talking about her, Gaara's smirk afterwards vanished at a harsh glare that not even Shukaku would try to defy; a young slightly bruised Hyuuga Heiress sneezed during her spar with her younger sister, making Hanabi stumble over her feet and losing the match as Hinata quickly took advantage of the situation; the former mercenary writing a letter to her father Haku sneezed before shrugging it off; A newfound Valkyrie by the name of Samantha Parrington sneezes, startling her new winged horse and earning a scolding from her teacher, Brunnhilde; Finally, a young Cosmic Powered being known as Tarene gives a tearful goodbye to the one she calls parents sneezes and pouts when she becomes a butt of a joke just before she enters her ship.

Sarutobi smiled at the undisguised Yondaime before he asked, "Will you take Naruto to train for the finals of the Chunin Exams? If you plan to do so, please tell me now because I have already approved a trip with the Kumo team to return home, under watch of course."

Thor hummed and stroked his beard, "I would...but I no longer have anything to teach the boy. All he can do now is grow here before he is ready to return to our beloved Asgard."

"Kuso!" Kushina suddenly swore, getting amused glances from the men as she pouted and stroked her son's hair, "I wanted my baby to come home..."

Thor looked at his wife sadly before the two Asgardian rulers' astral figures flickered. Kushina adorned a look that showed she wanted to cry, but was fighting against it. Thor sighed and rubbed the back of his head, a habit he had developed growing up in this world, as he spoke again, "Our time grows short. Before we leave, tell me who you had wished to have watch over our son, Hiruzen."

"Uh...Well..." The Sandaime stuttered as realization crossed Thor's wife's face, replacing her sorrow that was there only moments ago. Comically, she stood and dropped Naruto's head, only for it to be caught by the self-proclaimed guardian Yugao. Kushina's eyes were now red with righteous motherly fury.

"YOU WERE GOING TO HAVE THAT PERVERT WATCH MY INNOCENT SOCHI, WEREN'T YOU?" Kushina exclaimed. Thor blinked before he bit on his tongue to keep from laughing. How could he have forgotten about his Earthling teacher, Jiraiya? The self-proclaimed Super Pervert was still on his wife's shit-list for accurately capturing their 'first' time, where Thor was still disguised as Minato, and then publishing it in a poorly disguised edition of his Icha-Icha series.

Occasionally, she would innocently suggest to an irate Thor to smite the Gama Sennin, which he would momentarily ponder over, before he would decline it and calm down. He had thought Kushina was trying to soothe him with fond memories of his teacher, but now he realized that his beloved truly wanted him dead.

"J-Jiraiya did teach your hus-" "Oh no you don't!" Thor interrupted with a hiss, turning to his wife with a smile, "Beloved? Kushi-chan? My loving mother bear? Why not let Naruto meet his 'godfather'? Surely they would be able to 'bond' through some, ahem, spars...?"

The fading redheaded woman's face changed from anger to dumbfounded, back to anger, before it came to realization. An evil grin that sent shivers up the Sandaime's spine suddenly split Kushina's face and she quickly glided over to her husband's side, giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek, "A brilliant idea, Thor-koi."

Looking back at a worried Hiruzen with a mischievous smile, she failed to see Thor grinning at the older man like he had just won a fight. The Sandaime swallowed visibly as they vanished and their son started to come around. Rubbing his temples with two hands, Sarutobi Hiruzen said aloud, "Life was so much simpler when I had to worry about a war and not a Goddess' wrath."

The feminine laughter echoing in his ears made him curse the two under his breath.

Naruto didn't remember much after being called into the Hokage's office. All he did remember was putting Neji in his place with the Hirashin and then following Sarutobi to his office. It was a blur after that.

So when he said he was shocked to wake up in his apartment, he meant it.

Though it was even more disturbing to wake up half-naked with an older woman watching you like his mother had not too long ago, and running her hands through his hair while his head rested in her lap. Although nice to wake up to a face with the emotion he was denied for so long directed at him, while on a stranger's face...

...It was really creepy.

"Um, might I ask for thine name?" Naruto asked slowly to the purple haired woman running her fingers through his hair. The woman blinked, as if broken from a trance and a small blush came over her face from her embarrassment.

"Arigato, Naruto-sama," she said softly, getting a blush from the boy at her tone, "My name is Yugao. I was trained by your mother, Kushina-senpai, and earlier today I've sworn myself to ensure your safety on her behalf."

"...They appeared before the Old Monkey, didn't they?" he asked after a moment. Receiving a nod from Yugao, Naruto groaned as he sat up before blinking as he remembered something, "You wouldn't happen to be the same Uzaki Yugao that was on the team with Gecko Hayate and Sarutobi Chika, right?"

"Hai, that was me," Yugao confirmed with a nod. Naruto nodded back before looking up at the sky.

"Father, thank you for teaching me," he said before flashing away to where Hi-Ishi rested next to his bed. Naruto stood and the hammer shot up into his right hand and he spun around, smashing the wall. Before Yugao could stop him, he twirled his hammer by its strap and shot off in flight as the wind picked him up. The ANBU woman stared dumbfounded before she groaned.

Definitely Kushina-senpai's son, Yugao thought with a small smile as she went out the hole her charge had just made before following his chakra signature, which wasn't difficult due to the large beacon he had.

Naruto slammed into the ground in a skid, diving down halfway and shooting a large dust cloud up. As the cloud cleared, Naruto pulled himself out and began dusting himself off, unaware of the attention he was getting. Young women, and a few young men, stared at the blonde. Still oblivious, Naruto looked at his feet before scowling.

"Damn...I forgot my boots," he muttered to himself, holding his left hand out as the hammer shot into it. Gasps were heard, as well as whispers, but the words were missed. Holding his hand up, Naruto channeled his chakra through the weapon and called upon his father's old elements. The clouds gathered overhead, all filled with chakra.

This gained even more attraction, but on the shinobi level.

Several still leaving groups of genin paused to investigate and were awed when they saw a blonde standing below the Eye of the gathering storm as the wind picked up. Naruto paid them no heed before he let the hammer slip in his grip so he was holding it just under the head, slamming the butt of the handle into the ground right afterwards. Lightning shot down from the sky in nine sections before it stopped and the sky slowly cleared.

Horrified and mystified at the same time, people couldn't turn away from what they had just seen and waited as the smoke cleared for the aftermath. ANBU were ready to step in and perform crowd control, but stopped when the dust settled and Naruto was revealed in his new clothes, which made the females swoon.

Around his wrists were red and silver gauntlets, Asgardian symbols adorning the metal. Dark boots covered his feet, and his slacks were tucked into them much like before. The belt around his waist changed slightly, and his normal chain link shirt covered his torso, but a red cape seemed to be settled nicely underneath the back links while a dark blue shirt covered his chest under the metal.

Adjusting the gauntlets on his wrists, Naruto let his hammer be as he stood, before looking around and sighing. Stupid impulsive behavior...he should have at least waited until he was in a training ground...

"There you are!" Yugao cried, landing next to the blonde with her hands crossed under her chest. Naruto's head fell forward and he sighed.

It was good while it lasted, anyway...

Freedom, that is.

Sarutobi shook his head as he read the report aloud, "Disregarding civilian safety. Revealing village secrets to foreign shinobi. Using jutsu outside of training grounds-"

"In my own defense, that wasn't a jutsu," Naruto interrupted, getting a disbelieving stare from the Sandaime. Shrinking under the gaze, Naruto murmured, "Silence is a ninja's best tool, I suppose..."

"And, oh here's my favorite, destroying property protected by the Hokage and resisting ANBU," Sarutobi finished once Naruto silenced himself. Rubbing his temples, the Sandaime grumbled, "This day just went from bad to worse...And you managed to do it within one hour! One hour! You've successfully surpassed your mother in that regard, I suppose."

Naruto's head hung and he apologized, "I'm sorry, Hokage-sama. It won't happen again."

"See that it doesn't," Sarutobi said with a nod, "I'll let it go this time, but you have to fix the wall on your own, Naruto-kun."

"Yes sir."

"Good, now that that's settled we can-" the old Kage was interrupted by new voices, "I'll take it from here, Sensei/Excuse us, Hokage-sama?"

Naruto ignored the white haired man at the window to his left in preference to see the Kumo team enter the room. Beaming at the sight of his new friends, Naruto grinned, "Yugito-chan, Karui-chan, Omoi, Kirabi-san! Father smiles upon me to give me this reunion."

The two girls looked to their male counterpart, who translated after a sigh, "He's glad we're here."

"Why doesn't he just say that?" Karui asked in annoyance.

"Yo little man, ya look slick!" Kirabi greeted as he stepped forward, "Bet ya gonna get yo-self a nice chick! Keep changing in public and there's no denyin' you'll be giving people a show they'd call mystifyin'! Whee!"

Amused at the man's words, Naruto chuckled and bumped fists with the rapping man. He approached the three students to engage in conversation when he stopped at Karui's glare. Confused, he tilted his head and went to ask what was wrong, but stopped short when she pointed her sword at his face.

"You, me. Fight. NOW!" she insisted. The blade at her throat made her breath hitch and the feminine voice that hissed into her ear made her heart stop for a good second.

"Do not point your sword at Naruto-sama, Cloud-san," Yugao warned with narrowed eyes as she tilted the girl's head with her weapon, "I'd hate to have to kill you, seeing as you are a friend of Naruto-sama."

Naruto clapped a hand over his face, "Yugao-san, please refrain from referring to me as a lord...I get the title enough back home."

"Arigato, Naruto-sama, but I swore to protect you on my honor as a swordswoman," Yugao replied unblinkingly. She quickly raised her blade to parry the one that aimed itself at her face. Without moving, the purple haired woman sighed, "I'm sorry about that, Kirabi-san. I meant only to warn your student."

"It's all fun and games till someone is hurting, but threaten my kids and you'll know why I'm known for my swords, not my burden," the sunglasses wearing Kumo sensei growled. He sheathed his blade, as Yugao and Karui sheathed theirs, before looking with a grin at the embarrassed Asgardian, "See what I mean bout getting the girls? Stick wit me, kid, and I'll show ya the world! Whee!"

Naruto smiled at the man's words before catching the underlying message and blushing heavily. Scowling the boy crossed his arms and looked away with a faint blush on his cheeks, "Yugao-san's my mother's former student and hath decided to become mine sword-guard in this realm...nothing more."

"Indeed," the ANBU agreed with a nod, "I owe it to Kushina-sempai to watch over Naruto-sama. Not to mention the fact that he's-"

"Yugao! Please, let's keep from revealing anything else to the foreign shinobi, shall we?" Hiruzen cut in with narrowed eyes. Yugao looked at her feet and muttered an apology before stepping back and vanishing. The nameless other man present gave a whistle.

"We having a nostalgic day or something, Sensei?" the man asked the Hokage with a grin, "Because I just thought the Yondaime was here a moment ago."

"Jiraiya, shush!" Snapped the elder with a glare, getting his student to blink in confusion before he looked at the Kumogakure shinobi and their sensei, "Now, Kirabi-san, what can I do for you?"

"Ah, right, back to the plot! Check this shit, yo, cuz it's really hot!" Kirabi rapped with a grin, "My big bro, Raikage number Four, wants to meet the blonde son of Thor!"

Hiruzen pinched the bridge of his nose, "Yes, I received the message two days ago. I agreed, but I'm asking that you allow Naruto's new...guardian to accompany you."

"S'all right with me, but she's gotta keep it hushed on what she sees," the man replied, glaring at the ANBU. Yugao frowned and crossed her arms.

"I know the law," she grumbled, glancing at Naruto, "All I would be on watch for is threats to Naruto-sama, anyway."

"So...Naruto-kun can come with us?" a slightly confused Yugito asked. Sarutobi smiled at her, much like the Raikage as she thought about it, before nodding once.

"Indeed. Now, Naruto, I expect you to be...Naruto?" Sarutobi blinked when he noticed the blonde had vanished before his very eyes. The gathered group of shinobi began looking around before Omoi chuckled. When the eyes landed on him, he pointed to the couch in the far corner. On said couch, or rather, the couch that was now broken in the middle and collapsed to the floor, was the blonde. He was still recovering from indirectly channeling his parent's projections.

"Poor Naruto-sama," Yugao sighed sadly as she walked to his side and picked him up like a groom would his bride, "The excitement must have been too much for his still exhausted mind."

"Take him home, Yugao-chan," the Hokage instructed with a sigh, "And inform him that he leaves tomorrow for his month-long vacation. I will request that you refrain from sparring with him, Kirabi-san."

Ignoring his student Karui's scowl, the rapper beamed at the elder man, "You can count on me, Fire Shadow Three. So long as Karui and Nii are with Omoi, blondie and me, I doubt anything will happen to him. Though he might get involved with a certain sin...Oh man, I gotta write that one down!"

"Kirabi-sensei!" the two girls under his charge cried in embarrassment at his insinuation. Omoi found the floor very interesting and Jiraiya suddenly gained a wide grin. Yugao froze in her steps out the Hokage's office and slowly turned around, glaring at the two younger women.

"Stay away from, Naruto-sama," she warned, "Lest I make you deal with the consequences of deflowering the Yondaime's Heir."

"YUGAO/WHAT?" the remaining people cried out in surprise and shock as the ANBU vanished with a flicker. Jiraiya shook his head while Kirabi laughed, already having figured it out when he first met the blonde. The Kumo sensei escorted his team out of the Hokage's office, leaving the old master and pupil to themselves.

"So...I take it Naruto might know more than you let on in my message," the Gama Sennin said, his brows furrowing, "Just how much does he know, anyway?"

Sarutobi sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, "You'll find out when you go with him tomorrow. Now, please leave me to get drunk, Jiraiya. I've had a long day..."

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