A/N: I should begin by apologizing, quite a lot. It's been nearly six months since I've given you a proper update, and not only that I went and changed the name of the fic. I felt that "After All These Years" was a much better song for our dear Finchel, and this line is perfect.

"Explain to me why you can't just wait for that giant you married to bring you marshmallows. It's really fucking cold. And while you're at it, explain the reasoning behind vegan marshmallows instead of the good kind. Berry, you are still fucking crazy."

"No swearing around the unborn, Santana, and I haven't been Berry in a year and a half." Rachel placed a hand softly on her slightly distended abdomen, rubbing gently. "Finn is on duty, and he'll probably be home late. I'm perfectly capable of going to the Whole Foods Market to get groceries. The exercise is good for me and the baby."

"Still bat shit crazy, Rach; some things never change." Santana narrowly avoided Rachel's hand sweeping out to swat at her shoulder. "Come on, Crazy Pants, let's get inside before you freeze to death, and your husband arrests my ass."

With a small laugh, Rachel followed Santana into the store, ignoring her friend's mutterings about how she already waddled and she wasn't even that pregnant. As punishment, she made Santana carry both baskets, which she proceeded to load with what her best friend called weird ass vegan shit, like rice flour, steel cut oats, vegan peanut butter, and tofu. Santana shifted the baskets in her arms, glaring at a couple of ridiculous teenagers giggling at them; the two girls hurried away, and they continued their shopping. One basket was devoted to six bags of vegan marshmallows, four bars of organic chocolate, and three pounds of apples. Rachel lamented that she felt like she was already eating three times as much as her husband and she was only eight weeks pregnant.

"I'm starving, again." She whined, reaching into the basket with the marshmallows.

"Come on, Gigantor isn't here; you can admit you want a burger, and I'll buy it. If only because it's hilarious as hell to watch you eat meat and whine that it's all his fault because his spawn is a carnivore."

"Shut up, Santana. It's embarrassing." Rachel gave her friend a small bump with her hip. "I'm trying to remain vegan, or at least vegetarian—"

"But you want a big juicy cheeseburger with extra pickles, and you don't want anyone else to know about it." Santana dropped the baskets on the checkout counter with a dark chuckle. "Who knew the perfect blackmail material would be a picture of you stuffing a Whopper in your face!"

"Santana Lopez, if you tell anyone about my Burger King habit, I will tell everyone that I've caught you watching Dora the Explorer and arguing with her in Spanish four days in a row." Rachel pointed a carrot from her basket at her friend.

"Ok, Ok, I surrender!" Santana raised her hands above her head as Rachel paid for their shopping. "Your dirty burger secret is safe with me."

They were getting out a cab outside the loft an hour later, laughing about the fact that Rachel had eaten two orders of fries and a slice of Hershey Pie in addition to her cheeseburger, when it happened. Rachel slid out of the cab first, scooping up two of the bags and her purse, and Santana attempted to follow her out, holding the other bags. But Rachel was stumbling backwards, nearly knocking her over into the cab again. She was about to snap at her tiny, but pregnant, friend about being clumsy when she spotted the man with the knife approaching them.

"Just hand over your purses and jewelry, and nobody gets hurt." Finn always told her, if she were faced with a mugger, to just give him what he wanted because no amount of money was worth her life. "Hand it over, lady."

"P-please just leave us alone." Her voice shook, laced with fear, and when she moved to avoid him, the man shoved her hard; the last thing she remembered before things went dark was Santana screaming something in Spanish and aiming her can of pepper spray.

He had stopped for coffee with Charlie when he heard it over the radio; his phone rang moments later, and Santana's voice was on the other end, talking way faster than he could understand and speaking Spanish half the time. By the time he finally figured out that they'd been victims of an attempted mugging and that Rachel had been shoved to the ground, he was already starting to panic. His shift wasn't supposed to be over for another two and a half hours, and his pregnant wife was in the hospital, suffering from injuries unknown. What kind of dumbass mugs a cop's wife? He was definitely buying Rachel a shirt that said "my husband's a cop and he will shoot your ass" and forcing her to wear it when she went out from now on, but first he had to get to the hospital. He was too busy swearing under his breath and attempting to call his wife to manage a coherent contact with dispatch to find someone to finish their patrol; so the task fell to Charlie, who was more than willing to handle it if it meant getting his partner to the hospital before he exploded.

By the time he reached the hospital, his heart was pounding, and his hands were shaking. People were staring at the six foot tall cop in full uniform as he ran clumsily down the halls; the nurse at the reception desk pointed him in the direction of room 169 where his wife was waiting for him. According to Santana she'd been knocked unconscious when she hit the ground, and Finn hoped that she was already awake. They'd arrested the mugger, thanks to Santana's wicked aim with the pepper spray, and so all he had to worry about was Rachel and the baby and whether or not they were alright.

"Hey, just the giant we were waiting for," Santana looked up as he slid into the room, nearly slamming into the bedside table. "This crazy has been asking for you for the past hour, and she won't shut up."

"Santana Lopez, I will get out of this bed slap you as soon as my head stops feeling like it might explode at any moment." Finn saw Rachel's hand dart out from the bed, and Santana dodge it. "But first, I'd like to see my husband if you don't mind."

"Hey baby girl, that's quite bruise you've got there." His voice was a soft murmur, and he reached out to gently brush her bangs from her forehead. "Didn't I tell you that I wanted you to be more careful? Didn't I tell you to just give the S.O.B. whatever he wanted rather than get hurt?"

"I didn't have a chance to do much of anything, Finn, and I certainly wasn't going to let someone take my engagement ring. It means too much to me."

"Rachel Barbra Hudson, you mean too much to me to be lost over a little piece of jewelry." He pressed a finger to her lips when she attempted to protest. "You are the most precious thing in the world to me, you and our baby. It would kill me if anything ever happened to you. You are more important than that ring, do you understand? You are the most important person in the world to me."

He softly kissed her forehead, his fingers tenderly running over her bruised cheek; his eyes were soft, full of unshed tears of relief. They murmured the words I love you over and over until Santana made ridiculous gagging noises as she made her way out of the room, muttering under her breath about how some things never change.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hudson, I'm Dr. Klasky." Finn looked up to see a middle aged man holding a clipboard. "I'm glad to see that you're awake. You had quite a nasty bump and fall. But aside from some bruises and scrapes, and a sprained ankle, you are just fine."

"Thank you, Doctor—"

"What about the baby?" Finn knew that it wasn't exactly polite to jump on the poor man, especially after he had taken such good care of his wife, but manners weren't high on his priority list at the moment. "Is the baby alright?"

"Yes, Mr. Hudson, your babies are just fine. You've got two very healthy little ones coming along very well." Rachel's jaw dropped, one hand dropping to her abdomen.

"Wait, two—but we saw the ultrasound. It can't be twins." Rachel was speechless, and Finn couldn't stop rambling. "No one in my family has twins, and Rachel's family is not—not that we know of anyway. It can't be twins; we saw one baby on the ultrasound last time. How can there be two now?"

"Mr. Hudson, while multiples are rare, they aren't impossible, and it is possible that one of your babies was hiding behind the other on your last ultrasound." Rachel opened her mouth to speak, but there were no words. "Congratulations, you two are having twins!"

"Twins," Finn breathed the word.

"Now, if you'll give us a few minutes to gather the paperwork, we'll let you get home and get some rest." Dr. Klasky smiled and hurried out of the room, leaving the awe struck Hudsons to stare at each other.

"Finn, we're having twins. We're having two babies. I'm carrying two babies." Rachel kept repeating the words as if saying them would make them more understandable. "We're having two children at once, Finn."

"Yes, babe, I know what twins mean." She squeezed his hand, looking up at him with wide eyes.

"Can we do this? I mean, I know we don't really have a lot of choice in the matter, but do you think we can handle this? Two babies will be—"

"I believe the word you are looking for is incredible." He pressed a soft kiss to her lips. "Two little people, Rach, two little pieces of us in this world when we were only expecting one; I'd call that a miracle."

"I love you. You are going to be an amazing father, Finn Hudson."

"I love you too." He pressed another kiss to her lips before bending to speak to her abdomen. "Hi babies! I'm your daddy, and you've given us a big shock. It wasn't very nice of you to hide from Mommy and Daddy, but we're so happy! We love you."